Do you know the most romantic destinations on the entire African continent?

Dusted with sensational destinations [in magical and pristine nooks that will catch your heart, Africa offers one of the most sublime and authentic experiences on the planet, a luxury turned tradition.

But what place would be the perfect place for a luxury vacation as a couple? Remember, what may be ideal for you may not be entirely special for someone else. Choose yours.

kenya holiday tourism


Tailor-made tours for the most romantic

The itinerary options are endless, so we want to start with the spark of your inspiration, the icing on the romantic cake that will fill your romantic and unique Honeymoon. The special getaway you have always dreamed of, in an atmosphere that offers in detail, the pure and true African luxury.

For any adventurous couple, starting to plan a romantic getaway reaches the afterlife, a honeymoon that most travellers can only dream of. After all, it is one of the best vacations in the world for couples to experience hand in hand, why not make them come true?

Presenting endless opportunities for intimacy, luxury and prosperity, in this article, we will lay out the best travel trends to Love Africa.

From the warm plains of Kenya, to the lush jungles of Botswana; the Top and tailor-made safaris of South Africa, impressive deserts and the most exuberant paradise islands.

Adventurous! Begin your journey to the legitimate world of safari as a couple.

It is to be imagined, Africa gives us much more, it offers an unbeatable and complete trip [with everything you can dream of. Delighting us with magical reunion points with wildlife among the Big Five, and some of the most dazzling landscapes on the planet [this continent does not fall short by giving us spellbinding panoramas that you will not be able to put in your suitcase].

Fortunately, the myth that Africa is only pure savanna and innate early nature, deserts and remote explored lands, we will reveal with the most exquisite African mastery.

If you are an enthusiast of living in the lap of luxury with lodges and private cabins, 5-Star hotels and romantic evenings, Africa and its Honeymoon Travel Destinations will leave you speechless.

Beautiful cities with designer boutiques from top brands such as the Waterfront in South Africa, unique safari and beach experiences in the heart of Mozambique or Tanzania, or an exclusive helicopter flight over the beautiful and thunderous Victoria Falls.

Couples wanting a real challenge on their honeymoon can even consider climbing to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro or exploring the red dunes of the Namib Desert and its majestic Skeleton Coast., with a guided 4×4 safari.

What a fascinating achievement to share with the person you love and make it a memorable milestone, so quickly book your desired package with Welgrow travels Pvt ltd.

And as if that were not enough, you can combine any itinerary as you want to design, with the pearls of the Indian Ocean to delight. Mauritius, Maldives and Seychelles form the perfect fusion of the highest positions and celebrities for years.

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Preparing a wedding is not an easy task: months of preparations, last minute changes, photographers, menus, details and then the honeymoon. It is normal that the couple end up looking at everything they hire in detail, and that the budget is one of their main concerns.

Beach Travel Destination

But not all honeymoons have to ruin us or go at astronomical prices. Today, the possibilities are many, and even exotic destinations such as Kenya and Tanzania can become the perfect place to enjoy the well-deserved honeymoon, that honeymoon that you will never forget, and at an astonishingly low price!

Of course, there are many destinations where to celebrate a cheap honeymoon, but safari trips are, in their own right, a classic among the many possible honeymoon trips.

What if we tell you that you can enjoy a complete, exotic and inexpensive honeymoon in a destination like Kenya without going broke in the process? What if we add the best beaches in Tanzania?

If you don’t believe it, take a look on the following programs specially designed for honeymooners, safari trips and relaxation perfect for a complete honeymoon that combine the adventure of the wildlife of the National Parks of Kenya with the heavenly experience of the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar.

Amboseli safari and stay in Zanzibar

This may be the honeymoon you were dreaming of! You will live the magical experience of a safari in Africa observing the wild fauna in the space that it has occupied since time immemorial, the Amboseli National Park, a place of impressive natural beauty with magnificent views of Kilimanjaro.

You can end your stay on the Island of Spices: Zanzibar, a paradise of white sand beaches and unforgettable sunsets. And if you also hire it well in advance, you will enjoy an even more competitive price!

