Fun-Filled Activities To Do In Croatia

Croatia has always been a country of many travelers’ intrigue. The crossroad country which is situated between Central and Southeast Europe underlines its beauty thanks largely to its landscapes and natural beauty reserves. The reasons for luxury travel in Croatia just multiplied, and for a good reason. Croatia has always been relatively popular as a Mediterranean getaway and an alternative to Greece and Italy. The country has further got a boost due for being one of the shooting locations for the famous HBO period drama Game of Thrones. Now, it’s firmly established as one of the top travel destinations on the planet. This is our look at some of the top things to do in Croatia.


  1. Treading through the Dubrovnik Ramparts- It may sound a little quaint and tiresome but a walk through the Dubrovnik Ramparts can be a fantastic experience. Croatia can be fun to explore for all kinds of different reasons, but if you only had time for one thing, it would be walking the old city walls or ramparts. Fascinating from a visual and historical perspective alike, it’s become one of the true can’t-miss travel experiences in Europe. The glorious views are worth the entire walk you take!
  2. Hiking through Plitvice- With the world’s eyes on Dubrovnik and some smaller but similar cities throughout Croatia, many don’t even realize how beautiful some of the interior county is. Plitvice Lakes National Park is the perfect example – a broad natural expanse of forests and lakes that are more or less arranged in several levels. The area is now crisscrossed with bridges and walkways making it fairly easy to explore for both some outdoor activity and some of the prettiest sights in all of Croatia.
  3. Diocletian’s Palace- As far as historical landmarks go, Diocletian’s Palace is actually a place of great significance and definitely fun to visit. Believe it or not, the history of the place states that it was built as a retirement home for a Roman emperor. Emperor Diocletian began construction of this still-standing structure in the early-4th century on the Dalmatian Coast. There are lots of interesting historical places to visit in Croatia (including the Dubrovnik walls), but this is among the most striking of them.

Diocletian’s Palace

  1. Visit Krka Waterfalls- If you love waterfalls, then you’ll want to take a visit to KrKa waterfalls. While the serene beauty Plitvice is undoubtedly breathtaking, you can swim in Krka which can be a major mood booster for the Croatia luxury travel enthusiasts visiting Croatia. There will be signs saying you can’t swim, depending on the time of the year, but the waterfalls and the number of people around the place can tempt you to step inside the water! There are different areas to the falls, and some must-sees include, Skradinski Buk which has 17 waterfalls in total to explore, and over 800 species of wildlife to spot. Another favourite is Roski Slap, which comprises of 12 waterfalls. You even get a boat ride to the waterfalls which offer amazing views! You can find out more here. The ideal time to visit is Spring/Summer time when the water is at its best, and do take an organized tour to save some time wandering.

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