The Best Places To Visit In Jordan-2

Jordan is a country of difference. It has countries like Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq as neighbours. Despite being in the Middle East, the country enjoys a certain kind of vibrancy which makes it more liberal, progressive than some of its neighbours. As a result, Jordan is a country with a lot of footfall with people from all parts of the globe thronging to the country. In terms of luxury tour, the country gives you the chance to visit ancient cities, admire magnificent granite cliffs, see secluded deserts and even swim in the Dead Sea. In continuation to the first piece, we bring you more of the best cities in Jordan.

  1. Kings Highway- One of three highways running from North to South, the King’s Highway traverses some epic landscapes and is dotted with crusader castles, nature reserves and towns that date back to biblical times. Linking the historical town of Madaba, famed for its plethora of Byzantine mosaics and ancient churches, Mount Nebo (the supposed resting place of the prophet Moses, holy to Muslims, Christians and Jews alike) and Shobak, driving along this highway really is a journey through the centuries.
  2. Wadi Rum- Vast, echoing and God-Like are the words that T. E. Lawrence of Arabia used to describe one of the Middle East’s most spectacular desert landscapes. Wadi Rum is the meeting point of the Rift valley, the Negev desert and Sinai Peninsula, which spreads eastwards into Arabia. Home to stunning scenery ‘towering sandstone peaks (Jebels), knife-edged dunes, gorges, rock formations and canyons’ the whole region is peppered with criss-crossing valleys, Bedouin camps and wild camels. A highlight of any trip to Jordan is watching the desert change colour as the daylight creeps in and the setting sun draws out the pink, ochre and magenta hue of the rock. At night the skies are ablaze with stars thanks to the lack of light pollution, making it one of the best places in Jordan for stargazing.
  3. Dana Nature Reserve- A combination of mountains and wadis make for interesting landscapes and the chance to spot a wide range of birdlife – over 214 species have been recorded here including Griffon vultures and other birds of prey. The best way to explore Dana is on foot and there are several well-marked trails and routes to suit all abilities. Explore the old village of Dana and visit the remains of a copper mine. Some walks can be done solo; others require a guide and are available on request.
  4. Dead Sea- Surrounded by barren mountains, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on the earth’s surface and lies at the bottom of a natural depression that reaches 409 m below sea level. The region is a natural spa, and the mud and water contains so much sodium and other minerals that it makes it impossible for plant and animal life to live. However, it’s known to be an ideal treatment for various maladies (or just for soft skin).

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