Best Destinations For a Perfect Family Vacations this Summer

It’s summertime, the period of the year which is eagerly awaited by the kids for going on a Holiday Vacation. Apart from the fun and fervor, traveling not only relaxes our mind but also our souls. Be it within or away from the country, the fun, delight, an extravaganza of the trip remain all the same! But most of us have confined our traveling bugs with the flight to travel within the domestic boundaries. But it is now time to set out on the memorable family vacation that makes the bonding grow stronger than before. Take your pick among the best destinations for family vacations:

Holiday Vacation

  1. Lisbon, Portugal- For many families ready for their first international trip, Portugal is good choice. English is spoken widely there, it’s easy to get around the country, and the food is simple and fresh (great homemade pasta for kids and plenty of seafood for parents). Lisbon is known as the “City of Seven Hills” (think San Francisco) and when the little ones get tired, it’s easy to hop on a tram.
  2. Tel Aviv, Israel– How many big cities feature amazing beaches steps away from your hotel? Many people are surprised to find that Israel has prime sandy beaches along Tel Aviv’s coast, as well as a fantastic promenade for biking and strolling. Plus, there’s plenty of shopping in unique, one-of-a-kind marketplaces—like Sarona and Carmel—where kids can find everything from dreidels to unique desserts. Families can also visit Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhoods, including Neve Tzedek, which has museums, galleries, and a variety of charming restaurants. The kid-friendly food like hummus, falafel, and pita are inexpensive and accessible everywhere.
  3. Jordan- Home to the Dead Sea, Jordan comprises a plenitude of tourist attractions and things to do. It is also the country that can act as the gateway to visit the nearby countries it shares the international boundaries with. These include Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Syria, and Palestine. The kids can especially have a historical entourage all thanks to the arts, and stunning beauty. As one of the most economic travel destinations for Indians, Jordan always strikes a chord.

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Feel The Chill in the Chile Luxury Tour

Few countries have a bountiful of globetrotting experiences like Chile. This long country on the Pacific Coast of South America is a mecca for trekkers and adventurers everywhere. It has the driest desert in the world, the Atacama, in the north, the vast expanses of Patagonia in the south, the Andes Mountains running along the eastern border, and the waters of the Pacific to the west.

The biggest draw to luxury travel in chile has been the geographical variety; you’ll find luxury options all over the country. Whether you want to stay in a luxury hotel in the city, explore an ancient world on Easter Island, or hike through the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia or the Atacama, you’ll find plenty to indulge in. The following are the best options for a luxury trip to Chile.

Chile Luxury Tour

  1. The Atacama Desert– The Atacama Desert, which stretches 1,000km north to south in the middle of Chile, is the driest desert in the world and the closest landscape on earth to what you’d find on the moon or Mars. However, despite how barren the landscape is, there is a lot of animal life to be found within its landscape of geysers, rock pools, and barren stretches of earth. It’s also an incredible spot if you love stargazing, as the remoteness and dry atmosphere makes for an undiluted view of the night sky.
  2. Enjoy the luxury adventure in Patagonia- Patagonia is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the world. The prime reason being the immense stretch of the barren landscape at the southern end of South America stretches across Chile and Argentina and has everything from mountains to glacial lakes to long stretches of barren hillsides. On the Chilean side, you’ll have various luxury options for accommodations while exploring one of the world’s best adventure destinations. Each of them offers breathtaking views of the park with large windows and tasteful wood designs meant to blend into the background and not distract from the views outside your window.
  3. Lake District- The entire area of Lake District stretches for more than 330 kilometers from Temuco to Puerto Montt and resembling the alpine regions of Europe, Chile’s Lake District is well worth exploring. Like its alpine cousin, this beautiful region of Andean foothills boasts rich farmland at the base of its many snowcapped volcanoes, ringed by thick forests and the kind of deep lakes that water sports enthusiasts drool over. And the connection to Europe doesn’t end there. After the forced resettlement of the region’s indigenous people, the Mapuche, farmers from Switzerland, Austria, and Germany arrived, bringing with them aspects of their own culture that can still be seen in the architecture of towns like Osorno and Valdivia, as well as in the region’s customs and festivals. For adventure seekers, the area offers endless hiking and biking potential, along with other fun activities such as volcano climbing, whitewater rafting, kayaking, canoeing, horseback riding, and, come winter, skiing.

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Six Magical Lakes That You Have to Know During a Trip to Italy

Italian charm breathes better outside of the prominent tourist spots. Far from the cities, different bodies of water invite you to enjoy its shores, from the preferred international jet set to the largest in the country.

