When is it Better to Go on a Honeymoon Trip to the Maldives?

The Maldives are located in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. They include 1990 islands, only 200 of them are inhabited, 80 of them are open resorts. Exotic nature, endless snow-white beaches, green-blue water, and palm groves create a unique atmosphere in one of the most environmentally friendly resorts on earth. Thanks to the warm tropical sea climate you can enjoy beautiful weather every day. The average temperature in the Maldives is about + 28 ° C (maximum temperature during the day is + 32 ° C, and at night + 25 ° C). It is best to come to the Maldives from December to April.

Choose a hotel for the honeymoon.

In the Maldives, there are a large number of hotels. Unlike the usual “stars”, they are awarded the categories “Standard”, “Superior” and “Deluxe”, which roughly corresponds to three, four and five stars. This special classification is explained by the fact that almost all the hotels located on the islands offer tourists accommodation in bungalows or small 1- or 2-story villas. As a rule, there is only one hotel on a separate island, which includes bungalows both on the shore and on the water. The style and decoration of hotels are unique and each in their own good. You can choose a modern Western-style hotel or a separate cottage, which resembles a wooden native hut with thatched roofs.

luxury destination Maldives

Small cozy islands, usually accommodating just one hotel and a long strip of beach, are full of romance and untouched beauty. This is an ideal luxury destination Maldives for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle and spend as much time together as possible against the backdrop of beautiful exotic nature to the sound of warm ocean waves in the shade of coconut trees. The leisurely peaceful life of the islands disposes to a peaceful pastime. You can fully plunge into the bliss of a paradise, sunbathing under the hot rays of the sun or swimming in clean, clear water.

Large resorts, on the contrary, attract people from all over the world with the fact that they can offer the most diverse holiday with a lot of entertainment that will fill every day with bright, exciting events and adventures. Here you will be offered a huge amount of entertainment from sporting events to vibrant night discos, where you will have fun with the incendiary music of different countries.

The honeymoon destinations in the Maldives are wonderful, unlike any corner on the planet. Resting here, you will be offered a huge number of active types of recreation. The beauty of the Maldives is impossible to comprehend without diving. The Maldives is the most popular place for diving, here the coral reefs and the rich underwater world are literally created for diving and underwater photography.

Fishing lovers will have a unique opportunity to go fishing for the open sea, and nightly fishing will leave unparalleled impressions, during which you may be able to catch tuna, mackerel or barracuda with a homemade fishing rod.

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Top 5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Maldives

It’s often seen that newly married couple remain excited for their honeymoon, but casually remains confused in planning a dream destination for their honeymoon. Well, Maldives is the place which has attracted around millions of tourist every year thanks to its wide variety of attractive destinations. The blue-green seas, ample romantic places, big long resorts and a romantic environment together accumulates and proves to be an ideal romantic destination for the couples.

1. Cocoa Island Resort

What could have been the better way to spend the memorable moment of a wedding life at a place, which is surrounded by the deep blue seas. The Cocoa Island Resort is the perfect pinnacle of the http://www.welgrowgroup.com/luxury-travel-destinations-maldives Maldives luxury travel with 33 beautiful water villas, 3 additional Island villas to go with the private sundeck. The resorts has the class of the 5 star hotel with one bell service and quality hospitality.

The couple can spend the lazy evenings sitting around the sundeck and spend the cozy nights while watching the beautiful outdoor beautiful seas. The place has the sort of comfort which can make the honeymoon of a couple a memorable one.

2. Malé

Looking for a romantic date on the honeymoon tour, then the capital of Maldives is the place for you. It is considered to one of the places where you can spend the private and cozy moment with your better half. However, Maldives has plenty of Islands, but Male has been one of the place, which has been visited by most of the newly married couple for over the year. This Island will allow you to enjoy the leisure moment and will make your honeymoon days an unforgettable one.

The place has also knows for the beautiful local places and even, you can plan a romantic dinner date at the island. Its looks extremely beautiful at night and special dine facilities are also available.

3. Utheemu Ganduvaru

Utheemu Ganduvaru is for sure one of an ideal honeymoon destination in Maldives for vivid reasons. It is located in the north islands of Maldives and has hidden the glorious past of the Maldives as it was the place where the great Sultan Mohamed Thankurufaan lived. The tourist including new couple every year came here and enjoys the beauty of this place. You can hang out there and can enjoy the day with your better half and can witness the glimpse of beauty of this place.

However, people normally predict that it is one of the historical place and honeymoon cannot be planned here, but an ideal honeymoon is what one can enjoy here while knowing the glorious past of this place.

4. The Floating Luxury

There has been saying that a honeymoon is incomplete if you have missed the experience of Floating luxury. The term Safari Boats are famously knows as the “The Floating Luxury” in the lands of Maldives and it could prove to be the highlight of your honeymoon. Continue reading

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What Makes Maldives the Best Luxury Destination for Honeymoon Travel?

Your honeymoon is a special ocassion in your life that you truly believe should never be over. When you visit a tropical heaven on that first excursion together, you’ll have recollections to endure forever and you’ll be snared on sitting on the beach, appreciating the warm waters, and inspecting the luxurious foods of Asia. You’ll retreat for your second honeymoon, your third, your fourth, and on your 50th wedding commemoration. The honeymoon never closes when you pick a tropical heaven to begin your lives together.

Whether you’re arranging a June wedding or a December one, the honeymoon resorts in spots such as the Maldives will oblige with warm climate year-round.

The best thing about getting married is certainly the honeymoon! Nowadays, individuals get so worried arranging their wedding and ensuring that everything is immaculate, the thought of adoration and sentiment is by one means or another lost in all the disturbance of the wedding. It is not until the honeymoon that the lady and man of the hour have the opportunity to unwind together and recollect precisely why they got married in any case! Continue reading

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