Italy- The Ultimate Honeymoon Destination

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Newlyweds from all over the world every year choose to say yes in our country, then move their most romantic holiday right here. So why not decide to organize your honeymoon in Italy?

Discover ten dream destinations for honeymoon destinations in Italy.


For those who love the mountains, Bagni di Bormio (Sondrio) are a real alternative destination and increasingly demand. Famous throughout the world for their beauty, are perhaps not well known, at least not as it should be. Beauty treatments, baths and outdoor pools, idyllic landscape: the ideal conditions for unforgettable honeymoon destinations in Italy, all of the relaxation.



Located just across the Gulf of Naples, Capri is an ideal destination for a honeymoon in Italy. There are several amazing places to visit: the terraces overlooking the Faraglioni, secluded bays and far from the chaos, the famous Blue Grotto and more.



Your luxury destinations Italy could begin in Florence, the cradle of the Italian Renaissance. A veritable art gallery in the open, Florence stands out for its unique architecture and its beautiful churches decorated with works of great artists such as Michelangelo, Titian, Leonardo da Vinci, and Botticelli, but not all. It can also be the starting point for a route in the country, perhaps in the beautiful Val D’Orcia.

Aeolian Islands


The desire of sea? Pick a mini cruise to the Aeolian, Heritage, through the magical scenery and alluring islands and enjoying the scenic wonders and seafood, not to mention the excellent Sicilian cuisine. Also in September and October, the weather is still warm, but the lowest prices.

La Maddalena


Because when we go to the Maldives in Italy a clear blue sea? Select Sardegna most charming and romantic, opting for one of the many incredible resorts surrounded by greenery for a holiday in nature.


Puglia is one of the most popular luxury destinations Italy for Italians and foreigners with its beautiful beach, its traditions, and the food fantastic. For a romantic honeymoon choose Ostuni, where you can still discover the ancient flavors, the old traditions, the friendliness of the past and the beauty of the landscapes.



Among the most popular and sought after destinations by foreigners, Portofino is one of the Italian pearls. With its colors, its scents and breathtaking landscapes, this small Ligurian joint is ideal for an intimate and unique honeymoon.



Too obvious? Not! It is impossible to tire of Rome: the capital city includes history, culture and charm, essential ingredients for a perfect honeymoon, not to mention its culinary tradition. Wander the old streets, museums and ruins, do not forget to visit the Pincio, the Aventine Hill, the Orange Garden, and the Janiculum.



Among the recommended city for the honeymoon in Italy could not certainly Miss Venice, considered the city of love on par with Paris. Unique in the world, it is full of interesting corners, and hotel facilities can make you live a dream. Forget the obvious gondola ride and set off to discover the nearby islands, such as the beautiful Burano.



We could not close without mentioning the city of Romeo and Juliet. In addition to the attractions offered by the town of Venice, the first of the Arena is the ideal starting point for excursions to the nearby Lake Garda or the many nearby amusement parks.

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