Maasai Mara safari and stay in Zanzibar

The Maasai Mara National Park is, according to all the experts, “The park” par excellence. Perhaps it is because of its gentle hills covered with grasslands, or because of the fascinating chocolate-coloured waters of the Mara River, where towering hippos frolic, or because of its rich diversity of wildlife.

What is clear is that no trip to Kenya would be complete without a visit to luxury safari travel Destination Maasai Mara. And if we also add an idyllic stay in Zanzibar, can you ask for more?

Lake Naivasha, Maasai Mara Park, and Spice Island

Few lakes are more idyllic than Naivasha, the purest and highest of all the Great Rift Valley lakes. This 170 square km freshwater lake is surrounded by beautiful hills and dormant volcanoes, and is visited every year by more than 450 different species of birds.

Then there is the Maasai Mara and the spectacle of its migratory fauna: more than a million wildebeest, more than two hundred thousand zebras followed by their predators crossing the Mara River and distributing themselves through the plains of the park in a timeless procession.

And of course, Zanzibar, with its beaches, its bazaars, its public baths, mosques and fortresses, a very complete program to enjoy an unforgettable Luxury Honeymoon Travel.

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The most romantic time of the year is approaching, surely many of you are organizing the most special trip that a newly married couple can experience, your honeymoon.

We want to get out of the clichés and propose to you, instead of a honeymoon a moon of more exotic flavours, to make your trip an unforgettable, original experience and of course, with the best company you can have.

We propose some of the destinations, where you can choose according to your favourite flavour, and weddings of all kinds. Make it different!

honeymoon travel destinations

Asia: “Spicy”

Welcome to Asia, the continent of the chilli pepper, enjoy the spicy flavour with the most romantic landscapes such as Ha Long Bay or an elephant ride through Sri Lanka.

Although we always think of large resorts or luxury hotels, sometimes the luxury is to enjoy idyllic places such as the rice plantations in Bali or the West Lake in China, with a special charm in spring with its flowering trees.

Those who prefer a big city to get lost can get to know Bangkok by tuk-tuk or New Delhi, enjoying the views in an original way. Without a doubt a new stage of new memories and experiences.

Africa: “Aromatic”

Africa will captivate you with its aroma of ancient traditions mixed with its wild life. The perfect setting for your new adventure, from safaris in Kenya to awakenings overlooking Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, photos that will surely complete your scrapbook.

Not forgetting the visit to the Kruger National Park where you can have a romantic dinner while listening to the roars of the lions. Something difficult to forget! Always surrounded by lush nature such as Victoria Falls or the Okavango Delta. And if we add beach, sun and relaxation, you have the wonderful Zanzibar where a romantic sunset awaits you every day.

America: “Barbecue”

If you like to put all your meat on the grill and enjoy a good barbecue, America offers us destinations as succulent as New York and Polynesia, a perfect combination of a cosmopolitan city with large skyscrapers and avenues with a destination like Bora Bora, one of the Pacific jewellery.

Here you can live some of your moments, those that remain for a lifetime, imagine yourself on a romantic island, in an exclusive bungalow where you can watch the sunset sheltered on Mount Otemanu.

True lovers of the American West can remarry in Las Vegas, visit Los Angeles or get lost in the Grand Canyon. Tempting, right?

We continue along this route of flavours, a place where our senses are integrated with the forests, jungles and glaciers of Argentina.

This is indeed a different destination! We want you to make the most of this trip from the intensity of the sea surfing to see the rarest frog you have ever seen in your life, savour what Welgrow, the best Luxury Tour Operator in Delhi, offers you. They are special moments, so travel as you have always dreamed of.

Exotic Islands: “To the Sailor”

For lovers of the sea and luxury beach travel, of sunrises in houses on crystal clear waters and memorable sunsets, the Exotic Islands offer unforgettable moments and places. You only have to worry about diving, snorkelling or surfing in dream places.

Maldives is a classic with “water villas” on the crystal clear Indian Ocean. You will be able to enjoy its tropical climate and its small atolls, which offer a true paradise.

