Luxury Tourism in Chile – A Perfect Holiday Destination

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The new concept of luxury does not speak of prices, but of experiences. In today’s world, time has become the greatest luxury and who can match it with the rejoicing of a sublime experience, even better. Today, the luxury market is growing in our country, and foreigners are the first to value it, and this is confirmed by the figures.

For attractive Chile holiday destinations, it is key to be able to experience an authentic local experience, with unique attributes; A personalized service of quality and privacy, hence the difference between luxury and ostentatious. “High-end consumers are looking for increasingly exotic luxury destinations in Chile, and Chile has great potential in that regard. Destinations such as Easter Island, Atacama, the Wine Routes, the Torres del Paine are growing in a healthy and sustained way with new high-end boutique hotels that seek to satisfy the interest of these travelers by natural, unknown and exclusive places.


In 2012, the luxury segment grew 21%, with the projection being only 10%. “Consumers in this segment are looking for differentiated proposals, and in this sense, Chile already has its luxury destinations in Chile brands in the tourism sector, such as Awasi and Lapostolle Residence, among others. These companies forge deep emotional connections with their visitors, with 360º experiences that include gastronomy of excellence, a deep insertion in culture and local landscapes, privacy, high standards in every detail and are recognized worldwide.

What they are looking for, and what Chile holiday destinations have to offer?

Chile has everything to develop high-end tourism: mountains, desert, ocean, fjords, glaciers, lakes, and volcanoes, all complemented by high standard services. For this reason, Tourism Chile, an entity dedicated to the promotion of national tourism abroad, is also enhancing this niche through the international development program, which is implemented to (or “intending to”) 2020.


According to research, “customers want to” get in the skin “of destinations, live them as a local, with authentic experiences. The new luxury in tourism seeks experiences, with tourists who are no longer so attracted to ostentatious services but plan their trips focused on authenticity, with service of excellence, privacy, and personalization.

Luxury travelers want to try different types of luxury destinations Chile throughout the year, looking for authentic experiences, with an emphasis on touching and savoring local cultures. Some with an ecological conscience look for the total aesthetic gratification, the least adulterated possible. Therefore, a significant trend in hotels is to have a minimum visual and structural impact on the environment.


In the case of cruises, these passengers seek to feel the same or better than at home; That they treat them by name, and that the crew remembers their preferences by offering an individualized service, exclusive experiences, and gastronomy that is a straight trip to the senses. In a globalized world, they are looking for space where everything is personalized!

The high-end guests look for destinations not only exclusive but unique experiences where the local environment is experienced, with individual and natural settings. Also, with a worried chef; Personalized yoga classes with a single view of the Apalta Valley; Biking through the vineyard and botanical trekking, and of course the option to enjoy our wines right where they are born.

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