The Onset Of A New Era Of Wellness Tourism In India

What starts as a pursuit of one’s happiness and ambitious goals eventually becomes one of the most grueling experiences of life. Such is monotony in our lives thanks to the 9 to 5 jobs we are all laden to stress and endless toiling of mental as well as physical hardships. At the turn of the new decade, it is high time we gave our body and soul what it craves the most; rejuvenation and lots of positivity to counter the ills of modern day toxic environment. Thus it is high time your luxury travels met with wellness tourism. Wellness tourism is experiencing a rise in India. Not just natives of the motherland but travelers from across the globe, come here for seeking positivity.

The reason is not just one but many with regard to what India have in store for wellness tourism. We all know for a fact that Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, rejuvenation are the main aspects that the country takes pride in. There are a plethora of destinations which are mostly settled close to the nature and beings a sense of newness and mental travels

In addition, one can be largely benefitted due to the significant dip in costs of travel for both native and foreign visitors. This ensures that the travelers get the best of the Ayurvedic treatments done in the spas and other places of retreat without bothering about the prices attached. Ayurveda, as we are all aware, is the oldest system of medicine on earth. The ancient medicine for healing is also known as the “Science of Life”. The traditional medicine dating back to 5000 years was recognized by WHO in 1982.

Perhaps the goodness of Yoga cannot be elaborated anymore and that India is the hub of it is well known to the world. Amidst the riches of the ancient India and its glorious history, one attains a form that brings absolute peace to mind. Yoga is that ancient form of attaining good health through mental, spiritual, and physical practices. It stands as one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophical traditions. Moreover, Yoga has been one such practice which has seeped in results for people who have religiously followed it.

Whenever the state of despair kicks in and tension circle around, meditation comes in like a savior. This technique of calming your blood pressure and heart rate has been with us for thousands of years. Meditation is basically a program where when you focus your attention from inside you attains a deeper relaxation. Through meditation, one can fight anxiety, pain, and depression and brings ultimate peace to mind. And that’s not all, as this form also helps in intuition and creativity. When it comes to traveling to a meditation retreat, the only idea is to make a connection with your inner self in a peaceful environment. Vipassana meditation is one of the most practiced forms in India, a 10-day course which focuses on seeing things as they are.

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