The Glamping Experience in the Kenyan Paradise

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Sleeping in a comfortable lodge facing Kilimanjaro is one of the exclusive luxuries that Kenya offers. Knowing the nature and its cycles in a private safari, enjoying the sunrise from the safe hotels built in trees, watching the animals that come to drink in the lagoon under our feet are the kind of experiences that await you there. National parks like Amboseli, photographic safari, gourmet dinners, and plane transfers: Kenya offers the privilege of enjoying nature uniquely.

Kenya is the destination of dreamers, adventurers, lovers of wildlife and nature but also of colonial glamor. The glamping (glamorous camping) is proposed as an alternative to the honeymoon destinations in South Africa, combining all the comforts that these offer with the freedom to be in direct contact with the environment. This is one of the characteristics of Kenya; the traveler can enjoy endless accommodation in nature without reducing comfort or security.


One million wildebeest, three hundred thousand gazelles, and fifty thousand zebras travel 8,000 km each year in search of pasture, following a circular route marked by the rains that pass through the Serengeti Park and the Maasai Mara reserve. Behind them, birds, cats, rhinos, elephants travel the plains celebrating natural cycles.

This huge feat known as ‘The Great Migration’ happens periodically between Kenya and Tanzania during the dry season, from July to October, which gives us an excellent opportunity to enjoy the sight of animals on our summer vacation. We know you feel the beat of the adventure.


Incredibly romantic luxury destinations Kenya hotels, lodges with private pool and spa, delicious dinners accompanied by impeccable service, elegant picnics next to a mountain river- the sound of the savannah will attend you even when you return home. But we have already said at the beginning, the diversity of Kenya makes it a difficult country to abandon due to the multiple faces it receives in its heritage. Families, couples, adventurers, all will find their place thanks to the excellent tourist offer that Kenya offers.

Few countries in the world can claim of having accommodations in which it is possible to sleep in the open in an environment of luxury and comfort under the mythical African sky, luxury destinations in South Africa is one of them.

The most intrepid travelers who want to savor the adventure very closely have the option of navigating the Kenyan rivers, such as the Tana, the Athi and the Ewaso, great for rafting, especially after the rainy season -from April to June-. Also, in the coastal city of Watamu, you will find one of the best diving and snorkeling spots on the east coast of Africa, and Mombasa is a perfect place for sailing or sailing on a traditional dhow (sailboat).

Kenya is the idyllic place to escape and travel at any time of the year, thanks to its position along the Equator and its temperate climate. Its coasts stretch more than 500 kilometers overlooking the Indian Ocean. They are the Kenyan legacy through which ancient civilizations passed, with white sand and spectacular sea beds.

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