Cities such as Rome, Florence, Milan or Venice, earthly paradises such as the Amalfi Coast, and magical towns that transmit the true Italian spirit are some luxury destinations in Italy. But lakes are a fundamental part of specific communities and regions. More than 1500 are distributed throughout Italian territory:

luxury destinations in Italy

Lake Garda

The Lake Garda is located halfway between Verona and Brescia, Milan and Venice in northern Italy. With 370 km², it is the largest lake in this country, and 7 percent of the visitors that arrive in Italy arrive to get to know it. You cannot miss a cable car ride to Monte Baldoduring visit to honeymoon destinations in Italy. Isola del Garda, where San Francisco de Asís founded a monastery in the 13th century is also worth visiting.

Lake Maggiore

The glacial alpine lake in northern Italy and Switzerland is the second largest after the Garda, with 212 km². The attractions are several, among which stand out the fantastic and exotic gardens of the Barromeas, Brissago and Santa Caterina del Sasso islands, and the Palazzo Borrome or Baroque architecture, which hosted Napoleon and his wife in 1797. Also, the Lake Maggiore is visited by literature fanatics, due to its appearance in Ernest Hemingway’s Farewell to Arms.

Lake of Como

The favorite place in the world of George Clooney (who became the owner of a villa), Lago di Como is one of the most breathtaking places in all of Italy. One of the preferred destinations of the international jet set, luxury hotels abound here. Beyond offering scenic and dramatic landscapes in every corner, in the Voltiano Lighthouse, Switzerland offers delicious dishes during luxury destinations Italy tour.

Lake Idro

The lake Idro is another glacial lake between Brescia and Trento. It is a quiet and relaxing place, mainly because it is forbidden to use boats with engines that exceed 10 horsepower. Bagolino, Bondone and Idro are the main towns that are built around them. A visit to Rocca d’Anfo, a fortified military complex built by the Republic of Venice in the 15th century, is a must.

Lake of Bracciano

Bracciano flows towards the northwest of Rome, originated due to volcanic activity that occurred centuries ago. Presently, it is one of the cleanest lakes in the country, mainly because it is the reservoir of drinking water in Rome and has constant monitoring. Castello Orsini-Odescalchi is a must during a tour of this area, as it is considered the best-preserved castle in Italy.

Lake Trasimeno

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Ko Samui [Thailand]: The Fate of Calm

The south of Thailand has nothing to do with the ancient kingdom of Siam that has so captivated travelers. Here they do not come to look for the magnificent profusely decorated temples, nor the beauty and authenticity of the tribes of the north or the landscapes of endless rice fields. In Ko Samui, rice fields give way to coconut plantations, tropical forests and steep cliffs that rush over deserted beaches and hidden coves.

Dotted with rocky and leafy islets, dreamy beaches and magnificent coral reefs, Ko Samui represents an idyllic destination of stunning beauty, ideal for forgetting everyday problems. Until just over ten years ago, the two most essential enclaves of luxury destinations in Thailand were Pattaya and Phuket. However, the massification of the Pattaya-Phuket axis -excellent in terms of infrastructure, but saturated with tourism- turned Ko Samui into the refuge chosen by those who were looking for a less exploited tropical paradise and, therefore, much calmer and relaxed.

The surface of this paradise barely covers the 250 square kilometers, half of the island of Ibiza. Ko Samui is part of a group of islands called Muu Ko Samui or Samui archipelago, although they are better known as the islands of the Gulf of Thailand. Around Ko Samui (Ko means “island” in Thai) there are about 80 more islets, of which only six are inhabited.

The Big Six

The Big Six

Arrived at the island, the problem that is posed to you from the beginning is: where to start? If one wants beaches, it is not an exaggeration to say that here you have the most vibrant and most varied beach catalog that can be found in this part of the world.

Indeed, Ko Samui offers more than 30 recognized beaches. But there are six – the Big Six – the most famous, those that appear in luxury destinations Thailand: Chaweng, Lamai, Maenam, Bo Phut, Big Buddha, and Choeng Mon.

Chaweng is the longest beach on the island, and also the one with the highest concentration of bungalows and hotels. Seven kilometers of white sand and a crystal-clear sea. In its central area, you can enjoy an authentic hodgepodge of restaurants, bars, nightclubs. The possibilities for water sports here are endless: water skiing, diving, paragliding, catamaran sailing, kayaking. The alternative to Chaweng is Lamai, immediately South, more familiar and, therefore, more relaxed.

