Trip To Greece: Tips For Tourists

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Greece – one of the most multifaceted countries of the Mediterranean and indeed the whole of Europe. It seems to be so small, but regarding recreation options, it combines almost everything you can desire: chic beaches, delicious, healthy cuisine, bright, warm sun, rich culture and an exciting story. In Greece, the diversity of the islands is fantastic. You can study and grab best family holiday packages easily!

If you are planning your holiday, and do not know where to spend it, be sure to pay attention to this unique country, the possibilities for an unforgettable stay here are endless. The favorable climate of the Mediterranean, the chic sandy beaches and the clear waters of the three seas make it possible to sunbathe and swim for six months a year. It’s hard to believe, but in one of the southernmost countries of Europe, there are first-class ski resorts where you can practice winter sports from the middle of December until the very end of March.

The nature of Greece is fascinating; there are mountains and plains, seas and picturesque rivers, centuries-old pine forests and unique olive groves. Such a variety of flora and fauna in Europe is almost nowhere to be found. Also, it is one of the few ecologically favorable regions of the world, and UNESCO recognizes the water area of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas in the coastal areas of Greece as perhaps the cleanest in Europe.

For those who like the beaches and the sea, the island part of the country or the resorts of Sithonia are suitable. Fans of outdoor activities are recommended to dive in Crete (in the areas of Skinaria, Panormo, and Samaria) and Santorini, rafting, hiking, windsurfing (Naxos Island, Paros, Mykonos, Rhodes, Ios, Crete or Lefkada) or yachting.

If you prefer loud parties and merry companies, go to the peninsula of Kassandra, and any sights (museums, monasteries, excavations, etc.) in Greece, even a dime a dozen.

When should you go?

In winter – if you are a skiing fan and are not averse to “travel” a couple of local routes. Or to make it to the carnivals in the cities of Kastoria or Patras. The first is celebrated within three days after Christmas; the second lasts a whole month (the start is in the middle of January).

Spring is an ideal time for a sightseeing vacation: the air still does not have time to heat up to maximum temperatures, everything is blooming and fragrant, and the mood is for walks. Besides, in March, Greece celebrates Independence Day – with noisy celebrations, parades, and other attributes.

From May to June – the optimal time to book a Greece vacation package for a beach holiday. In these months it is already hot enough (+ 26-28 degrees), and the sea is excellent for swimming. Chalkidiki, Rhodes, Corfu, Crete – there is something to choose from. But the second half of the summer is better spent in the north of the country or on the island of Corfu – where the proximity of the sea will soften forty-degree heat. And do not have to be bored: from mid-July until autumn, Greece starts a wine festival, and the International Sailing Regatta is also held.

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