After the wedding, of all the nerves and worries, that everything goes well, it is time to enjoy an unforgettable trip in the company of someone very special.

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If you are more interested in elephants, head to Amboseli Park on the border with Tanzania, where you can not only view these animals from a very close distance, but also photograph them against the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro.

A little to the east is the Tsavo nature reserve, on the territory of which there is a chance to meet all the representatives of the big African five in one day.

Among the rest of the reserves and national parks of Kenya, the relatively small, but very original park of Nairobi stands out. Its border runs just 7 kilometres from the centre of the Kenyan capital, so here giraffes and rhinos roam against the backdrop of skyscrapers of glass and concrete.

african elephnts

Inside this park, there is a shelter for orphaned elephants, where they are first fed, and then they are trying to return to a full life in the wild. Since this nursery is in fact not a tourist attraction, it is open for visits only for one hour a day (from 11 to 12), but during the excursion the elephants can be fed and petted.

Elephants are not the only animals you can get to know in during Luxury Tour and Trip to Nairobi. Not far from the elephant nursery is the national giraffe breeding centre, where they are allowed to be hugged and hand-fed.

The Kenyan capital is interesting not only for animal nurseries and reserves – Nairobi, the best Family Travel Destination, has a rich cultural heritage. Be sure to visit the house-museum of the Danish woman Karen Blixen, the author of the cult novel From Africa.

The house has fully preserved the original furnishings of the early 20th century, which perfectly conveys the atmosphere of a typical African plantation of that time.

We also recommend visiting the Kenyan National Museum – in addition to an ethnographic exhibition and an exhibition dedicated to colonization, there are thousands of stuffed birds and mammals and an impressive collection of hominid skulls.

Kenya is called the “cradle of humanity” because it was in this country on the territory of the rift valley that the oldest remains of hominids, the first human ancestors, were discovered.

The Rift Valley or East African Rift is a deep rift in the earth that runs through nine African countries. Anthropologists believe that in 3-4 million years East Africa will become an island, separating from the continent along this crack, and the outlines of the continents that we are used to will change forever.

Of course, tourists are attracted to the rift valley not so much by its geological significance as by its magnificent views. This deep depression, along the bottom of which a chain of salt lakes stretches, and mountain peaks and volcanoes rise along the edges, is truly a magnificent sight.

On the shores of the lakes of the rift valley, birds like to settle, in particular, pink flamingos. One of the best spots to spot flamingos is Lake Nakuru National Park in Central Kenya.

Flocks of up to one and a half million flamingos gather on Nakuru, sometimes completely covering the surface of the lake. In addition to flamingos, the park is also home to about 400 species of birds and many mammals, including the rare white rhinoceros.

Kenya strikes with a variety of fauna not only on land but also under water. The waters of the Malindi and Watamu National Marine Parks are home to stingrays, octopuses, whale sharks, sea turtles and a huge number of tropical fish.

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Although seeing animals sounds very interesting as a claim to entertain the little ones, is it really a good idea to do a safari with children?

In this article we will see how we can make the trip of our dreams while our children have a great time and merge with nature and with a different culture.

safari with cchildren


Obviously, the number of flight hours from our location to the indicated country cannot be modified, unless we are already on trips with transhipment and accommodation in different cities, which we do not advise if our children are preparing to see animals by everywhere.

On the other hand, we advise you to opt for a 4 x 4 chill out truck. These offer the necessary comfort to spend several hours, as well as resources for the little ones to play, have fun and learn without getting tired or desperate as well as, of course, guarantee adequate rest.

Lake Naivasha

What we can choose very wisely is the stops to make in the destination country. A safari for children in Africa is ideal if we are going to Tanzania or Kenya.

A very good option is to fly to Nairobi because very close you find Lake Naivasha, an ideal resource to show the little ones and be able to teach them a lot of things while you take a break. This has a beautiful forest of yellow acacias and allows us to go for a boat ride.

Contact with the Maasai tribe

Already entered the matter, something unmissable for the little ones – and also for the older ones, really – would be to share some moments with a tribe during family Travel.

