Mega-Diverse Country

Mega-Diverse Country

Mega-Diverse Country

Why You Should Go

Why shouldn’t you? Australia, the land down under, has been known as a superb travel destination for ages. Pack your bags today, avail our exclusively customized itinerary and go on a tour that will make you feel thrilled to be alive! Tour the Blue Mountains, visit Hamilton Island, ride a helicopter, watch the Penguin parade, go on a hot air balloon ride, and maybe even catch a show at the Sydney Opera House. What fun it is to be in Australia. Make sure you bring your family or friends along to share this awesome experience with; although traveling alone and letting it all soak in is a good option too.

What to Expect

Arrive in Sydney in the morning, leave for the Blue Mountains. Enjoy a gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner, and spend some time relaxing after your hectic trip. Next day climb the bridge when on your full day city tour, followed by an essential tour of the Sydney Opera House. Next leave for Hamilton Island, and enjoy a day amidst the sparkling blue water of the ocean. Next day is reserved for a helicopter ride and a leisurely cruise. The next leg of your journey starts in Brisbane, where you can enjoy a champagne breakfast along with hot air ballooning for 30 minutes. In Melbourne, the next day, go on the Great Ocean Road Tour and the Phillip Island Tour, where you get to see the mesmerizing Penguin parade.

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Your journey will be private and customized based on your schedule, budget, and interests.