Ready to Travel to The Beach, Do Not leave Anything!

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The heat is here, and you have to prepare for the summer. Holidays, family, friends, beach, a new place to visit and the dreaded preparation of the trip!

Preparing a good suitcase for a beach vacation is not an easy task, here is a list of things for the beach, a perfect checklist way to save time and not forget anything. Clothing, accessories, swimsuits, documents and various objects that are essential for a perfect vacation. How many times have you forgotten about the mobile phone charger? What about the camera? Or take something to play on the beach? With this list you can write down everything you need and keep track of whether you have already stored it in your suitcase or not; Well then there will be no surprises!

What should not be missing?

The basic ones:

They are indispensable things in your beach travel trip, and therefore if you don’t write it down it would be a catastrophe to forget them. Unless your plan for this beach travel destination is to go to a nudist bathing area, the swimsuit, bikini or pareo are essential in a vacation.

Do not miss the sun cream, to protect your skin from the sun rays and after sun to make the mordenite last longer on your return. Among the basics, you cannot miss light clothing and comfortable shoes.

And being that in the holidays you will be in contact with friends and update the social networks with ‘cool’ photos of the trip, you cannot forget the charger!

The documentation:

Always carry documentation by hand, or in your bag or in one of the most accessible luggage pockets. Tickets, ID, passport in case of traveling, the reservation of your accommodation, and very important: your health card.

You will be glad to bring:

They are all the beach items that are not strictly necessary but to travel without them lose a little charm the honeymoon travel destination. And what better way to immortalize a getaway than with the camera or always carry a book in our bag to go to the beach.

 Go Pro:

Those who want to squeeze the trip to the fullest and avoid unforeseen events, take note of the ideal beach items for technology lovers. If you want to capture every moment that you are going to live this vacation, don’t miss your submersible camera, an additional battery or the snorkel kit. To make the trip much more enjoyable, download some apps that will be useful for your vacation: better restaurants, cheaper gas stations, bonuses, and discounts, what to see in your destination.

Preparations before the trip:

Before leaving check this. Different studies say that 75% of what we enjoy on vacation is in the planning! Find the accommodation, think about the monuments you are going to visit, look for the most exciting museums.

We advise you to print the checklist and mark the boxes as you go packing, besides you have some lines to add things that are indispensable for you and that do not appear.

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