In Maasai Mara, for example, specific activities are set up for a safari with children. The Maasais themselves await them and introduce them, in different and fun ways, into their culture.

They can use the slingshot, look for animal tracks or plant a tree with your children’s own name and they will go crazy with excitement as they learn ways of life and values.

If the stay at this Family Travel Destination is for more than a day, the little ones can also visit a nearby town and even go to a Maasai school to share typical games with the local children.

And the safari?

Obviously getting into stuff is also an excellent idea; all children love to see animals and learn more about them. For this reason, look for a guide who knows your language and can give interesting information that will captivate the little ones. This will also help you to chat with them and strengthen your knowledge.

This luxury getaway ensures an experimental journey at its finest. But [Africa always has an optimal but] thanks to its forests, beaches, plains and plateaus, jungles, luxury cities, fishing villages and more; It is home to unimaginable landscapes, high-end accommodations among the most remote savannah, a truly beautiful place to discover, explore and above all, to Love.

Each country, each place offers something new, and exciting to imagine, and bring it to reality. Something that makes it even more special is to share it with the person you really love, the one with whom you can enjoy an intimate trip, adventure, romance and fortunately, endless opportunities for luxury and pampering.

It should be noted, if some of our ideas presented do not perfectly summarize any of your expectations or proposals, contact Welgrow travels, their team is passionate for working with you and making your dream become a reality!

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Have you ever seen a majestic elephant appear at the bend of a path? Have you ever met the gaze of a lion in the middle of nature or giraffes in the middle of the savannah, against the backdrop of the setting sun?

Heard a whole herd of elephants munching on tree leaves? Watched for the animal whose footsteps you hear without knowing who it is? Saw animals appear at dusk to go drink at the river?

These unique, breathtaking, incredible sensations, you can experience them during your visit to luxury safari travel Destination, in the splendid country of Kenya!

safari destinations in kenya
kenya safari destinations

Going on a safari in Africa means going to meet magnificent wild animals. Going on a Kenya safari means discovering unparalleled nature, with the African savannah and its immense plains, in a grandiose setting, that of Kilimanjaro! Nothing could be more majestic than seeing herds of elephants grazing peacefully against the backdrop of the eternal snow of Kilimanjaro!

Observe the splendor of the landscapes and the wildlife with luxury safari tours and nothing will be more beautiful than that.

You will take advantage of this idyllic setting to meet exceptional animals. A Kenya safari indeed means going to meet multiple wild species: herds of giraffes, impalas, elephants with their baby calves, hippos, gazelles, but also, depending on the path, a lion, or why not a leopard, you thus live an extraordinary adventure!

Kenya has many nature reserves, allowing varied safaris and each more exciting than the next. Of all the Kenyan reserves, the Maasai Mara reserve is clearly the most famous.

Its extraordinary landscapes indeed invite you to an exceptional safari. You can even, if the time of year allows it, attend a breathtaking spectacle, that of the incredible migration of gigantic herds of wildebeest and zebras from Tanzania to the Kenyan plains.

But Kenya has many other nature reserves, each one full of wonders for an unforgettable stay: you will be able to observe unique and endemic species in the Taita reserve; rare species, such as Grevy’s zebra and gerenuk, the long-necked antelope-giraffe, in the Samburu reserve; or even black-maned lions in Tsavo West Park and chimpanzees in the sanctuary dedicated to them near Mount Kenya.

You can also go to meet countless species of birds, swarming to the delight of ornithologists along the shores of Lake Naivasha or in the Samburu reserve.

Without forgetting the astonishing spectacle of the thousands of pink flamingos of Lake Nakuru, whose enchanting ballet alone is worth the trip! It is also on the shores of Lake Nakuru that you can observe the famous Rothschild’s giraffe, the largest of the giraffes.

From full days of game drives to excursions and discovery activities, you’ll travel at your own pace and explore other aspects of Kenya.

You can visit the Sheldricks Orphanage, which takes care of orphaned baby elephants, and where you will learn how to feed and care for baby elephants. You can even approach them!

