Goa: A Fabulous Paradise For A Good Rest

Goa is a paradise on earth that offers a huge selection of different beaches, with beautiful views, amazingly beautiful scenery and crystal clear water. The beaches and seas in Goa are special, they are filled with beauty and purity. This is an exotic beauty that will appeal everyone.

Most people suffer from various diseases, in particular, joints, cardiovascular diseases and others. Go to luxury holiday destinations such as Goa in your vacation, if you want to not only swim in a clean little water and sunbathe in the sun, but also improve my health.

Not many countries are very popular as a health resort, but GOA is the place where you can always gain strength, relax, and put your body in order.

Arriving in India and visiting LuxuryBeach Travel Destinations is the most important thing and here you should not forget about the beautiful beaches of Goa. If you are resting in the northern part of Goa, then you should definitely visit the other parts of the state.

Of course, the southern side does not have such a great variety of choices as in the northern region, but the Southern Goa can also give a lot of impressions of the beautiful views and wonderful atmosphere of the sea.

Everything is different in the south, other designs, cafeterias, shops, as if you are in a different dimension, so you should definitely visit this part of the state.

Southern Goa is famous for its stunning views, warm water, the amazing beauty of the underwater world and a relaxing holiday. Of course, you can have fun at one and the other end of the GOA, but the north is more suitable for young people, since there are many clubs, cafeterias, and much more.

South can also offer a lot of entertainment, but judging by the south and gray, in the north there is more entertainment. South is ideal for couples who want to enjoy a calm and quiet vacation, and not noisy parties and lots of tourists.

And so what kind of beaches in the South Goa are famous for their beauty?

One of the most attractive and sought-after beaches is Palolem Beach. This is the pearl of Goa. It is famous for its pristine nature.

Arriving at this beach, you can enjoy the blue clear water, the bright sun, a beautiful sandy beach and nature that can be remembered for a long time. Not far from the beaches there are numerous hotels and shops, as well as cafeterias and restaurants where you can eat well and have a nice rest.

Another beach is Cola Beach. This beach is amazing with its lagoons, beautiful underwater world. It shows the exotic beauty of nature, beautiful clean beaches and surprisingly clean and fresh air that overflows the lungs with freshness and a charge of energy.

If you have visited the northern or the southern part of Goa ever, but have not seen these beaches, then you most likely need to book the luxury family travel packagesto the beaches of Goa.

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Sink Deep In These 4 Beach Destinations In Mauritius.

Mauritius, the island nation which is mesmerizing in every sense of the adjective; a country which sits pretty as the most popular Beach Travel Destination not just in the Asian region but also in the West. What is the really striking about Mauritius are its beaches, palm trees and turquoise waters. Make no mistake, if you choose to give this destination a miss, you deny yourself something magical. Soak in the breathtaking vistas from your mountain chalet. Breathe in the wild air from your meditations through our handpicked venues. Immerse in the beauty of our enigmatic cultures and savor authentic cuisine from fresh local produce.Beach Travel Destination

  1. Le Morne Brababt- This UNESCO world heritage site offers everything you could want in a destination. The travelers have found much admiration to the keen beauty. As part of activity, a hike can race your heart pumping but also relieve the stress once your eyes meet the beautiful views of the country and a rich history. This magnificent mountain is seen as a symbol of resistance (literally as well as figuratively). Its history is rooted in stories of runaway slaves seeking refuge in its caves. Today, it is still a beautiful sanctuary for all who visit and a reminder of the struggle against slavery. Thus, this hiking path on the island, with easy to follow paths and unparalleled views of the South West Coast.
  2.  Pamplemousse Botanical Garden- One of the most popular attractions in Mauritius, the Pamplemousse Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens you will ever find yourself in. One of the prime attractions is the spectacular giant water lilies. Some of these lilies do resemble antenna dishes! You will feel like a fairy queen in this garden of lilies. The garden is like the dwelling for fascinating native species of plant and wildlife that call this garden home. With over 650 varieties of flora it’s definitely worth a visit!
  3. The colored earth of Chamarel- This natural phenomenon has amazed tourist from all over the world. These unique sand dunes comprise of seven different colors, from red to blue to yellow, all tangled together like a beautiful, shadowy illusion. These colors were created over time by the conversion of basaltic lava to clay minerals. Sunny days, particularly at sunrise, are the most spectacular times to see these everlasting colored sands. This is also a site which has a dedicated playground, some small curio shops and, of course, some giant tortoises!
  4. Spot a Pink pigeon- The pink pigeon, native to Mauritius, was on the brink of extinction in the 1980’s. But thanks to the dedication of conservationists the future of the pink pigeon is much brighter! The Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve has also been famed as the place which gives a glimpse of what they call ‘Mauritius in miniature’. This small piece of land is a reflection of what Mauritius was like before carnage of deforestation destroyed 90% of their forests. Here you can see rare native plants, get to know huge tortoises and of course see the beautiful pink pigeon!

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