Attend the grandiose spectacle of the Botswana safari

Botswana is a country very famous for exceptional safaris in wonderful sites: the Okavango Delta, one of the only inland deltas in the world, the Kalahari Desert, which covers more than 80% of the country, or the famous salt pans, white immensities covered with salt.

safari travel in botswana

The discovery of Botswana also involves the discovery of the fauna in Mokoro. This traditional boat allows you to observe the animals in different ways and to slip through the channels of the delta without a sound.

Approaching African wildlife during a horse safari is also an original solution for a magical and unforgettable experience.

There are so many possibilities to take advantage of Botswana to observe the many animals such as the Big 5 (lion, elephant, rhinoceros, leopard and buffalo), herbivores (zebra, giraffe, and various antelopes), more aquatic fauna (crocodile, hippopotamus) as well as many birds.

Imagine plains as far as the eye can see where thousands of wild animals coexist in complete freedom. Lions, zebras and especially wildebeest thrive in a vast territory of luxury destinations Botswana totally untouched by any civilization.


Make your desire to go on a safari come true! Take the time to travel at your own pace in the savannas of Botswana. Discover magnificent animal parks. Follow in the footsteps of Nicolas Hulot, in the cult shows “Operation Okavango” and “Ushuaia Nature”.

Have the pleasure of observing the splendor of the landscapes and the wildlife aboard an authentic Land Rover, as on television. The animals can be approached in complete safety.

The big cats are only a few meters away to give you the opportunity to bring back memories that are full of your head. The memory cards of your cameras will also be filled with beautiful images of your adventure. You can post on social networks or keep them in your photo albums.

Taking part in a Botswana safari is living an extraordinary adventure. It’s enjoying a gigantic playground for adults and children alike. In addition, this dream destination seems to have been cut out for families.

Meeting warm people who do not share the same cultures as yourself could strengthen the cohesion within families. This adventure is well worth a whole summer at the sea.

That said, the Okavango Delta constitutes a whole program that will delight lovers of navigation in the middle of the jungle. The Okavango Delta is the highlight with the sumptuous Victoria Falls in neighboring Zambia.

That said, being able to go up this 1,500 km river would be even more interesting. The stream leaves from the Angolan mountains to travel through magnificent landscapes. It seeks at all costs to reach the Indian Ocean.

Its banks decorated with papyrus and palm groves will make you enjoy an idyllic setting. In addition to being able to enjoy an idyllic setting in honeymoon destinations in Botswana, you will also have the opportunity to discover an entire country.

Botswana enjoys exceptional stability for the black continent. Security reigns throughout this small country in the heart of Africa. In the bush as in the cities, calm and serenity will be there. This is partly due to sustained economic growth.

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Botswana, Land of Nature Lovers and Safaris

An imminent takeoff for Botswana, the pearl of Africa where nature is open to lovers curious to discover its treasures!

Tranquility and extraordinary natural beauty, these are two of the main attractions of this African country. Honeymoon destinations in Botswana combines adventure and relaxation; in a country that is divided into nine districts with landscapes all worth visiting and enjoying. Take note!

When visiting the North of Botswana, you can enjoy lovely walks through the Okavango Delta, photograph the incredible fauna of the area, contemplate the beauty of the cave paintings of the Tsodilo caves in Gcwihaba or simply enjoy bird watching or spectacular sunsets. The Kgalagadi Park is one of the second largest reserves in the world, an area of ​​wildlife conservation and biodiversity in which to enjoy an unforgettable driverless safari, to be an exceptional witness to the migration of the Makgadikgadi zebras and until observing the exceptional black-haired lion.

Honeymoon destinations in Botswana

What to see?

The Chobe National Park in north-west Botswana, a succession of contrasting landscapes: from marshes to lakes, from shoals to streams, from expanses of trees to savannahs. The protagonists are animals: warthogs, kudu, impala, zebras, wildebeest, elephants, lions, hyenas, cheetahs.


The Okavango Delta is one of a kind: a combination of desert and delta. Five main arms with a tangle of waterways, lakes, islands, and woodland, form what is called the “largest natural paradise in the world”. The waterways are the ideal habitat for a large number of plants and animals, which can be observed up close in a trip with the mokoro.

