Ayurveda In India: Back To The Origin Of Healing Treatments

Relax and rejuvenate package in India takes you the country where classical Ayurveda was born. This traditional Indian healing method dates back over 5,000 years and is extremely beneficial for health.

In this fast-paced world, more and more people are realizing the importance of achieving a balance of mind, body and soul and taking time for yourself every now and then.

There are hotels spread throughout India with expert Ayurvedic teachers to help you achieve your goals (weight loss, health, anti-stress, etc.) and return home refreshed. Also, can you think of a more exotic place than India?

Discover India, a country full of charm, with monuments dating back to before Christ. Its landscapes, beaches, nature and aromas will fascinate you. Taste an authentic Ayurveda diet with Ayurveda food and buy the best spices in the bazaars.

Relax And Rejuvenate Packages in India

And if India doesn’t appeal to you otherwise, Ayurveda in Sri Lanka or other options are also present for you to have a sunny and exotic vacation.

Recently, Ayurveda tours to Kerala and other states of India have been very popular. Ayurveda is the source of many modern types of naturotherapy and health improvement.

Currently, medical tours to India with Ayurveda attract attention as a solution to the problems of toxicity, strengthening the immune system, and successful prevention.

Yoga, Ayurveda and spa treatments of different traditions are the three pillars of Ananda in Himalayas. The most important thing here is not treatment, but the creation of an atmosphere of peace in which the body itself heals itself.

All Ayurvedic centres in India have an individual approach to each client. Therapies and active programs focus on deep relaxation, cleansing, and ultimately pleasure.

Medicines or medical procedures are selected individually, in Ayurvedic practice exclusively natural, natural remedies are used: ghee, medicinal plants, Spices, minerals, metals, so these medicines do not have harmful side effects.

Methods such as various types of massage (with oil, with powdered medicinal plants), steam room are widely used.

The excellent health centres and hotels of Kerala, Goa, Karnataka and the Himalayas offer a large package of wellness treatments and comfortable accommodation. The price for Ayurveda tours depends on the number of days, the chosen hotel and movement, as well as the cost of Ayurvedic packages.

Deep relaxation, inner balance and a radiant appearance, the beautiful Kerala will help you find your natural balance for body and soul! Surrounded by a beautiful long white sandy beach and breath-taking sea views, you will find the right place to switch off and forget the worries of everyday life.

Relax in the tropical and spacious garden or treat yourself to a long walk on the stunning beach. During your stay, specially trained therapists and doctors will be at your side and will create an individually tailored treatment plan based on the principles of Ayurveda knowledge, which is thousands of years old.

The yoga offer also has a supportive effect on the relaxing effect of your treatments. Whether a classic Ayurveda full-body oil massage, a relaxing forehead shower or herbal steam therapy – the extensive range of therapies rejuvenates, relaxes and stimulates body and mind. Enjoy a relaxing cure on one of the most beautiful beaches in India by booking wellness tourism packages.

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