Sandy Beaches of Chile: Worth Visiting With Your Partner

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Little by little spring is giving way to summer and airs are already breathing on vacation. If you are planning for honeymoon destinations in Chile, pack your bags and get ready to enjoy beach vacations with your partner:

  1. Pichilemu

It is a destination that every Latin American surfer has heard to name since there you can enjoy massive waves and a very relaxed atmosphere. Santiago has long beaches for distinct types of walks -family, friends or adventure- and diverse gastronomic options since many foreigners have settled in this small and beautiful city. During your luxury destination Chile, do not miss a bicycle tour around or visit the Salinas de Cahuil.

  1. Damas Island

It is part of the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve and is surrounded by turquoise waters, which harbor a variety of fascinating fauna. To visit it, you can take a tour from La Serena (about 115 km.) that will take you for the day and include lunch, value of the CONAF and a complete guide, so you do not miss any of this important nature sanctuary. Among the animals that you can see, besides the funny penguins, are sea lions, pikemen, cormorants, dolphins, elephant seals and once you get to Damas Island, you will enjoy the breathtaking scenery, although without entering the water as it is quite cold and forbidden to keep it well preserved.

  1. Bahía Inglesa

Being located in the Third Region, this destination enjoys good weather most of the year, and its beaches are almost Caribbean, with white sand and crystal-clear waters. It is a good option for spring or autumn since in summer so many people visit it that it gets too saturated. It is located about 75 km. of Copiapó, and in addition to the beach activities and its exquisite seafood, near Bahía Inglesa is the Paleontological Museum of Caldera, where some of the oldest paleontological remains of South America are exhibited. Also, from there you can coordinate tours to its surroundings such as the beautiful Pan de Azúcar or Playa la Virgen.

  1. Reñaca

It is one of the favorite spas for residents in the central area of Chile and tourists who arrive by the thousands in the summer. There are several reasons: its proximity to cities such as Santiago, Valparaíso and Viña del Mar. Its extensive beach next to which modern buildings, summer houses and tourist resorts have been erected; vibrant nightlife, joviality and exclusivity of its environment. Also, if you follow the coastline to the north for a few kilometers, you will reach the Dunes of Concón, a fascinating natural landscape where young people practice sandsurf, and enjoy beautiful sunsets at luxury destinations Chile.ReñacaIt is a destination frequented by essential figures of Chilean public life, so the costs of accommodation, food and entertainment can be quite high.

  1. Anakena

This beach is not only one of the most beautiful in Chile but, for some, of the world. And it is not just its natural beauty that interests visitors; Anakena is also famous for being the cradle of the Rapa Nui culture on Easter Island and has archaeological sites that include the imposing moai. Being a Polynesian island, the climate is summery throughout the year, so to enjoy its beaches with tranquillity at Chile Holiday Destination. From the village, you can coordinate activities such as horseback riding, diving, sports fishing or, spend full under the shadow of sun and make incredible photographs with your partner.

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