Shopping In Vietnam In Your Luxury Travel

What is a luxury travel destination which cannot satiate the demands of a shopaholic? That is right. Shopping is an integral part of many globetrotters all over the world. From collecting souvenirs or just updating their wardrobe with some ethnic wear of that particular country, the shoppers just need an excuse to venture out. If you are travelling to Vietnam, you are in for a delight because there are places galore to shop the most exclusive of things. From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city, there is nothing which can beat your shopping experience. Are you ready to explore some of the market?

  1. Ben Thanh Market- This has to be the most visited markets in Ho Chi Minh City hands down. This place is a crowd favourite both among local and international visitors. Vietnamese coffee is the most sought after commodity in this market as you get a wide variety of the same in this market. Add to that the variety of other things like an extensive collection of apparels, textiles, luggage, watches, handicrafts, and electronic goods. Wake up a bit early and venture into the markets and you may get to shop a lot of newly harvested fruits, spices, nuts and seafood. Also, the foodie shoppers need not worry as they can relish the taste of pho, spring rolls, vegetarian noodles, fresh seafood, crispy rice pancakes and steamed cakes.
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  1. Hanoi Night Market- Amidst the beautiful night lit with the stars, this is a very unique shopping experience in Vietnam, one of the top luxury destinations in the world. Thousands in the enthusiastic crowd throng in the market which has the historic landmarks decorated as well in this weekly market. Hanoi food is one of the most celebrated markets for its food. This is perhaps the best part of shopping in this market. Here the famous delicacies are (rice vermicelli soup with shredded chicken, fried egg, and pork), La Vong grilled fish, pho (noodle soup with beef or chicken), banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich), and bun cha (rice noodles served with roasted pork). As shoppers you can avail the attractive “sale” of T-shirts, shoes, lingerie, handicrafts etc at a much lower price than usual. What adds to the aesthetic extravaganza is the local musical and cultural events that can change the entire spectacle of the way you shop.
  2. An Dong Market- This market is a great option for some indoor shopping experience. The An Dong Market has a good collection of fabrics and clothing. The market is divided in various levels. While the lowest level sells good food to gorge on, the top floor is stocked with souvenirs like carved incense burners, animals figures, trays, tea sets, chopsticks sets, coasters and chopsticks rest etc. All in all, this is the best market to get merchandise in the most affordable price.
  3. Cai Rang Floating Market- Tired of the land-based market. How about going aqua? Yes, the Cai Rang Floating market is located in the Mekong Delta. It is the biggest market in the entire delta region. A picturesque bridge serves as the perfect location for some good old photography. This authentic experience can be enjoyed on a boat which you need to hire on a prior basis. Besides buying anything of your liking, you can simply navigate for some candid moments.

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Some Amazing and Enlightening Facts About Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most underrated and also less fancied luxury travel destination in Vietnam the bucket list of the Southeast Asia traveler. The reasons can be far too many but the most glaring factor is the presence of Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos in its back garden and the beautiful islands of the Philippines just offshore which gathers more interest and eyeballs. Add to that the country’s bloodied past which largely attracts a sorry state. But Vietnam is far more than it meets the eye. It is now a heavily bankable luxury tourism destination with mostly untouched hidden gems. So let’s know more of the amazing country Vietnam.

  1. The best time to visit- For a lot of countries in Southeast Asia it is hard to determine, but the best time of year to travel to Vietnam is easy: March and April. Spring gets the least amount of rain and has moderate temperatures. The rainy season in Vietnam lasts from May to October. But it must also be kept in mind that the North of Vietnam has distinct summer and winter seasons. Expect little to no snowfall in Hanoi, but it has happened before. If you decide to go for a trekking in Sapa, one of the best things to do in Vietnam, then beware that December, January and February it can be really cold. When you visit South Vietnam there is no need to bring warm clothes as the lowest average temperature in Ho Chi Minh is in December: 27 C / 81 F.

