Top 11 – Luxury Holiday Destination in Australia

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Australia is a continent located in southern hemisphere. It has a diverse climate and ranges from vast tropical rainforests to vast stretches of deserts. It is known as one of the most dangerous countries in term of wildlife. But, Australia is all in all the land of dreams. It has all the contents of a fairy-tale. Coral reefs to rainforests, red deserts to wild animals, everything describes this dream destination. It is the smallest continent but the largest island. Its beauty is spectacular and has variable contrast. Australia is also famous for its long coastline. Going along the coast one can explore the famous cities, can do safari in its sand islands, do trekking in mountainous terrain, scuba dive in Great Barrier Reef and explore the rainforests. In the open areas the desert and the national park is a perfect place for adventure times. Also the people are very friendly. Since you have already planned to have a Luxury Travel in  Australia, here are the 12 must visit places:

1 Great Barrier Reef

This reef is biggest living natural phenomenon on the planet and is also a World Heritage. It is so large that it can be seen from outer space. This park was established in 1975. The main purpose of this park was to protect the fragile ecosystem of this reef. This reef includes more than 3000 coral reefs, 600 islands, 300 coral cays and an inshore mangrove island. The Great Barrier Reef is part of the Seven Wonders of the World. The park is 2300km long. Visitors come here mainly for diving and snorkelling. This Reef leaves the people astonished because of its marine life which includes both delicate and harsh corals. Also it has, 1600 tropical fish species, sharks, dolphins, dugongs, rays, giant clams and turtles. There are special underwater platforms for viewing and boats which have glass at their bottom, for the ones who like to stay dry. The Great Barrier Reef gives the ultimate pleasure of watching nature from a zoomed out view.

2 Sydney Opera House

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Sydney is one of the major cities of Australia. The first thing that comes in mind when one hears the name of Sydney is Sydney Opera House. This is a huge lotus shaped building. It is shaped like billowing sails and is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This building also entertains architects from all over the world. These architects awe in the way it is built. This building is surrounded by water on three sides and botanical garden on one side. Such kind of location and surrounding also makes this building a special landmark. The architect who designed it won international competition for it. This building was completed in 1973 after major setbacks. But once it was fully complete, people from all over the world rushed to visit it. This visiting tradition is still on. People come and enjoy a meal at one of the fancy restaurant or tour the building. This building contains studios, theatres, exhibition rooms, a cinema hall and a concert hall. But its real beauty can be better appreciated from a distance. The botanical garden its southern side is a great place to view and click pictures of the Sydney Opera House.

3 Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

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This National park is situated in heart of Australia there is a place, Uluru. This place is known as largest photographed wonders in nature. The national park is famous for its diversifying beauty and spectacular views. This national park is heritage of the world and is under authority of parks Australia and local landlords. The word “Uluru” means “shadowy place” in the local dialect. This place rises to 348m and the surrounding are mostly plain. The earth’s surface there hides lots of its beauty. There are also some rocks which are red coloured and shaped like a dome, which are known as Kata Tjuta. As soon as sun goes down, people gather there to see Kata Tjuta and Uluru shade away in the transcendental light. It is a great place for Safari Travel. One can enjoy these rare sites by joining the tours that are organised by local guides. The view that you see there in the evening is a million dollar experience.

4 Blue Mountains National Park 

The Blue Mountain National Park is UNESCO’s site which is a World Heritage. It lies 81km west to the Sydney city. This spectacular Blue Mountain which is a National Park is a famous day trip. As the name suggests the Mountains appear to be blue. The reason behind this blue haze is the eucalyptus trees. This park spans across 6,64,000 acres. This National park contains waterfalls, gorges, bush land, rock arts and a 140 km stretch of hiking trail. There is this huge structure of sandstone and rocks which have naturally formed a figure which is known as “3 Sisters”, are the most famous attractions of the park. Another famous thing about this place is the Katoomba Rail route. This is the world’s steepest railway and takes the passengers on a wild ride through tunnels and cliff side. The Park is best destination for adventure sports like rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding, abseiling and Mountain biking.

5 Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge is just next to other sights in terms of Australia’s famous icons. It is usually known as the “The Coathanger”. It has been impressively constructed and has the record for being the biggest steel bridge in the whole world. It was build many years ago, long before the Opera House was built, that is, in 1932. It rises about 134m above the harbour. The bridge is 500m long and connects north part to central district. It consists of 8 lanes for traffic along with couple railway routes and a pedestrian path on both sides. It is specially designed in a way so that the navigation of traffic can be swiped so that the flow of traffic can be accommodated. Some of the best things to try out in Sydney is to get to the paramount of this bridge. The top provides the eyes with some of the best mesmerizing views of the harbour and city. You can also visit a museum located in the south-eastern pier for the bridge’s history.