For its part, the Big Buddha beach owes its name to a huge golden statue of Buddha, 12 meters high, which dominates the coast of the island, located with its back to the sea and on top of a mound. Here is the monastery of Koh Fan, where monks live who receive with great hospitality to all tourists who are attracted by this strange scenario.

Beyond the beach pleasures

Beyond the beach pleasures

The interior of the island is mountainous and difficult to access, but it is ideal for practicing trekking, hiring the services of a specialized guide beforehand. The southern part of the island is the least wild and where the large coconut plantations that dominate the landscape of this area settle. There are few and very scattered villages, although all of them are endowed with a unique charm.

The island of sleeping cow

The island of the sleeping cow

Located just 30 kilometers northeast of Samui, Ang Thong Marine Park is made up of some fifty secluded islands – Koh WoaTalap, Koh Mae Ko upholstered by vegetation, green lagoons, caves – unique rock formations. A ferry departs every morning from Nathon, the capital of Samui, to the marine park. The ferry moors at Koh WoaTalap, known by the natives as “the island of the sleeping cow.” There, a steep path that crosses a dense jungle leads to a splendid natural viewpoint from which the green rocks of Ang Thong look with all majesty.

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Refuel the Sun – In Six Corners of Switzerland

Down gray, above blue: In the cities, the days are colder and wetter. If you want to get some warm sunbeams in the Swiss autumn, you have to go to the mountains. Six trouvailles for luxury destinations in Switzerland over the sea of fog:


  1. High bog in the Grisons

The Alp Flix is located above the village of Sur in the Albula region. The bog, beautifully situated on a plateau, is part of the Parc Ela, the largest nature park in Switzerland, and protected as a moorland of national importance. The varied mosaic of meadows, forests, moors, small lakes, and rocks holds dense biodiversity, which is being studied in a long-term study by research teams.

  1. On the Appenzeller Rondomwegen

“Rondom” is Appenzellisch for all around or around. On the Rondomwegen between St. Anton and Oberegg in the Appenzeller Vorderland, which can be done in different variants between half and two hours, there is also a Rondom to enjoy. One looks at the Grisons and Vorarlberg mountains, the Alpstein and on Lake Constance and in the southern German area, while you walk through the intact natural landscape on the specially marked trails.

The two-hour route goes from St. Anton via Kuser, Bürki and Hasenwinkel across lush alpine meadows and through shady forests to Rütggg and via Beusel, Büelen and Grauenstein back down to St. Anton.

  1. The Urner sun terrace

When the high fog in the lowlands depresses the mood, the Eggberge high above the Lake of Uri offers bright sunshine. The sun terrace at 1500 meters above sea level, can be reached by aerial cable car from Altdorf, offers beautiful hiking possibilities with far-sightedness. Experienced mountain hikers with good footwear, for example, take the wild ranger path Rophaien under their feet, which leads through one of the largest coherent wild hay areas in Switzerland.

  1. Discoveries in the Ticino mountains

Campo, on a plateau in a side valley of the Vallemaggia, may be little known, but one of the most beautiful villages in Ticino. It is also an ideal starting point for hikes in summer and winter (snowshoeing and touring skiing) for honeymoon destinations in Switzerland. Numerous mountain lakes and peaks can be reached in a few hours. Since there are routes with very different levels of difficulty, both occasional hikers and families will find just as suitable routes as experienced mountain walkers.

  1. The highest vineyard in Europe in Valais

Heida is the Valais name from the grape variety Savagnin, which is called in the Lower Valais Païen. In the Valais, the Heida is mentioned for the first time in a document in the mid-16th century. He is probably grown in the region but much longer. First, the Heida was grown only on the slopes of Visperterminen, and to an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level.

  1. The plateau of the Jurassic Freiberg

Jurassic Freiberg is much more a rugged plateau than actual mountains. On the Jura pastures, you can see not only cows but above all many horses; the area is home to the Freiberg horses.

Luxury destinations Switzerland offer excellent hiking opportunities, both on the high plateau and in the Doubstal. A beautiful and easy hike leads from Saignelégier over pastures and through the forest to the Etang de la Gruère, the largest moor lake in Switzerland, whose water is peaty brown. From the Etang, you can either continue to the Bernese Tramelan, march back to Saignelégier or turn slightly to the left to get to Le Noirmont.

