7 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Next Holidays In Tunisia

Tunisia is the less explored and less fancied country of the situated in the northernmost zone of the African continent. Its uniqueness in flora and fauna can be underlined by the fact that Tunisia is sandwiched between countries like Morocco and Algeria. By and large, Tunisia is the cynosure of all eyes as the beach destination thanks primarily to the soft sandy Mediterranean beaches. But that is not all that makes Tunisia a stunning visual spectacle. The country has immense riches of ancient archaeological sites, stunning desert scenery, and magnificent Islamic architecture, to name just a few. In this article we give you the 7 key reasons to visit Tunisia, a country that can give the big boys of tourism a run for their money.

Amazing local cuisine and seafood- Yes it has to be the food that has to be taken into consideration by almost all the globetrotters. Mark our words, Tunisian delicacies won’t disappoint you! Tunisian local cuisine and seafood is truly awesome to say the least. It is a healthy combination of elements ranging from Turkish, French and Mediterranean cuisine. Don’t forget to gorge on the local specialty of grilled fish which is locally known as “poisson complet”. Some other foods that you ought to try are Brik, very crispy thin pastry with a whole egg, parsley, onions and sometimes meat. For the non-veggies, it is Merguez (small spicy sausage made from mutton meat) that they absolutely need to devour!

Numerous archaeological sites- A wide number of archaeological sites in Tunisia bears testimony to the fact it had a significant historical role as an important crossroads of civilization. The country has some of the most iconic and wonderful Roman ruins outside Italy, the remains of which can be found in the cities of Dougga, Bulla Regea and Chemtou. As a matter of fact, Tunisia hosts the UNESCO listed amphitheater El Jem, build around 238 AD. With an estimated capacity of 35,000 spectators, it is the world’s third-largest amphitheater.

Sidi Bou Said- Of all the magnificent and wondrous cities of Tunisia, we had to handpick Sid Bou Said for reasons more than one. The town would simply leave you mesmerized with its blue and white architecture. Moreover the town can be your strategic base when traveling to Tunisia since it is located very close to Tunis. Sid Bou Said is like a perfect display of local artistry and craftsmanship.

Ease of transportation- One is unlikely to face any trouble while traveling in and around Tunisia because of the well connected roadways. You can easily find rental cars at affordable. However the most dependent conveyance has to be the long distance buses that are pretty cheap albeit they come and go without any fixed schedule!

Country of culture- One is likely to be amused to find out that Tunisia is of great religious significance for the followers of Islam and that Kairouan is one of the holiest Islam cities, perhaps only a tad behind cities of Mecca and Jerusalem. Add to that the country is like a diverse cultural punch with the island of Djerba being the oldest of Jews enclaves. The Berber culture is still kindling in the Tunisia’s heartland as well as in the Sahara.

Hammamet- The beach resort of Hammamet the first point of tourist attraction of Tunisia. The small town situated between Tunis and Sousse captivates the view of one and all with its stunning white sand beaches clubbed with the turquoise waters and the green bed of cypress trees. Although the place has been in existence since the 1st century, Hammamet was officially given the status of a town in the 15th century. An interesting thing to note is that no building can be built higher than the cypress trees. This makes the appeal of the beachfront stay in its most natural form.

Tunisian Sahara- There is no way you can give a miss to the vast stretches of the Sahara desert, the largest in the world. The desert can be visited by heading toward the southwest of the country, near the villages of Ghomrassen and Douirat. You can also move to the Grand Erg Central, near the Algerian border to have a view of the expansive sand dunes. Make your desert tour memorable by taking camel ride of the desert.

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