You can also visit the Kiambethu farm, which was the first to cultivate and produce the famous Kenyan tea, or take a boat trip on Lake Baringo, with peaceful waters, full of fish, a true paradise for birds and which offers, with its ocher-colored cliffs, a magnificent setting.

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First of all, observe wild animals: for this, Kenya is full of nature reserves. The Maasai Mara, the most famous reserve, is listed as a World Heritage Site. Located in western Kenya, this reserve of over 1,500 km2 is home to a large number of species.

With its immense plains, its golden colors, its hills, it has become a legend. Maasai Mara in Kenya is a must-see place for lovers of the great outdoors! The light, the variety of species, everything is a spectacle.

And then, its migrations of herds of zebras and wildebeest, twice a year, between Tanzania and Kenya, really make it an exceptional place.

safari destination in kenya

There are also many other reserves and national parks that are absolutely fascinating. Each has its own particularities. You will be able to choose the safaris according to the animals you want to see.

For example, Lake Nakuru, in the Great Rift Valley, is famous for its huge colony of flamingos, its hundreds of bird species (more than 400 recorded), its endangered Rothschild’s giraffe. It also shelters in its meadows: buffaloes, gazelles, antelopes, zebras, rhinos.

Tsavo Park, meanwhile, is one of the largest and oldest parks in the country. Cut in two by a road and a railway line, it is both hilly in the west, and more flat and arid in the east.

Its two parts are home to a different fauna: in Tsavo West, it is mostly elephants, hippos and crocodiles, while Tsavo East hosts the largest herds of elephants in the country, as well as large herds of zebras, buffaloes and impalas.

Finally, for all lovers of grandiose landscapes, the Amboseli reserve, the oldest in the country, is the place to go. It will enchant you. It is the territory of gazelles, antelopes, giraffes, but also baboons and many wild birds, and in the dry season, many elephants.

But if it is so famous, it is especially because it is there that one can see, on a clear day, the Kilimanjaro rising up majestically in the background. The Kilimanjaro and its eternal snows, mythical mountain, recognizable among all, and this light of luxury destinations in Kenya is unforgettable!

And if you are still confused about what to do on a Kenya safari? Beyond the safaris, you can take advantage of your stay to meet the inhabitants of the country, in several villages: you can talk with the locals, share tea with them, discover their trades, traditions and customs.

You can also visit places open to the public: Kiambethu Farm, the oldest tea farm in Kenya where you will visit the tea fields and drink tea with the owner; but also the home of Karen Blixen, the famous author of the book “Out of Africa (The African Farm)” where you can enjoy a delicious meal; or the Subukia Bandas farm where you will discover the plants used by the local populations to heal themselves.

And then, before leaving, nothing like a breath of sea air at the edge of the Indian Ocean! On the east coast, south of Mombasa, Diani Beach is the ideal place for rest and relaxation after a safari.

With its coral reef, palm trees, immense expanses of sand, Kenya holiday destination is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the ocean, but also to take part in sports or nautical activities: swimming in water at 30 ° C, sea excursion to Wasini Island, diving in search of humpback whales- a real treat!

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The south of the country is dominated by the equatorial climate, and the northern states are dominated by the mountainous subtropical. Monsoons affect the changing seasons and weather in the resorts of India.

A dry and hot season lasts from April to June, when the air temperature rises to a record + 45 ° C, which already in mid-June gives way to seasons of tropical showers (at this time the air temperature reaches + 35 ° C).

The high season at Indian resorts lasts from October to March: at this time, favorable weather reigns on the coast, the sea warms up to + 25 ° C, the daytime air temperature does not exceed the comfortable + 28-30 ° C, and the refreshing coolness of the nights (+ 20-25 ° C) allows you to relax.

The warmest resort in India – Kerala – is best visited from October to March, at the same time beach relaxation can be combined with a ski vacation on the slopes of the Himalayas.

weather in indian resorts

Where to go in India?