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Travel on the North Island, Volcanoes and Maori Culture

Pure culture and nature unite on the North Island of New Zealand to offer its visitors a fantastic holiday destination. Maori culture is ubiquitous in many parts of the island, especially in the north. The physiognomy of the North Island linked to volcanic activity gives it all its character and its natural peculiarities. There are active volcanoes, splendid coastlines, and geothermal landscapes.

The main tourist areas visited during luxury destinations New Zealand tour are Northland and Auckland in the north, Coromandel and Hawkes Bay along the Pacific coast, Rotorua the warm heart of the island, and the gourmet region to Wellington.

Four national parks have been created to preserve the beauty of natural sites. They include the volcanic regions of Tongariro and Taranaki the country of rivers, lakes and virgin Urewera forest, and the historical sites of the banks of the Wanganui River.

A destination of choice, the North Island of New Zealand offers you a natural, cultural, and gourmet stay.


Hotel stay and vacation in Northland and Bay of Islands

The Northland is the peninsula that stretches 440 km between Auckland and Cape Reinga. It is a region steeped in history, dating back to the very origin of the country, where golden sand beaches and spectacular landscapes abound.

The east coast has a lot of charm. Here you will find pristine white sand beaches, and the possibility to practice many activities such as golf, diving, sailing, and swimming. The Poor Knights Marine Reserve can be explored by boat from Tutukaka.

Bay of Islands north of Auckland

Bay of Islands is located 260 km north of Auckland. This postcard-like bay offers a turquoise blue sea dotted with islands, coves with sandy beaches and 800 km of coastline lined with forest. Bay of Islands is among the best luxury destinations New Zealand; it deserves that we linger several days.

The Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand’s favorite holiday destination

The Coromandel Peninsula offers some of the most beautiful coastal scenery on the North Island. The west is covered by the native forests of Pohutukawa and to the east stretch of beautiful white sand beaches. Coromandel is also famous for its thermal activity; dig a hole in the sand on the shore of Hot Water to have its thermal pool.

The main cities are Whitianga, Tairua, Pauanui, and Whangamata.

The Coromandel region is easily accessible from Auckland or Rotorua and can be discovered in three or four days, on an organized tour or while driving. A guided sea kayak or a boat trip to Cathedral Cove remains a must.

Stay in Bay of Plenty

The Bay of Plenty is located along the northeastern coast of the North Island, with its beautiful unspoiled beaches of Tauranga in Whakatane, the two major cities. Offshore White Island and its active volcano deserve a helicopter flight. Te Puke, Opotiki, and Tauranga, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa are also popular with holidaymakers.

Waitomo Caves and the mythical Hobbits Land

The regions of Hamilton, Matamata, and Waitomo are discovered in a little over an hour south of Auckland. Dotted with farms, sheep farms and cattle, this important agricultural area offers very green landscapes. It is crossed by the Waikato River where all water sports are practiced in the summer. Waitomo contains caves that shelter millions of glow worms forming a fairy starry sky.

This region offers many activities based on nature, sport, adventure and the unique experience of visiting the “Middle of the Earth,” the village of Hobbiton.

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Kenya Destination Holiday- Honeymoon for the Soul!

The sun of the South, the candlelit romantic hours, the hospitality and naturalness of the people, the heartbeat of the wilderness and the gentle waves on the white beaches of the Indian Ocean – all this and much more makes luxury destinations Kenya an extraordinary travel experience. Even or just in times when the sky is full of violins and the “honeymoon” kisses the soul. The memories of the honeymoon in this paradisiacal part of Africa will be accompanied by newlyweds throughout their lives. Dreaming under the cross of the South – this is a honeymoon in perfection.


A country that inspired Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway, the legendary writer and friend of the Black Continent, has left his mark in Kenya because this land beguiled and inspired him: “All I wanted was to come back to Africa, we had not left it yet – and yet, when I lay awake and listened at night, I was already homesick. ” For half a year, the adventurer and his wife Mary traveled the savannahs of Kenya, and the stations where he enjoyed nature with its abundant wildlife and succumbed to the charm of the land and its inhabitants are still cornerstones of a honeymoon journey. Who opens on luxury destinations in Kenya for the magic of the ancient mythical continent, will never forget this first journey of an ordinary life.