6 Melbourne

Melbourne is the second largest city of Australia. It is one of the popular stops of travellers who are travelling across Australia. This city has a rich culture of theatres, shops, galleries and restaurants. The Yarra River gives the sophisticated European feel to the commoners. It is considered to be a green city as one thirds of its area falls under parks, open spaces and gardens. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is a treat for the sports fan, for watching cricket here. The Royal Botanic Gardens and the National Gallery of Victoria are some of the highlights of the city. This city is a paradise of shopping enthusiasts. The Royal Arcade on Bourke Street, The Melbourne Central Shopping centre and the Chapel Street provide with some of the very best shopping experience. The Queen Victoria Market has been selling vegetables, fruits, clothes and crafts for more than a century. The mesmerizing Dandenong Ranges lies to the east of Melbourne city and in the south we have the Mornington Peninsula. Locals usually escape here for seaside getaways. This city is part of Australia’s Luxury Travel.

7 Bondi Beach

This is the most popular beach of the world. The place is packed with tanned bodies, blonde sand, surfing and backpackers. The beach is only a 15 minutes’ drive from the centre of the city. This beach is famous for its surfing and life-saving groups on the planet. Seaside walk or casual hang-out is also one of the entertaining aspects of this place. One of the famous things about this place is the coastline walk. This starts from the southern part of the coast and is 6 km long. Along this walk the travellers witness social hubs, cafes and specific cuisine based restaurants. These all amusements lie side by side to this popular beach. This beach becomes a magnet on the New Year’s Eve and Christmas Day. The travellers visit the market place for fun and frolic. The Sunday marketplace like the skate garden and ocean tank are distinct attractions. Sometimes the sea behaves in an erratic manner and the tides are stronger than expected so one should maintain caution. Also Australia is known to have the largest number of beaches in the world, and among those beaches Bondi beach is the king. One should surely visit there to find out this reason. This is a great Beach Travel Destination.

8 Fraser Island

This island is the world’s largest island of sand, hence it entertains Australia’s unique and adventurous four wheel drive enthusiasts from all over the world. This island is a World Heritage listed island. It lies between Brisbane and Bundaberg. Visitors can see the wind sweeping along the 75mile beach, the ruins of many shipwrecks, pools filled with fishes at Champagne Pools and colourful cliffs of sandstone at The Cathedrals. There are many attractions towards the inland. The highlights include the ancient rainforests with an amazing diversity of wildlife, water as clear as crystal, large lakes and creeks some of which are filled through springs, the others by towering sand dunes. The enthralling wildlife can include, sharks, whales, dolphins, wild horses, bats, dingoes, gliders and many species of different animals. The Fraser Island can be accessed by ferries from Hervey Bay and the Rainbow Beach. Since the island does not have sealed roads, the travellers need to have essential vehicles like four-wheel-drive.

9 Kakadu National Park 

Kakadu National Park is a World Heritage Site. It is located at the highest point of Northern Territory. It is unique part of the planet’s greatest wilderness area. This National Park covers 19,840 square km area making it the biggest national park in whole of Australia and 2nd biggest in whole world. This landmass encompasses mangrove swamps, monsoon rainforests, gorges, rivers, ancient rock artistry, waterfalls and wetlands. An amazing convergence of Wildlife also lies within its border. Including all this diversity of animals and reptiles, around 300 species of different birds also nest here. Some visitors have also stated to spot salt water crocodiles here. The park’s diverse ecosystem can be witnesses by car, foot, air, via boats or hiking trails. During the rainy season many roads are closed because of cloud bursts.

10 Great Ocean Road

Just like every other big tourist attraction, the Great Ocean Road provides a mesmerizing drive. This road was built during the Depression to employ the people facing problems during the era. The road is around 300 km right by side of Australia’s southern coast, ranging from the town called Torquay to the neighbouring town of Allansfrod close to Warrnambool in the Victorian state. There are some attractions right by the road. The National Park of Port Campbell has the rock formations which have been sculpted by the rushing winds and waves. They are known as London Bridge, Loch, 12 Apostles and Gorge. When viewed through a helicopter, the rocks appear like giant pieces of puzzle which are formed by continuous pounding of Southern Ocean. There are few other tourist attractions on the road such as the National Park of Otway, a place rich in dense forest of eucalyptus, Rainforest filled with fern, waterfalls, Holiday resort town and hiking trails.

11 Daintree National Park

The Daintree National Park is one of the oldest ecosystems present on the earth. It is located to Far North Queensland and is a Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. The area originally is inherited to the native tribe called Kuku Yalanji. Most of the area holds a large spiritual and emotional significance to these people. There are two main parts of the National Park. The Mossman Gorge is a place where there are big-big granite boulders and clear water runs over them giving us a spectacular and mesmerizing view. The other part is Cape Tribulation, which encompasses a rainforest which lies along the beaches of coral reefs and sea. This stretch of the coast is unique in the world where two of the planet’s largest ecosystems join together. The park contains around 18,000 species of plants and a large species of animals. These animals include cassowary, crocodiles, kangaroo and the large butterfly known as Ulysses. The nearest town is called Port Douglas, and is an amazing place to start the wilderness safari.

Australia all in all provides us with diverse experiences and unimaginable terrains. The beauty leaves one astonished and enthrals a pious flow of emotions. The delicate cuisine to its flora and fauna, Australia is a Package deal.A person must surely visit Australia at least once during their lifetime.

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