Luxurious Trip to Italy- Wine, Gourmet, and Art

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A trip to Italy is a unique and unforgettable experience. You cannot love traveling when you have not been to Italy! Here, you will experience exclusive luxury destinations in italy, stylish travel, a holiday like a star!

Italy offers a variety of travel ideas for all tastes: art and culture trips, luxury travels, nature vacations, beach holidays, mountain holidays, city holidays, country holiday, lake holidays, spa holidays, sports vacations, relaxing holidays, wine tours and shopping for all kinds of tastes and people.


Therefore, luxury tourism was not only stopped by the crisis in Italy and Europe in general but was even increasing. The artistic and cultural heritage of Italy is so rich that streets and paths of this beautiful country are true open-air galleries.

It is thanks to these artistic and cultural treasures that Italy is the first place of UNESCO’s world cultural heritage. Italy has 58% of the works of art from all over the world, 70% of the natural and cultural heritage in Europe, more than 95,000 monuments and churches, over 3,000 museums and 2,000 archaeological sites that enrich Italy as a luxury destinations italy. What are you waiting for?

The merit lies with travelers from rapidly expanding markets, such as China and Brazil, but also from old Europe, thanks to Germany and the United Kingdom. Among the European travelers who grew tourism in Italy are also the Russians, lovers especially of the area of Versilia, in Tuscany, and now also the shores of the elegant Lake Como. The preferred goals are the big cities of art, with hotels five stars or more, able to offer a high level of efficiency in the services.

Pizza, pasta, coffee, and wine are just some of the many specialties of Italy.


Italy has a large selection of dishes and a variety of delicious products in each region. From north to south you can enjoy rich food, sweet or savory, healthy and always different. What are you waiting for? Book your luxury destinations italy!

Quality and freshness are the basis for all Italian specialties, in all its myriad variations: tagliatelle with ragout Bolognese, delicious chocolate from Piemonte, Parma ham and mozzarella from Campania, Risotto Alla Milanese, Trofie with pesto from Liguria, Sicilian pastries, Florentine steak, sheep’s milk cheese from Sardinia and orecchiette with turnip tops from Puglia …

Italy offers a wide range of white wines, red and rosé wines, sparkling wines and sweet wines: Barolo Delle Langhe, Brunello di Montalcino, Francia Corta from Brescia, Passito di Pantelleria, Prosecco from Conegliano and Primitivo di Manduria.

The highest quality and variety of food alone justify a trip to Italy. There are different categories of restaurants. The traditional rooms include trattorias, which offer delicious dishes in traditional surroundings at moderate prices.

Of course, there are also excellent restaurants, which offer new recipes and new interpretations of traditional dishes, a kitchen of high quality. There are also conventional, and local sales stalls are offering pizza, farinate, Panini, pia dines, gelati and granite and much more.

What are you waiting for? Book your exclusive gourmet and wine tour luxury destinations italy!

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