Experience The Gentle Touch Of Luxury In Japan

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The word “Japan” conjures diverse and colorful images: the serene, iconic Mount Fuji; Kyoto temples fringed by cherry blossoms; the outrageous couture of Harajuku girls on a Tokyo Sunday; futuristic bullet trains; a geisha in kimono and painted face. It is the land of anime and pachinko, of exquisite cuisine, and of electronics and robotics innovation that transforms the way we live and work. While visiting Japan for japan holiday destinations, it is easy to recognize what science-fiction writer William Gibson called “the global imagination’s default setting for the future.” It’s time you experienced the “land of rising sun” like never before with the most exclusive experience that we bring you in this piece.

Sushi classes with a top chef- Japan’s globally celebrated cuisine continues to capture the hearts and the stomachs of the west. So the chance to make your own sushi with a top chef from a leading restaurant is something special. From making rolls to sashimi, learn the skills and techniques in your private lesson before tucking into a veritable sushi feast afterwards.

Hone the art of calligraphy- Practice patience and perfection with the elegant art of Japanese calligraphy, otherwise known as Shodo. This ancient art encourages you to write with expression and emotion as you transcribe some of the 4,000 Kanji characters with ink and brush. It’s also is said to promote a meditative effect and feeling of calm—so the perfect antidote to modern life—and you’ll also have your own personal scroll framed to take home. A truly memorable insight into an ancient art form.

Explore the architecture of Kyoto- Stepping back in time to roam through some of Kyoto’s most beautiful, historic temples and royal residences with a distinguished Japanese architect is the best way to appreciate their iconic beauty. On a personal tour, you can learn first-hand about the construction and history behind some of Japan’s most iconic builds, and you’ll get to see some of its lesser known gems too.

Tea ceremony- A traditional Japanese tea ceremony is a must on a trip to Japan. An age old practice, tea ceremonies began in monasteries in an attempt to aid meditation, and the elegant techniques as you sit within an old beautiful tea house is one that whisks you instantly back through time. A personal ceremony is an excellent way for you to observe these ancient customs.

Geisha performance- Make yourself comfortable on your Zabuton cushion and get ready to get spellbound on an array of Japanese delicacies in true Kaiseki style, while you enjoy a private performance from the famously graceful geishas. Having long fascinated the imagination of the west, the chance to see these rigorously trained individuals perform their traditional dance to a soundtrack of the three-stringed shamisen is one of those magical cultural encounters in
luxury travel to japan that you’ll never forget.

A tour of Nara’s tea fields- It’s time to get  out of the limits of the quaint tea ceremonies and step into the the very fields where you can craft your perfect cup from start to finish. As one of Japan’s biggest tea producers, Nara is famous for its locally grown Yamato tea, rich in herbal flavors and delicate aromas. Time spent surrounded by the beautiful tea fields, learning to pick, taste and make your own tea to take home with you, is a truly immersive experience.


Shape up your own sword- Nothing can really compare to creating your very own made-to-measure samurai sword, hand-crafted with help from a local sword smith. Constructed through techniques passed on through generations, your personalized blade will mimic those once used to protect Japanese Emperors. And with an expert guide on hand to answer all your questions about the history of the weapon, this is a truly memorable experience that will leave you with the ultimate holiday keepsake. Your own sword.

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