Sandy Beaches of Chile: Worth Visiting With Your Partner

Little by little spring is giving way to summer and airs are already breathing on vacation. If you are planning for honeymoon destinations in Chile, pack your bags and get ready to enjoy beach vacations with your partner:

  1. Pichilemu

It is a destination that every Latin American surfer has heard to name since there you can enjoy massive waves and a very relaxed atmosphere. Santiago has long beaches for distinct types of walks -family, friends or adventure- and diverse gastronomic options since many foreigners have settled in this small and beautiful city. During your luxury destination Chile, do not miss a bicycle tour around or visit the Salinas de Cahuil.

  1. Damas Island

It is part of the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve and is surrounded by turquoise waters, which harbor a variety of fascinating fauna. To visit it, you can take a tour from La Serena (about 115 km.) that will take you for the day and include lunch, value of the CONAF and a complete guide, so you do not miss any of this important nature sanctuary. Among the animals that you can see, besides the funny penguins, are sea lions, pikemen, cormorants, dolphins, elephant seals and once you get to Damas Island, you will Continue reading

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How to Make Most Of Your Vacations in Chile

luxury travel in Chile.

Chile is the long belt of land on the western coast of South America, covering for over 4,300 kilometres. Its geographical location gives it a diverse range of weather conditions with few parts of the country dry and others wet with a more Mediterranean type climate.

Travelers may ask what exactly is there to do in Chile? Well, they can visit the coast, and cast their eyes across the magnetising blue ocean. Holidaymakers can have a look at the San Pedro de Atacama, which was built hundred years ago and contains some outstanding examples of ancient Chile architecture. The Easter Island is another famous tourist destination with families taking their holidays in Chile. Here are some of the most traveled destinations of Chile that worth every penny and must be visited if you are on a luxury travel in Chile.

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