On the banks of the Okavango river, the Moremi reserve extends for three thousand kilometers. Flood plains, a blaze of vegetation, a nest for an incredible number of birds. If you are looking for strong emotions, you can sleep in a tent in reserve, accompanied by rangers.

The Gaborone Game Reserve, a nature reserve within which it is possible to observe various animal species: from antelopes to rhinos, from zebras to felines.

The south-central part of Botswana is occupied by the famous Kalahari Desert, consisting of an alternation of sandy expanses, grasslands and salty rocks, called “pans”. The last tribes of the Bushmen reside in the Central Kalahari Reserve.

KgalagadiTransfrontier Park, a protected natural area on the border between Botswana and South Africa, recently established (1999). It was born from the union of the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park in the territory of South Africa (created in 1931) and the Gemsbok National Park (created in 1938) in the territory of Botswana.

luxury destinations in Botswana

A safari in Botswana is one of the best choices to enjoy the pleasure of luxury destinations in Botswana, in a setting so majestic that it’s like being in the cradle of humanity. An exceptional wildlife lives in the Okavango Delta, our tailor-made safari in Botswana will allow you to observe these already legendary animals and live them with passion.

Lovers of Africa will find all the magic of the continent by staying in the most luxurious camps of Botswana, offered by Wilderness, our privileged partner, with which we open the doors of the most beautiful safaris in the world. Discover wild Africa, the Big Five and unforgettable scenery with the safari in Botswana.

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Botswana – The Ultimate Safari Destination

At Welgrow, people are big fans of the African continent, because it is that location where we can notice wild animals and their activities living in their natural habitat. Botswana is undoubtedly one of the best safari destinations in Africa. Exciting and inspiring – a nature rich in contrasts and astounding beauty- Botswana combines stunning scenery and incredible safaris with luxurious and comfortable camps.

Among all the beautiful destinations that creates the continent today, we want to specially mention the region of Botswana, a country which is yet to be known by the people where you can live your few days of everyday life in the middle of nature such as large rivers, waterfalls, lakes and a spectacular savanna where safaris are made.

If you decide to travel to luxury destinations in Botswana, one of the places you cannot miss is, without a doubt, Okavango. A labyrinth of lagoons, channels, and islands considered one of the most beautiful spaces of the entire African continent, and that can be crossed in a mokoro (local boat), in-plane or hang glider. But beyond the delta, Botswana hides beautiful places that can equally impress the visitor as the Xakanaxa region.

In this area, tourists can stay in luxury stores that are located on platforms of teak wood. Each of them with its own bathroom and a terrace to enjoy the landscape. A safari in Botswana is unique; it is a paradise for nature lovers, one of the richest ecosystems in the world teeming with wildlife of all kinds. Although much of the water is seasonal, there are some permanent rivers, and mokoros (traditional canoes) glide silently between islands of papyrus and flocks of iridescent birds.

At the heart of the honeymoon destinations in Botswana, safari areas is the Okavango Delta, creating an alluvial fan that forms an oasis of canals, islands, and lagoons before evaporating into the sands of the Kalahari Desert. Exciting and inspiring – a nature rich in contrasts and astounding beauty – Botswana combines breathtaking landscapes and incredible safaris with luxurious and comfortable camps.

North of the Okavango Delta, a short distance by road from Victoria Falls, is the Chobe River, attracting the largest African elephant herds during the dry season; while to the south the extraordinary Makgadikgadi Pan, perfectly flat and shining in the sun, give way to the impressive dunes of the Kalahari, the ancestral home of the communities of the Bushmen.

Thanks to strict conservation policy, Botswana continues to be a destination visited by a very limited number of travelers. The camps of the Okavango Delta are hundreds of kilometers from any human presence and can only be accessed by small plane. Thanks to this remoteness, the delta is still one of the most virgin, remote and exclusive safari experiences that can be experienced in Africa. We are not surprised that it has become the favorite destination for lovers of nature, exclusivity, and privacy.

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