Maldives: A Perfect Honeymoon Destination to Relish

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luxury destinations in Maldives

Maldives is a cluster of islands located on the southern part of Lakshadweep islands of India and approximately 700 km southwest of Sri Lanka. It is the land of crystal clear blue water and white sand-beaches. It has abundant aquatic life and fantastic coral reefs that make it an obvious choice for scuba divers. It can also be called a collection of coral islands situated on the Indian Ocean. The Maldives luxury travel is one of the most popular vacationing honeymoon destinations among the travelers. Every year it attracts up to 680,000 tourists, which is more than twice the population of the country. Its ideal weather, beautiful beaches and peculiar resorts are the main reasons why this is a perfect holiday destination for the tourists. The factors which are responsible for its amazing business in tourism are as under.

1. Weather

The weather is usually warm, humid, and sunny all throughout the year. This makes it benign for diving and thus, thousands of divers come here to enjoy the sport. It is very rapidly gaining the attention of the surfers from around the world. These surfers are always hungry for more adventure and loves to live on the edge.

These Islands are based on the equatorial belt and, it means that any terrible storms are infrequent. The hottest month of the year on average is April and December is the coldest. The time between December to April tend to be fairly dry with February being the driest.

On average, you can assume between 7 to 8 hours of sunshine a day and temperatures between 25 to 30 degrees centigrade. Humidity is approximately 75% and can be pretty high, so be prepared.

Mostly, the weather forecast in the Island of the Maldives is fantastic all year round, not too cold and not too hot. No matter what you plan on doing, whether you want to enjoy a quality time with your loved ones or whether you’re thinking of going diving and relishing the flora and fauna, you are guaranteed a trip of a lifetime in this magnetizing destination.

Maldives luxury travel

2. Accessibility

Maldive’s International Airport and other airports which are the source of connectivity with the other parts of the world provides it an extra advantage to pull more crowd of tourists. After reaching the airport the holidaymakers need to hire a speedboat or Dhoni, a local boat in order to reach their desired location. The other ways of transport used to travel from one place to the other are motorbikes or taxis. The Island’s ferry is used by the holidaymakers to hop from one island to the other.


Even though Maldives are well known as a scuba diving haven, all luxury resorts, honeymoon destinations and spa resorts and other inclusive resorts have become very famous over the past few years. Hollywood celebrities, International supermodels and even football players have explored various luxury honeymoon destinations in Maldives to relish the pure beauty of these island chains. Their resorts supply you with the opportunity to have a quality time either alone, or with family and friends.

honeymoon destinations in Maldives

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