Top 10 Attractions of Dubai – Do Not Miss any Single Destination

Top 10 Attractions of Dubai - Do Not Miss any Single Destination

Whether you’re a resident of Dubai or a frequent visitor or even a tourist yourself, you will find so many things to see in Dubai that you can put together in your fabulous itinerary. If you are missing out on some fun and adventure in your life, then you must definitely tour to Dubai. Here are top 10 luxury destinations in Dubai, that you cannot miss when you are on a tour to this beautiful place.

  1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

If you are looking for a perfect family travel destination for your next vacation then visit Dubai Burj Khalifa. Dubai is well recognized for it’s the glitziest, biggest skyscrapers and Burj Khalifa is the tallest one here. In other words we can say that the city runs on superlatives where one can have a view of the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa. The city is worth a visit where you will capture the endless panoramas towards the beach and over the city and blow your mind. The building has its own Metro stop, which starts from the lower ground level of the Mall. While coming in the mall you will be entertain by a wonderful presentation of the exotic history of Dubai. Later you will take a walk and view sunset if you can, as you get to see both day and night from the top. Throughout the journey you will enjoy exploring each and everything in Dubai.

  1. Dubai Creek

dubai creek

After the dizzying, ultra-modern heights of the Burj, you will move towards Dubai Creek which is natural seawater bay that cuts through the centre of the city. After coming to this place you will do simply nothing but take ride across the creek for just one dirham at sunset. You will be captivated by the color and bustle where at the other side you’ll be met with the aromas of Dubai’s spice souk. To explore the dazzling city you will take a cruise to Al Maktoum Bridge and view both the historic as well as modern landmarks of Dubai. The cruise trip will offer you picturesque glimpse of Dubai’s trading heritage.

  1. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

Sheikh Mohammed Centre

If you are willing to know about Islam but were too afraid to ask so you have come to The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. Basically this is a non-profit organization established to   increase awareness and understanding about different cultures.

  1. Dubai’s Public Parks

Dubai’s public parks

Another wonderful attraction of Dubai is “Dubai’s public parks” which are quite different to other cities public parks.  The city boasts some of the most beautiful, clean, green tranquil, parks where you can only pay a 5dhs fee and enjoy playing ball games side by side.  To spend some   quality time you can come here along with your kids and family members and enjoy jogging and sports like rounders in Try Safa Park. The park is positioned on Sheikh Zayed Road for a sprawling 150 acres of lawns where one can view   waterfalls and hills and other scenic beauty. Further, you can move towards Mushrif Park Khawaneej Road which is the best place to enjoy picnic. After coming here you will simply leave your stresses behind and enjoy your day with kids.

  1. Ravi


If you are food lover and want to try something different in your Cuisine than you can surely come to Ravi. It is a restaurant located in the prime food area where you can healthy food of your own choice. There are ample seating areas both inside and outside. This is recognized among Dubai’s longest-serving restaurants where you will have food from all over the world. You will not only enjoy eating chicken boti, mutton tika, daal and mutton kebab but will love to have simple curry also.  Interestingly, Ravi has recently been refurbished with addition outside area where you can dine with your family member.  So you can visit this restaurant and experience the different cuisine.

  1. Jebel Maleihah

Jebel Maleihah

If you want to go off and camp somewhere peaceful, then you can opt for Jebel Maleihah, in which you will drive off the Sharjah-Dhaid highway onto the desert. To have exciting and thrilling experience you can drive all the way to Jebel Maleihah or Fossil Rock and view small mountain range. You will be simply in the lap of natural beauty and feel the scenic beauty of Dubai. Apart from Round driving you can even opt for off-road tracks in the UAE where you can dip your off-road toes without getting into complicated land.

7 Wadi

Wadi, Dubai

For the more adventurous, the desert is literally the limit where you can come to favorite wadi. Wadi Al Wurayah set among the Hajar Mountains beyond Khor Fakkanand which is well appreciated for its long stretches of rocks and rocks. While driving through you will experience very rocky path and mountain walls which will give you an amazing understanding about the land and its attractiveness.

  1. Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is not just a name in Dubai, in fact it’s everything. After coming to Dubai you will travel towards Palm Jumeirah which is known for leisure and entertainment activities. It has everything which you need to enjoy in your wonderful holiday break.

It’s an amazing tourist attraction with a wide range of shopping malls, water sports, aquariums, theme parks luxury bars, clubs,  shows,  fashion sites. Later you will be unwinding in the spas, pools and gardens and relax yourself.  At night you will explore the magnificent sunsets and view miles of beautiful beaches.

  1. Desert Safari

Desert Safari

Dubai trip offers you incredible Desert Safari, where you will get an opportunity to thrill ride around the dunes by Land Rover or camel.  You will have magical experience in the darkness where you will stare at the many, many stars visible away from the city lights. Depending on your mood you can choose your safari and get entertained by falcon-handling, belly-dancing entertainment in the evening time.

  1. Dubai Fountains

Dubai fountains

You can wind up your trip with viewing Spectacular, exciting and – -Dubai fountains.  You will enjoy viewing fountains with incredible light show at night. The fountains are situated outside the Dubai Mall and are well surrounded by lively restaurants with front row view.  While enjoying the fountain view you can have your dinner.

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