6 Reasons To Visit New Zealand In The Summer

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We already know that New Zealand is a country that has many wonders and that there are a lot of reasons to go to exchange there. But, you already thought about visiting the country in the summer? When we put the words summer and Oceania in the same sentence, we usually think of Australia suddenly, yes? What happens is that the New Zealand summer has a lot to offer in that season full of heat and beaches.

Read here more about how to take advantage of summer in New Zealand holiday destinations.

  1. Very long days

The sunny New Zealand summer days are so long. In Auckland , for example, the sun sets around 20:30, and in places further south, like in Queenstown , the day only goes dark at 9:30 pm, more or less. It is an average of 15 hours of light per day. So, even if you work until 6pm, you can enjoy the delights of summer after working hours.

  1. Pleasant temperatures

In New Zealand, summer temperatures are between 20ºC to 30ºC. Thus, days with 25ºC are considered the high points of the season.

The good news is that you can take advantage of the hot summer days without getting sweaty there. And do not forget to always have a light jacket with you, because at night time stays cold, even if the day has been hot.

  1. Fun with little money


There are no shops or street vendors on the beaches of luxury destinations New Zealand, which in the beginning may seem a bit strange for Latin Americans. But that makes everyone carry their picnic basket to the beach. Or then make a roast in the public grills available in the parks.

Other good programs to take advantage of are the Movie in Parks or the Silo Park, where films are exhibited in the open.

  1. Rainy days are not a problem

The temperature in New Zealand is not very stable. Despite the summer being the season with less rainfall, it is good to look at the weather forecast to schedule the weekend, for example. And in case of rain, nothing happens! You can stay calm in many thermal pools throughout the country. The coolest thing is that you can order good drinks without leaving the hot water.

  1. Enjoy the beach without being on the coast

The beaches of New Zealand are not very famous for the world, but as we already taught here in our post of the 7 beaches, they are wonderful. But, if you were not on the New Zealand coast, you do not have to worry! The country has an infinity of lakes, which, in the summer, fulfill the same function as the beaches.

  1. Camps

If you were traveling through NZ during the summer, one of the best things is that you do not need to rent a beach house or something. That’s because camping is a very common custom there. It is super safe, and it is not necessary to worry about animals, because unlike Australia, these animals are rare there.

  1. Incredible views

When talking about New Zealand that is one of the main reasons for any list: the landscapes are AMAZING.

Different from everything you have already seen. Swimming in the lakes of the country with the snow peaks as a view, will be one of the unique experiences of your life. Besides that, the landscapes of the beaches are also beautiful, mainly due to the different rock formations.

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