Culinary Tour of Japan

Culinary Tour of Japan

Why You Should Go

Experience Japan’s incredible food culture in an in-depth, hands-on way on this private culinary tour of Japan. The tour features culinary and cultural touring with your own guide and driver, private cooking classes, accommodation in Japan’s best luxury hotels, private airport transfers, first-class travel (bullet train), luggage transfers, and access to a wide range of unique activities.

What to Expect

Enjoy an exclusive private tea ceremony. Visit important temples and shrines. Gain access to imperial villas and private gardens such as KatsuraRikyu, Shugakuin and Saihoji (the Moss Temple). Stroll through a bamboo forest. Tour traditional geisha districts such as Gion. Upon request, Artisans of Leisure can also arrange a wide range of other unique activities in Kyoto, such as an exclusive private dinner accompanied by geisha and maiko, private Zen meditation in a local temple, meetings with local craftspeople, ikebana (flower arranging) lessons, a visit to amachiya (traditional merchant house), and visits to farms in the hills surrounding the city.

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Your journey will be private and customized based on your schedule, budget, and interests.