Holidays In The Wildest Africa: Botswana

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At Welgrow, we are very fans of the African continent, because it is a destination where we can observe wild animals living in their natural habitat, live in an impressive nature (jungle and coastal) and for the human quality of its people.

Among all the impressive places that make up the continent today, we want to make special mention of the Botswana region, a country yet to be discovered where you can escape a few days of everyday life and live in nature surrounded by lakes, large rivers, waterfalls and a spectacular savanna where to make safaris. But without having to give up the luxury and the sophistication of its precious lodges where travelers can stay.

Home to some of the continent’s most famous safari destinations, Botswana is, in a word, wild; but this quality is part of its charm. This is one of the few countries where you can experience the luxury destinations in Kenya in its pure state thanks to the vast sections of land that have been destined for conservation and that, if not for the recondite camps and lodges that are in these, they would be practically inaccessible – here you will not find roads or great infrastructure.

Few experiences compare to a safari in the Okavango Delta, whose permanent lagoons and deep channels offer all kinds of water activities throughout the year. Explore this watery labyrinth aboard a cruise or a traditional mokoro and marvel at its spectacular landscapes and the abundant wildlife that inhabits its waters, skies, and banks.

From the lush, lush swamps of Savuti and Linyati, to the extensive alluvial plains that lie along the Chobe River, Chobe National Park is another of the crown jewels of Botswana thanks to its immense population of elephants and its status as the most biodiverse park in the country.

To the south, you will find the mythical Kalahari Desert, which cannot be called desert in the strict sense of the word due to the amount of rain it receives and which allows it to sustain surprising biodiversity. The Central Kalahari Animal Reserve and the KgalagadiTransfrontier Park will allow you to admire this diversity and learn the secrets of this inhospitable ecosystem in the company of the sans, a nomadic tribe that has inhabited this region for more than twenty millennia.

In the north of the luxury safari destinations Kenya there is Kalahari, Nxai and Makgadikgadithat form the most extensive set of salt flats on the planet and are the scene of a dramatic transformation between seasons. A moment this region is no more than an inhospitable whitish plain whose surface is covered with cracks by the absence of moisture and the next, it becomes a grassland Eden that attracts thousands of zebras and wildebeest, as well as predators who are following them

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