Time To Shift The Vacation Spotlight On Morocco

Time To Shift The Vacation Spotlight On Morocco

“Morocco is a land of vivid beauty”; yes you must have heard this before. So what makes it such an incredibly unbelievable destination? Simply put it is the colorful souks, exotic culture and a diverse geography. The biggest talking points in terms of destination is the bustling city of Marrakech and , but if you are adventurous enough to stray off the beaten path you will find the many other treasures in the Morocco luxury travel that you can set your eyes on. But, first and foremost, it is important to acas a female traveler to Morocco, it’s important to respect the religion and culture and dress appropriately. However, that doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy!

The Incredible Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

If your luxury travel Morocco kicks off from Casablanca, the largest city of the country then you cannot give a miss to the impressive Hassan II Mosque. This mosque was completed in 1993 and was estimated to have cost as much as $800 million to build! This is the outcome of some 6,000 Moroccan master craftsman and artisans who worked day in and day out by pulling out resources of materials from Morocco. Only the white granite columns and chandeliers from Venice are imports for this structure. The minaret is a whopping 60 stories high. The uniqueness in the mosque lies in its glass floor that is open to the ocean below

The Stunning Blue City of Chefchaouen

The brilliant azure city of Chefchaouen is located in the northwest part of Morocco amidst the Riff Mountains. The picturesque blue medina has barred motorized vehicles and this makes capturing every sight with ease and calm. The blue décor is said to be traced back to 1471 when the city was founded as a small fortress to fight the Portuguese invaders. As time went by, it became a settlement for the Jewish people who sought refuge after fleeing the Spanish Reconquista. The Jewish teachings associate the color blue with the sky and God’s power. This is exactly why the locals began to give strong tones of the bright blue color to the medina.

The Intricate Maze of Fes’ Medina

The wanderer in you is going to get a satiating experience once you take the roads for a navigational challenge in the Fes’ medina. The souks and markets are a wild and whirlwind scrimmage of action with both locals and tourists hustling for space within the narrow alleyways. The medina is very much like a game trying to find hidden articles by using a series of clues to stumble upon amazing sights. One such sight is The University of al-Qarawiyyin. According to UNESCO and Guinness World Records, it’s the oldest university in the world which is still in existence and operating in full flow. The building itself is quite breathtaking with intricate carvings and mosaics

A City Made of Clay

The Kasbahs of the the city of Ait Benhaddou have been recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Site, as one of the most amazing Kasbahs in all of Morocco. They sit in a valley near the foothills of the Atlas Mountains just 50km from Ouarzazate. Legend has it that the town was established in 757 and its founder, Ben Haddou still lies buried in a tomb behind this spectacular city. Gigantic in every sense, the fortress is made up of six kasbahs and about fifty more ksours (groups of homes) that are all fortified behind a wall.

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