Reasons Are Aplenty To Visit The City Of Split, Croatia

Get ready to get the most amusing reactions the moment you say that you have planned to visit Split, the second largest city of Croatia and the largest city of the region of Dalmatia. More often than not, the very name of this city is going to leave quite a lot of people in splits! But do not let that ignorance take over the fact Split is one of the must-visit city in your luxury travel in Croatia. Speaking more about this town, you are in for exploring 1700 years of history truly fantastic (and underrated) cuisine, buzzing nightlife, and gorgeous coastline everywhere you look.

So why must you include Split in your itinerary? Let’s find out

The beaches

Croatia, Dalmatia, Brac Island, Zlatni rat beach

At your Croatia luxury travel, you get several sandy beaches (very rare for Croatia!) to choose from near Split’s centre. Going by the popularity, Bavice Beach is one of those beaches in Split which has to be a stopover for the aqua blue lovers. What sets the tone even more are a few bars and restaurants along the seawall that can get you tipsy. But if you wish to see the true colors of the nature come in full spectacle, it is the sunset that you should not miss as you can see the nightlife coming to life under the stars. Another small but popular beach is the Firule Beach, an ideal spot for vacation with the family; the fine sand and shallow water is what attracts the children most. Kasuni Beach, Kastelet Beach and Jezinac Beach are more like the treasures of Split on the southern part of Marjan Hill. Although, they are slightly on the exterior part of the town, it is nevertheless accessible by car or boat.

Explore Split’s Old town

Split is a dichotomous amalgamation of old and new. While you see a plethora of bars and restaurants, the town also bears testimony of the legendary Roman period in its Roman ruins that look impressive right from the word go. Split’s Old Town received the prestigious recognition of UNESCO World Heritage in 1979. Diocletian’s Palace is another prominent landmark within Old Town which serves as the identity of the vicinity. All in all, you see history expanding itself in all directions, with narrow passageways that give ‘hole-in-the-wall’ a totally new meaning. Another good thing about this area is that it has been marked as pedestrian-only. Do not miss the Temple of Jupiter in your Croatia luxury travel: the last of three temples left standing within the palace walls. The Cathedral of Saint Dominus, the oldest Catholic cathedral in the world that remains in use in its original structure. Ironically it was built as a mausoleum for Diocletion (a famous persecutor of Christians). Depart Old Town via the Porta aenue (Brass Gate), located on the southern wall of the palace and cap off the afternoon at The Riva – Split’s famous harbor-front promenade. This place is perfect for a lot of leisurely activities.

Marjan Hill

Marjan has to be a place for reckoning in your luxury honeymoon travel in Croatia with a host of activities like walking, running, cycling, and rock-climbing literally coming into play! It’s said that the hills and forests of Marjan make for the heart and soul of the tours for the tourists worldwide. It’s a place that offers calm and peace after all the hustle that unnerves people at the peak season. A brief walk takes you to the base of the trail, which is suited for relaxation relax at the café bar overlooking Split Harbour. Better still, you can continue exploring!

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4 Places You Cannot Give a Miss on a Luxury Trip to Croatia

Croatia is such a lovely place to be for a luxury vacation. Being the most fashionable country of Europe, Croatia is still the most underrated destination in the continent. The country is definitely untouched by the commercialization going on the entire globe and you will find the glimpse of old history with new lifestyle here. No matter you are looking for a family trip or a private yacht honeymoon or a wellness tours, Croatia never disappoints any tourist. Now who hasn’t heard about the Croatian cuisine? You will findan amazing dishes made with natural ingredients and added love. The culture here in the country is just amazing and you will be wondering how people celebrate their old traditions and festivals with more and more enthusiasm every year. Not just the festivals, Croatians people party like there’s no tomorrow. Imagine listening to your favorite DJ throwing out some sick beats in an abandoned factory or a beach, just irresistible. Isn’t it?

Known for its rich natural scenery and great urban culture, Croatia is definitely one of the most thrilling places to be for a luxury travel. Even in the peak season when thousands of tourists arrive here from all around the globe, you will still find untouched islands. If you are thinking that Croatia is all about its islands and natural beauty then you are probably wrong here. The urban scene here is quite charming and you can visit art galleries, night clubs, famous restaurants and stay in world class luxury hotels.

Here are 4 places that you should not give a miss when on a luxury trip to Croatia.


More popularly known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, the old city of Dubrovnik is really a pleasure to the eyes. Situated at the southern edge of Croatia, Dubrovnik came into existence in the 7th century. You will see all the houses here with orange rooftops contrasting well with the blue sky. The old town brings back the age’s old history of Croatia and you can view cobblestone streets, ancient churches and other magnificent places here. The old town is not just limited to history and travelers can also explore beaches like Banje and Lapad.

Paradise Beach Retreat, Brac

The place is recognized for its dazzling beach life the Dalmation island of Brac is backed by the tough statures of Vidova Gora Mountain. Only a 5 minute drive from Bol, near the town of Murvica, if you want to spend some time in a mesmerizing bungalow, set in the midst of vineyards, on a slope over then the Paradise Beach Retreat is just for you. Elegantly outfitted, it has a front room with chimney and rests five. Travelers who love adventure sports can go and try snorkeling, cycling, wine tasting and trekking.

Mulini Beach, Rovinj

One of Croatia’s finest places this five-star Hotel opened in 2011. Continue reading

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