Planning To Spend Christmas In France? Une Excellente Idée!

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Planning To Spend Christmas In France? Une Excellente Idée!

Thinking of spending Christmas this year in France? You sure have made one of the finest decisions of life! The pageantry of Christmas leading up to the holiday is grand and festive and yet a certain air of peace and serenity descends over France during Christmas. There are dozens of Christmas related activities in France during Christmas, not to forget numerous exciting Christmas markets. As we are all aware that Christmas in France is a major celebration but it also adds an element of romance which can seal the deal for many love drenched hearts. It is a public holiday, and a great time to plan a visit to this beautiful country to brighten your Christmas with a stroke of French tradition. So here we are bringing you the best cities in Paris to light up your Christmas celebration in the Luxury Travel in Europe.

Christmas In France

  1. Paris- It goes without saying that Paris is certain to be the first in the list of French holiday itinerary. Brightly lit during Christmas, Paris is quite a sight to behold. Right from the iconic Eiffel Tower to Marais, and Notre Dame, all of Paris’ landmarks are lit up and the many bustling boutiques and unique ambience, add to the festivities of the season.          There are numerous Christmas markets hosted in the city every year during Christmas, where you can experience the celebration of Christmas in France’s traditions. The market at La La Défense, in particular, is a must-visit. It is the largest market in town, located right in front modern high-rise buildings. During the days leading up to Christmas, traditional wooden chalets are set up all the way to La Grande Arche.
  1. Morzine- When winter sets in, the lifts in Morzine open! The Christmas lights herald the beginning of a bright Christmas welcoming Santa in all its glory.This beautiful city in France is a great place to revel in the festivities of Christmas. The city hosts a number of Santa Crawls for the party lovers. These parties are free to join for anyone with a Santa costume. Kick off a fun old family Christmas by heading to bars that host Xmas Carol Mega parties. A trip to Morzine, is a great way to enjoy a cocktail of a traditional yet contemporary France Christmas celebration.
  2. Toulose– For the best ever Christmas experience in France, head to Toulouse. There is an air of festivity in the entire city. Place du Capitole, located outside the grand town hall, features rows of wooden chalets huddled next to each other, all selling vintage artisanal products. This market is a great place to shop for gifts as the variety is simply tremendous. You will find everything from pottery, to handmade jewelry, to clothes, and even cute France Christmas Ornaments and keepsakes at this market. Be sure to taste some traditional foie gras and cake served at the stalls. Take a selfie by the side of the giant Father Christmas on your way out. An important aspect of celebrations of Christmas in France, decorations, and manger crib can be seen here.


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