Why You Should Go

The Arctic is saturated with a sentiment—from the historical backdrop of polar exploration, dauntless early Vikings, to the eighteenth to 21st-century Northwest Passage and North Pole voyagers. Also, a notoriety for phenomenal magnificence and superbness, with its focal image, the polar bear. Tremendous and staggering, the Arctic scopes from Russia's Far East to Spitsbergen to Arctic Norway. Secured in ice pack for a large portion of the year, it is amid the short summer months we are offered the chance to witness the different landscape, surprising wildlife and intriguing people groups the Arctic brings to the table. Polar bears, wild reindeer, Arctic foxes, walrus, whales, seals and many species of migratory birds are encountered in this wonderland. Whether it is an expedition into history, an sightseeing of natural marvels, or a counter with interesting people, there is a voyage for everybody in the place that is known for the midnight sun.

What to Expect

The White Sea can be depicted as one of the passage focuses for the Arctic. It is a sidearm of the North Polar Sea and thoroughly land-bolted. Start your expedition from Tromso Norway with a sail way cocktail party and meet the expedition team. Cruise in your zodiacs to the Gjesværstappan Islands, Norway which will leave you spellbound with its several seabird colonies and and several kilometres of natural scenery. Hunt the oceans down beluga whales and narwhals andVisit the Solovetskiy Monastery – an UNESCO world legacy site. You will left awestruck when you go aground for nature strolls over the Arctic tundra and taiga. Dont forget to pack your camera, you will need it to capture photo scenes in the light of the Midnight Sun . Just when you think you have visited whole of the Arctic, you will be left mesmerized by amazing seabirds of Gjesværstappan by Zodiac. Visit historic sites from the time of ancient settlers and get your archaeological knowledge upgraded. Watch reindeer and Arctic fox and a huge number of seabirds, for example, skuas, auks, kittiwakes and guillemot. You will see time passing by when you are on a expedition to one of the most beautiful corners of the Earth