Top 10 Places To Visit In Australia

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Australia is a land that can offer you a dream vacation. No matter whether you are planning your Australia trip with your family or solo, the country will always welcome you with warmth and let you have some of the most precious moments of your life. It can be your honeymoon too that you wish to celebrate in this beautiful country and there are lots of things that you would love to explore and watch together as a married couple.

Australia is known for its contrast of natural beauty. This is a country where along with untouched coastlines you can enjoy vibrant and multicultural cities too. You can have safari tours across the vast deserts, and on the next day, you can go for trekking through the primitive rainforest. This is the country where you can see some of the quirkiest wildlife of the earth and feel extremely interested. Let’s have a virtual tour of the biggest island and the smallest continent of the world.

Sydney Opera House


This is a famous establishment that becomes iconic for Australia. Whenever the name of the country is uttered anywhere on the globe, people get the vision of the Opera House at least once in their mind. This breathtakingly beautiful building has the shape of huge shells, and it is located on Sydney’s Bennelong Point. It is present on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The location of this building is stunning, and it is surrounded by deep blue water from three sides. As a visitor, you can enjoy foods in any of the restaurants located there or have a small tour inside the building which consists a concert hall, a cinema, studios, and theaters. However, the best view can be obtained from a distance; mostly from the harbor cruise.

Great Barrier Reef


This is one of the world’s largest living structures and can be visible from the outer space. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park was established in 1975 to secure its fragile and weak eco-system. You can see more than 3,000 coral reefs, 300 coral cays, inshore mangrove islands, 600 continental islands, including the beautiful Whitsunday group in these ecosystems. This is considered as one of the natural wonders of this planet. You can enjoy diving there and experience soft and hard corals along with more than 1,600 species of tropical fish, dolphins, turtles, sharks, dugongs, rays, and giant clams.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park


In the local Aboriginal dialect, Uluru means the shadowy place. It is located deep in the Red Centre of Australia and one of the most photographed natural wonders of this world. The vibrant red monolith creates the centerpiece of this park which attracts the tourists and the nature photographer most. You can see red dome-shaped rocks in this park which is called Kata Tjuta. This place is mainly visited during the dusk so that the tourists can watch its transformation during the shifting light.

Sydney Harbour Bridge


Come to the humanmade iconic structures of this country you cannot forget the name of the great Harbour Bridge. This is one of those places that you have already seen hundred times in the movies whenever there is the name “Australia”. This is the largest steel arch bridge of this planet and a beautiful and impressive example of the finest engineering and construction. The role of this bridge in controlling the traffic is huge.

Blue Mountains National Park


Among the popular day trips for the visitors of Sydney, this is one of the most visited. The magnificent Blue Mountains National Park lies almost 81 km west of the city. These mountains are called blue because of the blue haze which is emanating from countless eucalyptus trees. This natural park offers protection to more than 664,000 acres land of bushes. Travelers can enjoy aboriginal rock paintings, waterfalls, and 140 km of hiking trails in this natural park. The Three Sisters are originally sandstone rock formation which is one of the biggest tourist attractions of this spot.


night life

Again back to a busy city with a multicultural vibe in the air. This is the second largest city in this country, and it is famous for its theaters, galleries, restaurants, and shops, which attracts the tourists most. The city is located on the Yarra River. Melbourne is a green city with lots of stunning parks, gardens, as well as some beautiful open spaces. The Royal Botanic Gardens, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and the National Gallery of Victoria are some of the main attractions of this city.

Bondi Beach

bondy beach

Ok, the beach lovers; this one is for you! This is a great place to enjoy sand, sun, and sea altogether. This is a famous beach in this world because the climate here is good and the travelers can enjoy surfing there. This is also considered a spot for a day trip and seaside picnic.

Daintree National Park

Daintree National Park, which is located in Far North Queensland, is one of the most ancient ecosystems of this planet. The Eastern Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people are the original inhabitants of this are, and you can feel some great spiritual vibes in the natural features of this area. Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation are the two main sections of this park.

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road can offer the tourists one of the spectacular drives in this country. It stretches for 300 km along the southeast coast of the country from Torquay to Allansford, near Warrnambool, Victoria. The tourists feel amazed by seeing the wind and wave-sculpted rocks which are known as the Twelve Apostles.

Fraser Island

This is another great place in Australia which is listed on the World Heritage Sites. It is the largest sand island on this planet. This island can offer the most remarkable four-wheel-drive adventure in this country. The visitors can enjoy the Champagne Pools or the colored sandstone cliffs of The Cathedrals.

There are lots of travel companies that offer affordable and comfortable Australia packages for their clients. You can have hotels, foods, transport and other facilities in these packages. However, it depends on the tour company that how much you can gain in a package. Before you start looking for the best travel company and hire them to arrange your tour know what are the most visited places in Australia. Then you can easily plan your tour and book the package accordingly.

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