Top 5 Places to Explore in Tanzania

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With the shivering winter season in on the roll, a visit to the African land will prove to the masterstroke. Looking for a winter vacation, then Tanzania will be the ideal place for you and your family. Tanzania, which is an East part of Africa, has been the lands of the wildlife with numbers of national parks being the hottest attraction for the tourists. However, there is a misinterpretation that Tanzania is all about the Safari as one can enjoy the sunbath by soaking the sunlight, can move around the numbers of the beaches and much more.

Top 5 Places to explore in Tanzania

Every year, Tanzania witnessed numbers of the multinational tourist coming from the different parts of the world and spends the quality time with their friends and family. The hospitality of the East part of Africa has been a thing to look out for as the local people are very much cooperative with the tourist and resort staff and other people make sure that the tourists always enjoy the pleasure to be in this country.

Well, we are here with the list of Top 5 places in Tanzania where one must visit:

  1. Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park

This place is for the lovers of natural beauties, who look to admire the beauty of woodland, grasslands, forest and swamps. The Lake Manyara National Park has been covered by the two third of the water, which makes this park a beautiful one. Over the years, this place has become the home for the thousands of flamingoes for a specific period of time in a year and tourist can also admire the other diverse species of Hippos, elephants, and tree-climbing lions.

The special arrangement has been made for the tourist to enjoy the mountain bike tours, canoeing and bird watching.

  1. Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro

Everyone loves to be on the mountain, but do you ever imagined the excitement to visit the Volcano Mountain, well, of course, the inactive volcano mountain. If not, then you must step your feet on the Mount Kilimanjaro as it is the world’s highest free-standing mountain and Africa’s highest peak. It is located in the north-eastern Tanzania and is 19,331 feet above sea level. A deep cover of the snow at the top of this mountain makes it the attractive material for the lovers of mountaineers.

  1. Mafia Island

Mafia Island

If  you are looking to plan a vacation to Tanzania in the very month of the new year, then Mafia Island will prove to your place. This place has been known for attracting the tourist for experiencing the undersea world and the 400 species of the different fishes. Mafia Island has also been the breeding place for the green seas turtles and fishing lovers can go for the deep sea fishing which is quite rare in normal places.

  1. Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park

It is definitely the prominent part of Tanzania luxury travel as it is the biggest Safari destination in the whole Africa and every year tourist came here in large numbers to experience the beauty of wildlife. This place has been considered to be the best migrating place for the wildebeest and zebra. However, the best time to be at the Serengeti National Park is in the month of the May, but even in the month of January tourist does come in bulk numbers.

Looking at the diversity of this national park, it would not be wrong to say it is the best Tanzania Safari.

  1. Zanzibar


The beautiful white sand beaches and Stone Town have been the attracting location of the Zanzibar. It is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania, but earlier it was a part of the British property. However, with development in last two decades, the Zanzibar has become a prominent part of the Tanzania especially for the tourists that love to spend the lazy time near the beaches.

There has been a saying that a short vacation to a beautiful place is far better than a one month long break at home. So, what you are waiting for in this ongoing winter holidays, take your bags out, pack it up and take the first flight to Tanzania and enjoy the beautiful places and capture some of the memorable moments of your life.

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