Plan Your Vacation In Incredible Italy

Italy is emerging as one of the top tourist spots in the world. Travel and tourism are the major part of the Italian economy. It is located in southern Europe and is one of the world’s most famous travel destinations for a galore of reasons that include arresting landscapes, top-class cuisine, art treasures, passionate people and trendy fashion. This boot-shaped country offers so much to explore and do. An overview of the best luxury destinations in Italy:

1. Rome

A visit to classic city Rome can be a really exciting adventure; however, if this is your first visit then you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the abundance of places that can be explored in your vacation time. There are several wonderful destinations and sights to see all over Rome. But, if you are going to try this venture on your own there are great chances that you will miss many of the must see attractions just because you do not know the city that well. On the other hand, if you are planning this travel with a tour company then there is a possibility of ending the travel on a boring note. Thus, the best way to know the real Rome is with a private tour guide. An expert private tour guide will be able to help you create a different perception of this lovely city. Rome is listed as the prominent honeymoon destinations in Italy because of its romantic spots. The unique culture and complete atmosphere make it an eternal city.

2. Venice

Venice is famous for its amazing festivals. Whatever the time travelers choose for the Venice holidays, they will find the place abuzz with some festival. To many tourists, it may seem that Venice is always celebrating something. The festivity in its environment gives it a different place in the list of luxury destinations in Italy. There is a long list of Venice festivals that comes in almost every season. The springtime is prime in the city as it comes with Easter which is one of the widely celebrated festivals. This is the most happening time of the year and it is very difficult to get accommodation here if you haven’t planned in advance.


Naples is the best place to visit for the art and music lovers. If you are artistic and an explorer then this city has so much in store for you. This city has some of the world’s best theatres and opera houses and is well-known for its many historic monuments and statues. Naples has a lot more to offer and it’s surrounding area are home to some of the biggest and best fish. From bass and redfish, to snook to tarpon, catfish and even few large species of sharks.

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