France 6 Night - 7 Days

France 6 Night - 7 Days

France 6 Night - 7 Days

Why You Should Go

France sits in the middle of Western Europe and also at the center of many tourists' wish lists when visiting the continent. You can spend several lifetimes seeing the sights of Paris, lounging on Riviera beaches or wandering the battlefields of Normandy. To narrow down your trip to the span of your vacation time off, focus on your top reasons for visiting the country.

What to Expect

Start your unforgettable journey from Dijon, Burgundy’s historical capital and see the states of Burgundy, palace of Dukes and Beaux-Arts museum, well-engineered building and so on. Visit factories of the wine makers who are famous all over the world and get a golden chance to taste some of the finest wines in universe. After tasting your favorite poison, go to Cathedral Notre-Dame de Reims, where many kings have been coronated. Enter into the most luxurious and popular hotels to feel the aroma and relish the taste of mouth watering food, cooked by the famous chefs, known for preparing savouryjain meal.

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Your journey will be private and customized based on your schedule, budget, and interests.