Traditions, people, colors and aromas of India fascinate and sometimes shock, but at the same time preserve the identity of the state for millennia. The majestic country of contrasts invites connoisseurs of a peaceful beach, noisy youth, exciting excursion and active recreation.

Beach resorts in India

Among all the popular resorts in India, special attention deserves:

The municipal beaches of North Goa – Anjuna, Calangute, Morjim, Mandrem, Baga, Candolim, Kerry and Arambol and the respectable recreation centers of South Goa – Agonda, Butterfly, Cansaulim, Benaulim, Colva, Palolem, Majorda and others.

The coast of Kerala is famous for its picturesque natural landscape of jungle, mountains, lakes, rivers, mineral springs and sandy luxury beach travel Destinations, among which tourists are especially fond of Kappad, Alappuzha, Varkala, Kovalam, Bekal and Beypore.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is an Indian island state, like a corner of paradise, lost in the Bay of Bengal at a considerable distance from the mainland.

Of the 570 islands of the group, only ten are open for tourists, but they can also amaze the imagination with the beauty of the protected area, to visit which tourists will need special permission from the authorities.

Island beaches are dotted with soft white sand and washed by crystal clear waters, and therefore promise heavenly bliss and serve as one of the best Honeymoon Travel Destinations.

Ski resorts in India

Multifaceted India is famous not only for its extensive list of beach resorts, but also for its modern winter sports centers. All of them are located in the majestic Himalayas in the four Indian states – Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Jammu. The ranking of the best ski resorts includes:

Auli (1917-3027 m) – this is 10 km of slopes of various difficulty levels, where from mid-December to May, novice skiers and those who are a little more experienced ride with pleasure;

Dayara-Bugyal (3084 m) is famous not only for its well-maintained trails, but also for the fantastic panorama of the Himalayas that opens from the slopes;

Salang (2800 m) – a picturesque Indian resort, which has slopes for both beginners and more experienced skiers, and the coaches working here were trained in Swiss resorts;

Kufri is the oldest ski center in the country, built back in 1854 near the Indira Tourist Park and the Himalayan Nature Park in the region that belonged to the Kingdom of Nepal, and today is a center for hiking, trekking and skiing.

Gulmarg (1400-4138) is a British-built resort ideal for beginners who can rent all the outdoor activities they need.

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Kenya is not just the country of safaris, it is the essence of Africa. The endless plains of the Maasai Mara teeming with wildlife, the Naivasha and Nakuru lakes populated by thousands of birds and landscapes of unparalleled beauty, the Samburu reserve with its incredible animal life, the magic of Amboseli with the Kilimanjaro, along with the extraordinary kindness and warmth of its people, make this destination a unique place in the world.

Discover with us Kenya and its Hakuna Matata philosophy.

kenya holiday tourism

Tips before traveling to Kenya

Climate: Kenya’s climate is equatorial, but only the coast is affected by the constant temperatures and high humidity typical of this climate. Two dry seasons, from December to March and from July to October, alternate with two rainy seasons, from April to June and from November to December.

Best time to go: The best time to go on safari to Kenya, any time of year is good. You can choose the month of July to be able to witness the great migration in Maasai Mara.

Recommended travel duration: To enjoy a safari as it deserves, we recommend a minimum of 6 days to visit several parks, including Maasai Mara, essential on your route through Kenya.

Language: In Kenya the official language, apart from English, is Swahili.

Visiting Kenya is also going to meet warm people. You will be able to visit a Maasai village and thus go to the discovery of a completely different culture, where men and animals have lived together for centuries.

You can also, immersed for two days in the magnificent Mara region, discover the daily life of the inhabitants of a Maasai village and learn more about their culture, customs and traditions during your Luxury Honeymoon Travel. You can still visit the Kikuyu in Subukia Valley, whose hospitality will touch you.

Mystical beuaty of kenya

Safari parks, coral reefs and colorful cities on the African continent have attracted travelers from all over the world for hundreds of years. Do you dream of observing wild animals in their natural habitat, seeing with your own eyes the place where the human race was born and standing at the equator? So, you definitely need to visit Kenya.