Honeymoon hot air baloon

Honeymoon suite and hot air balloon

A couple is very close to the animals of Kenya during a honeymoon, but the confrontation is not dangerous because experienced rangers are familiar with the secrets of the wild. Game drives are the heart of every safari in the numerous reserves. For example, in the Tsavo National Park with its “red elephants” or in the Masai Mara, where thousands of zebras and wildebeests defy the danger of lions and crocodiles crossing rivers. Members of the proud people of the Masai accompany the newlyweds in both atmospheric and exciting bush walks, and those who wish can see all of this from the airy height of a hot-air balloon. Atmospheric are the evenings in one of the numerous luxurious lodges where the honeymoon suite is reserved and the view of a water hole, the source of many animals, many a viewer’s breath.

paradises at the Indian Ocean

To the paradises at the Indian Ocean

Kenya holiday destinations are also ideal for young couples because the fascination of the safari is combined with the amenities of a beach holiday. The seaside resorts on the Indian Ocean are true paradises with coconut palms in the gleaming white sand, a pleasant sea breeze, coral reefs for diving and snorkeling, and world-class hotels. A visit to the traditional tribes of the picturesque town of Mombasa, the enjoyment of the original life in the Lamu Archipelago, the scent of unknown spices in the markets – Kenya is a land full of wonders and surprises. And those who sign up for dinner at multiple-cuisine Restaurant in Mombasa at the time of his “Honey Moon” enjoy the mood of the moment and the endless starry sky over the picturesque bay. Many people are then struck by the feelings that once animated Hemingway to dream of returning home to “Kenya.”

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Set Off your Exploration Journey with Tenerife Select

Tenerife Select offers a compendium of the most exclusive attractions of the Island. Get away at any time of the year and place your trust in a brand that is a standard bearer for exclusivity and quality. Excellence and diversity are the cornerstone of a club that brings together the best of Tenerife luxury under a single umbrella, offering travellers the chance to enjoy a few days away from routine, work, stress, the winter cold or the overwhelming heat of continental summer.

From rural houses in the midst of protected spaces and five-star hotels to any other accommodation you can imagine, Tenerife’s range of accommodation is nearly unmatched in the market. With unique experiences such as Chef i n Room or doing yoga or seeing the stars from the deck of a sailboat, our Island is a paradise to relax, indulge the senses and spend a holiday you will never forget.

The island’s culinary offer is also one of our greatest attractions thanks to the quality of the products and the mixture of cultures. We have six Michelin Stars held by five restaurants that will have the hardest-to-please diners salivating, while more traditional establishments for trying regional dishes are spread throughout the island. Our climate and location mean that we have fresh, quality products all year round, including animals and plants that are unique in the world, such as endemic potatoes or the “vieja”, a delicious fish that needs nothing more than oil, vinegar and wrinkled potatoes to accompany it.


Tenerife is a volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean where winter seems like spring thanks to the fabulous average year-round temperature of 23ºC. A place where the people are genuinely friendly, an idyllic paradise with such diverse scenery you’ll think you were at a thousand places around the world at the same time, or even on the moon: the Teide National Park (a huge volcanic area straight out of the movies) will make you believe you’ve travelled to a different planet.

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Blog Journey from Sea to Sky

The Costa Brava, authentic experiences all year round

Wonderful, remarkable, fantastic, amazing, exciting… It’s impossible to choose a single adjective that encompasses the appeal of the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees: it is a small region that generates massive emotions.

The landscape changes from snow-capped mountains that tower three thousand metres above the sea to the Mediterranean’s stunning coves in a question of kilometres. In this short journey from sea to sky you can visit eight spectacular natural parks; enjoy exquisite Michelin-star rated cuisine that pairs tradition and innovation; discover the region’s rich cultural heritage through its Greco-Roman ruins, medieval villages, the work of Salvador Dalí and more; enjoy an extensive range of memory-making activities that include hot air balloon rides, skiing, golf, water sports, and simply unwinding at one of the region’s many spas.

It is an extraordinary place that invites you to experience all its charm and character to the fullest with first-rate premium experiences and the most exclusive services.


In many people’s minds, the Costa Brava is identified by its 245 golden sandy beaches and its coves and creeks surrounded by vegetation and rocky cliffs, stretching from Portbou to Blanes along 220 km of coastline. At present, 37 beaches and marinas fly the blue flag awarded by FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education).

The destination also has eight seaside towns with the Family Tourism Seal (DTF), which specifically provide all the holiday products and services to cater to families’ needs.

The protected natural areas are the most visible and accessible part for visitors of this living nature network situated in the province of Girona; a network that goes from the mountains to the sea, from dense forests to the Mediterranean coast, and which account for 31% of the destination’s surface area.

