Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations In Italy

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Are you a very romantic person? Do you wish to make your honeymoon the most memorable moments of your life? Then Italy should be your honeymoon destination. In this present time when we all are seeing broken marriages and couples going through the pain of separation; there are still some people who believe in love and wish to cherish every moment of their life with their partners, which starts from their honeymoon.

This is the reason they choose Italy; one of the most romantic countries on this planet as their honeymoon destination. If you have before-mentioned plans, then you should know about the top 10 destinations where you must go with your wife or husband when you two are enjoying your honeymoon.



How can someone not enlist the name of Rome when he or she is in Italy? However, since this is one of the most popular cities in this country, so honeymoon couples may not prefer to visit it for obvious reasons. They may think that their “privacy” may be interrupted in Rome during their honeymoon. But the fact is you should not miss the chance of visiting this Eternal City of the earth when you are enjoying the most blissful time of your life. The city has awe-inspiring architecture, masterpieces of art, engineering and sculpture that allure the tourists of all around the world.



If you ask ten just married couples, then 7 of them will tell you that they have the name of Venice on their honeymoon destination list. The feeling of floating on the gondola and exploring this magical city which is completely immersed in water is something you should not miss when you have a love of your life besides you. This is one of the most seductively romantic places on this planet where every couple wishes to go; before or after their marriage.

Lake Como

lake combo

This place can offer you a sense of tranquility at the very moment you step onto the ferry and travel in the interior of this Italian city. The small but beautiful lakeside towns will welcome you, and the majestic villas will make your honeymoon more romantic. Nature here is vibrant and exotic. You two can spend hours here by admiring the beauty of nature, sparkling water, green valley and the lofty mountains.



It is considered as one of the most romantic spots in Italy; since the age of Renaissance. You two can have a splendid wine tour in this city. You can have an amazing tour on the streets of Florence and Siena. The rolling mountains can offer you a majestic view of vineyards as well as cypress trees. You can enjoy every minute of your honeymoon in this medieval town in Italy.



If you truly wish to visit all the romantic places in Italy during your honeymoon then you have to be in Umbria; a docile and lavish region of this country. It is known as the green heart of this country. It can be the perfect place in Italy to discover each other’s best virtues as a couple and to enjoy your privacy because it is a place that has a lack of crowd and several undiscovered parts.

Italian Riviera

The coast of the Liguria region gets the name of Italian Riviera. The shores of this coastal town have the scenery of pastel house, fishing villages and small harbors that can be your perfect honeymoon destination. You can live in Portofino, which is one of the most popular picturesque villages of this place. Apart from that, there is Santa Margherita Ligure which is a resort town; specially developed for the honeymoon couples and tourists who love to have luxurious holidays.

The Cinque Terre

Though it is a part of Italian Riviera; still it can offer you a different ambiance than those shores that you have visited in the Liguria region. It has an 18km stretch of coastline which looks amazing. This coast consists five small fishing villages which are developed within the cliffs, and they are covered with vineyards.


This is a large mountainous region in Italy. It is located in the northwest corner of the country.  This is considered as another great romantic spot in Italy because it is surrounded on three sides by the magnificent Alps. The place has a lot of things to pamper the newly married couples; some of those items are the delicious white truffles of Alba and scrumptious chocolate and the famous Barolo and Barbera wines. You can visit elegant hills, majestic castles and stunning palaces there.

Lake Maggiore


This is the second largest lake in this country. If you two wish to spend your honeymoon in the lap of nature in Italy and enjoy the serenity of nature, then you must visit this lake. There are lots of couples who plan to blend both Lake Maggiore and Lake Como to get an unforgettable honeymoon in Italy. The romantic and luxurious ambiance of this place will help you to enjoy each other’s company to the fullest.

Amalfi Coast

This is another spot in Italy which is famous among the honeymoon couples for its scenic beauty. You can enjoy the company of the blue water, wine vineyards, olive trees and lemon groves while having a trip on the coastal roads. At each turn of the road, you will feel amazed because of the dramatic coastline. The entire coastline has multiple resort towns that are ready to welcome you and offer you a grand hospitality.

It is important to hire a reliable, experienced and dedicated travel agent who can arrange a grand Italy tour for your honeymoon. Compare the package of that tour with several tour companies and then finalize the deal. Know the best time to visit these places from your travel agent and pack your bags accordingly. If you fail to choose a professional tour agent, then you may not enjoy the beauty of these locations, and your honeymoon will become a mess. Thus, hire the company which has experience in arranging such grand tours and enjoy your each moment of your honeymoon in Italy.

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