Due to the diversity of natural areas, flora and fauna, Kenyan national parks are the most visited in Africa. On a safari in Kenya, you can see not only all the representatives of the famous big five (elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard), but also hippos, crocodiles, zebras, giraffes and exotic birds.

In total, Kenya has more than 50 national parks and reserves located in different climatic zones – from savannas and deserts to mangrove forests and jungles.

The most popular park in Kenya is Maasai Mara. Between July and October, tourists flock here to observe one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world – the great animal migration, during which about two million antelopes, gazelles and zebras cross from Tanzania to Kenya.

Every year, following the rainy season in search of green pastures, artiodactyls travel more than 800 kilometers. The most spectacular and dramatic part of this route is the crossing of the Mara River, in the waters of which crocodiles are waiting for mammals.

With the beautiful, luminous, unequaled light of Kenya holiday destinations, your photos will be transformed, but not only your photos, you will leave Kenya with your heart and eyes filled with this light. Perhaps you will also carry in your heart the colors, the smells and the sounds of the savannah.

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India is the many-sided and mysterious cradle of ancient civilization, famous not only for the impeccable beaches of Goa and the Taj Mahal, but also the Himalayas leaning against the sky, the picturesque cities of Mumbai and Delhi, majestic temples, yoga and Ayurvedic practices.

That is why sometimes it is not easy to choose which resort is better to go to, but it is reliably known that people fall in love with India at first sight, and having fallen in love, they return to this amazing country again and again.

The territory of contrasts is famous for its postcard beaches, virgin jungle nature, cheerfulness and hospitality of local residents, attracting tourists from all over the world.

North Goa

Fort Aguada divides the coastal Indian state of Goa into North and South parts. North Goa, stretching for 30 km from the state of Maharashtra to Fort Aguada, is chosen by unassuming tourists who crave entertainment, exciting diving and a kaleidoscope of new experiences.

The worldwide popularity of the beaches of the coast of the Arabian Sea in the 1970s was brought by hippies who proclaimed them a territory of freedom and love.

Today, the most noisy and funniest beaches are Calangute and Anjuna, the quieter and more respectable beaches are Candolim and Arambol, and Morjim beach is called the “Russian village”, since the overwhelming number of vacationers come here from the post-Soviet space.

South Goa

In the ranking of beach Travel resorts in India, the beaches of South Goa share the championship with the northern part of the state. There are no hippie youths or noisy parties here: an atmosphere of respectable tranquility and family peace reigns everywhere.

To the south of the mouth of the Zuari River, exceptionally fashionable “fours” and “fives” have been erected, whose guests enjoy the views of white sandy beaches, orderly rows of emerald palms and mangroves.

Since South Goa became available to tourists later than North Goa, it managed to avoid the influx of hippies, the stars of the hotels here correspond to the declared ones, there is a significant list of international cuisine in restaurants and cafes, and the level of service is not inferior to that offered at world resorts.

The best beach Travel destinations in this part of the state are Palolem, Benaulim, Colva, Cansaulim and Agonda, where vacationers can bask in the gentle sun.


Kerala is deservedly included in the rating of the best resorts in South Asia, the hotels of which are harmoniously blended into the surrounding landscape.

The unique state occupies high blue mountains and pristine tropical thickets on a narrow strip of land that descends to the Arabian Sea, offering the quintessence of quality relaxation, including not only beach relaxation, but also Ayurvedic and yoga practices, ecotourism, exciting trips to spice plantations and nature reserves visiting the town of Cochin.

Numerous bays, lagoons, streams and lakes guarantee a relaxing holiday even when the rough sea does not allow swimming.


The stunning city, which is 5 thousand years old, today unites the historical part of Delhi and the capital of the state – New Delhi, created in 1920.

The cosmopolitan and multi-religious city combines Buddhist and Hindu temples, Gothic cathedrals, Christian domes left after numerous conquerors, and ultra-modern business centers and shops.

Tourists come here to plunge into the whirlpool of life, purchase silk, Rajasthani cotton, spices, take many vivid shots, visit Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort, the modern Lotus Temple and the National Museum.

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