There are sustainable tourism activities in the protected areas to enable visitors to discover them in an active, environmentally-friendly way. The most usual ones being hiking and bicycle touring routes, water sports, wild animal and plant observation activities, and sociocultural events and activities.


With over 550 heritage sites of outstanding interest listed in the province of Girona, the Costa Brava’s range of cultural tourism options attracts millions of visitors seduced by the region’s rich, intense historical and artistic heritage.

The medieval villages are also outstanding in terms of their rich craftsmanship heritage, as can be seen from the annual calendar of numerous themed events such as fairs, festivals and markets linked with their history.

Travellers should not miss the Dalí Triangle, formed by the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres, the Salvador Dalí House-Museum in Portlligat and the Gala Dalí Castle in Púbol, and which also includes special temporary exhibitions at its sites. With almost 1.4 million visitors per year, it is the most visited museum ensemble in the province and the third most visited in



The destination is renowned for its sixteen Michelin-starred restaurants, which clock up twenty stars altogether. These include the Roca brothers’ El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, ranked the second-best

Restaurant in the world in 2018 by the prestigious Restaurant Magazine. Joan Roca has also been nominated Best Chef 2018 by The Best Chef Awards. Two other acclaimed chefs are Paco Pérez, currently, the only Spanish chef with six Michelin stars, and Fina Puigdevall, chef at Les Cols restaurant in Olot, awarded the National Gastronomy Prize 2019.

The province of Girona has always been renowned for its cuisine, and for the last few decades, for its wines as well. And the best way to discover the world of Empordà wine and the area where it is grown is to go on a wine tour of the Costa Brava, following the D.O. Empordà Wine Route. With an area of

2,000 hectares of vineyards grouping together over 300 winegrowers and 43 wineries, 27 of which offer wine tourism experiences, the destination enables visitors to immerse themselves in the universe of wine, terroir, tramontana wind and countryside.


The Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees offer you privileged settings rich in nature, history and culture. To enjoy them at close quarters you will be spoilt for choice with the array of superb places to stay and fascinating venues for holding events. There are hotels, villas, country houses, luxury apartments and other magnificent facilities to suit your personality and your wishes.

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Let’s Delve into Wellness Travel to Gain Serenity We are Looking for

Not all tours are meant to explore the riches of places in a country which is filled with the gifts of scenic beauties, strong historical background and some of the most magnificent marvels of architectural. Some of them are also about pampering your body and even moving a step forward to spirituality. It is exactly the reason as to why there has been a rise in the number of wellness tours. No more are they all about strict bland diets in quaint accommodations for enjoying Wellness Travel Destination. Let us know about how they have evolved over the years.

What wellness travel brings to the table?

Vacations are often an exercise in overindulgence, which can lead to feelings of guilt when we return home. By choosing to travel a Wellness Travel Destination without the feel of any negative consequence can thus be a very rejuvenating experience. Wellness travel enables your mind and body to reenergize and find the right balance which promotes positive energy in the body. Once you sign in to such vacations, they are planned in such destinations where you are closest to the nature and detached from the snarls of daily lives.

A wellness trip is a healthy mix of exceptional food that checks all the boxes in terms of providing nutritional values which is followed by physical activities like hiking, paddle boarding, yoga, surfing, or even running. You might learn about new, healthier food and recipes that you’ll take away with you, or be inspired in new ways on group outings. Weight loss, a teething problem among many people is dealt with very efficiently with a wellness tour even though this is not very direct. Stress reduction and your overall physical and mental wellbeing are what are important, and any weight loss benefits are a bonus!

There are also a group of cynics who question on the affordability of such vacations. Wellness travel has also traditionally been linked to luxury spa holidays and therefore more expensive vacations, but that’s not the only option anymore. You can organize your own group trip with whatever budget you like, join a yoga retreat that’s affordable for you, or plan your own wellness adventure entirely! Thus, your travel budget should not be a barrier to your desire to incorporate wellness into whatever trip you want to take next.

Are you all set?

Wellness tours and vacations are definitely the sought after packages of vacations and one should certainly not miss out on them. The best part is that we now have many countries across the globes promoting such tours exclusively. Two such countries are India and Thailand which have always been favorites among the globetrotters by a fair distance. These countries provide the most enchanting sceni beauties of the nature coupled with the best amenities for wellness activities like Ayurvedic spas and recreational activities in the open. It is time you put the hectic life aside and rediscover your lost self!

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