Honeymoon in Africa- Yes I Do!

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Africa is synonymous with exoticism and romance. It is the ideal continent to get away from the beaten path and escape: celebrate your love surrounded by picturesque scenery for your honeymoon.

There is probably no more romantic place to mark the beginning of this new life with your half than the African continent. An infinity of fantastic destinations is offered to you. Reserves and national parks are home to establishments at the height of luxury that is more than perfect for couples wanting to celebrate their honeymoon in a most magical place. The idyllic beaches of South Africa, the countries of East Africa and the islands of the Indian Ocean guarantee you a dream holiday in a paradisiacal setting.

We recommend young couples who wish to make the first trip of honeymoon destinations in South Africa to combine an exceptional safari in the heart of the savannah of a national park or a private reserve with a stay in one of the sublime islands of The Indian Ocean, and finish in beauty by spending a few days in the incredible cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, without hesitation the most beautiful town in Southern Africa, and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This is the opportunity to experience what African soil has to offer.


You can also spend your honeymoon destinations in South Africa. The country has diverse destinations as incredible as the others with a multitude of fabulous landscapes. A stay in Cape Town followed by an expedition on the Garden Route and a safari in the African bush is the ultimate experience for an unforgettable and unforgettable honeymoon: relax on beaches Postcard, stroll through the bustling streets of historic cities and sample great wines in the heart of the most beautiful South African vineyards.

Botswana is the mecca for a photo safari in Southern Africa, which find their climax in the Okavango Delta, the incredible ecosystem of water and dry land, ideal scenario and habitat for nature luxuriant.

Taking base in luxury tented camps, you can live in contact with nature in the form almost exclusively, with a meager presence of other means.


If in East Africa it affects the quantity, here the surprising variety of wild animals, along with very little human presence. In Chobe, human pressure is greater, but it is not to be missed the observation of large groups of elephants, buffalo, hippos and other animals who go to ‘watering, especially in the height of the dry season. And then Victoria Falls, adopted by the stage in Botswana circuits for its convenient proximity to the country, that appeal to their power and grandeur. Still desolation, and the struggle for life, the animals in the desert of Kalahari.

A trip to luxury destinations in Botswana allows you to discover one of the last natural paradises on earth that have managed to keep her wild appearance. With about 35% of the protected areas intended for the country’s territory, in Botswana, it is easy to be in the presence of lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, hippos and many other mammals, indeed unique fauna in the world. Venture from the beginning in the corner of paradise made of canals, lagoons, and islands, a true sanctuary of nature: the Okavango Delta.

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