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  1. Vietnam’s turbulent past- It is virtually impossible to refrain yourself from being fascinated by Vietnam’s long and interesting history. For starters, it has one of the oldest cultures in Southeast Asia dating back to 2000 BC. Over the years, the Vietnamese culture has had several influences including Chinese, Khmer, Indian, Japanese and also Western. Because of colonization, war ravaged the country, a series of very tragic events in history which are still in the minds of many Vietnamese. For them, however, it is much more than a war. As a nation, Vietnam stood tall in its determination which enabled them to defeat the French and make the Americans retreat and finally become one country. The country is filled with educational sites for you to learn more about these historic events, the Vietnam War, and even its aftermath. In fact, each city has monuments and museums that showcase the country’s deep-seated history. To get a deeper insight of the Vietnam War, you can visit the places such as War Remnants Museum (Saigon), Cu Chi tunnels, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoa Lo Prison etc.
  2. Hoi An is worth a trip as well- Yes, there is a populist thought that Vietnam is renowned for the cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, a fact which is quite true. But equally popular is Hoi An. This ancient riverside trading town with well-preserved buildings and temples that date back to the 17th century served as the first place of Chinese settlement. Today, the descendants of the Chinese merchants continue to sell their products. Hoi An is lit up at night by multiple colorful lanterns in the streets. The city is also a backpacker’s favorite and they tend to end up for a longer period of time thanks to the beach which is just 10 minutes away on a bicycle.

An Bang Beach

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An Unforgettable luxury Trip to Vietnam

How exactly do you describe Vietnam? Probably as a war riddled country that has risen above the ashes to become a cultural smorgasbord of myriad influences. The country has left behind its horrid past only to become an astonishingly inspiring spirit. At the moment, Vietnam has become one of the most frequented countries for luxury travel courtesy the ravishing natural beauty, a stunning coastline, exotic national parks and emerald-green mountains, add to that energetic cities, an incredible heritage, stand out culture, generous people and incredible gastronom. Vietnam surely packs a punch on all fronts in your Luxury travel Vietnam. Vietnam is as dramatic as it is dynamic. There’s modern day Hanoi that charms the globetrotter with the scenic charisma of Halong Bay’s azure ocean pierced by surreal-looking limestone islands. On the other hand, we have Ho Chi Minh City or HCMC, a place that has a never ending French colonial legacy of stately museums and the crispy baguettes and coffee culture, both placed at intervals with Hoi An’s graceful history and Sapa’s colorful Hill Tribe traditions.


 In a sentence of most apt description, Hanoi is the belle of Asia with the blend of Parisian grace and Asian pace. Over 1000 years old, this is a colonial city that has borne impressively pleasing boulevards, revered pagodas, labyrinthine streets and dilapidated lemon-colored houses. Drift in the flow at the Old Quarter, visit small art galleries, spend some leisurely time at cafes with Cathedral views or enjoy a unique buffet experience at a restored Buddhist temple. If you are planning to get the local Conducted by a Tai Chi master who has practiced this philosophy for more than a decade, this is a great way to de-stress in pristine, natural surroundings. But wait! There’s more. You just cannot miss out on your trips to Duyan Thai, Ninh So & Nhi Khe. Duay, a scenic village that has been home to many generations of the lacquer artist. Set out on the journey of the picturesque Ninh that has gained fame for bamboo craftsmanship while the winding alleys of Nhi Khe house skilled artisans who design intricate ornaments and musical instruments.

Ho Chi Minh City

The hustling Ho Chi Minh City is going to spark a traveler’s energy the moment they land in the southern side of Vietnam. Once a French Colony, Ho Chi Minh is studded with many French colonial landmarks that let tourists live the interesting history of Vietnam; and this conveniently brings us to the visit of the Museum of Ho Chi Minh City. In the yesteryears, it was the palace of the Governor but now it is a place of attraction due to the picturesque grounds. History buffs are always enthralled to find a collection of weaponry and memorabilia from the country’s revolutionary struggle as well as captured US fighter planes and tanks. Once you are done with turning the pages of the Vietnamese history, the next stopover is The Cao Dai Temple.

This is the worship place of a relatively new religion Cao Dai. The temple is distinctive for its “all-seeing eye” which also dominates the architecture. This Cao Dai temple is the main temple for the religion and is hugely ornate and impressive. Most people combine a trip to the temple with the Cu Chi Tunnels excursion.

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