New Zealand and Tourism of Great Emotions

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The Experiential tourism is the latest revolution in the world of travel. When the traveller has access to information about New Zealand holiday destinations, he has to go a step further and not only surprise him but also leave an indelible memory in him. New Zealand and the tourism of great feelings seem made for each other. The nation of the All Blacks has been a constant source of astonishment since the Maoris arrived on their coasts aboard their boats in the 10th century. Today, thousands of travellers continue to be surprised with their charms, and no wonder.

Nature in its purest form

With its natural reserves and the 14 national parks it has, New Zealand is a paradise for lovers of outdoor spaces, flora and fauna.

  • Natural parks. The Egmont National Park, with the Taranaki volcano as the main protagonist, and Mount Aspiring National Park, the largest in the country with its 350,000 hectares, are two of the most outstanding destinations. The parks are a magnet for those who understand tourism as an opportunity to practice their favourite sports, including mountaineering or hiking. Other unique parks are the Kahurangi National Park, the Tongariro National Park (suitable for skiing) or the Mount Cook National Park.
  • The Coromandel Peninsula offers unrivalled routes parallel to the coast, while the Franz Josef Glacier offers the opportunity to practice speleology in one of the glaciers closest to the ocean known in the world. The Mount Cook, the most famous Maori is worth a visit during luxury destinations New Zealand tour.

The great little secret of New Zealand cuisine

There are not many travellers who, before stepping on the soil of the country, can name some typical New Zealand dish. And yet, all leave with the unique memory of a few. It is difficult to find a place in the world where so many influences are appreciated on the table; Asian, European, Polynesian and Maori. It is as usual to find in a letter the English fish and chips as to taste the hangi according to the Maori tradition. The latter consists of a preparation of meat or fish that is cooked by digging a hole in the ground and placing the food on top of hot stones that are located in it. The dish is surrounded by vegetation and cooked for several hours. Another typical meal is the colonial goose, a roast leg of lamb, and the unique dessert is the pavlova cake. Do not leave aside the excellent New Zealand wines, with Marlborough and Hawkes Bayas regions with the most famous vineyards.


Culture, the biggest claim

Culture is in New Zealand a way of life. New Zealanders, especially in medium and large population centres, are accustomed to attending music concerts, theatre shows or art galleries. But culture is not locked in museums but is seen in the same street, where it is common to hold live performances and art markets. In January the Auckland Folk Festival takes place and in February the New Zealand International Arts Festival. Also dedicated to culture is the Queenstown Winter Festival. To all this, you must add attractions such as the Maori dances (the most famous of them all is the haka, the tribal war dance of this ethnic group).

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