In New Zealand, It is Effortless to Find Beautiful Places to be Alone.

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Your heart beats fast, but is it your loved one at your side, or the exciting motorcycle trip that makes you beat that way? So many wonderful experiences, so many beautiful places, you do not have to wear rose lenses to see all that New Zealand holiday destinations can offer you.

Catch Romanticism

Spend a romantic vacation in New Zealand with the person you love, doing different things and knowing unique places. Surf together by kayaking through the pristine waters of Abel Tasman National Park. Discover a secret cove of sand in Northland. Dance barefoot under the stars of Auckland. New Zealand will re-ignite and spark the flame with exciting romantic activities.

The country offers so many unique and extraordinary adventures to the heart which make it a dreamed New Zealand holiday destinations. Of course, there are also luxurious ultra-comfortable hotels and spas that will pamper you with flower petals on your pillow. And shopping centers, lively nightlife, and cultures appreciate art and theater of large cities. But also consider gifts for the more adventurous, the new romantics.

Do the unexpected


Do unexpected things, which you have never done together. In Northland, ride a lonely beach at dawn. Walk along a wooded path until you reach a pool of hot springs in the middle of the forest and take a bath, just the two of you and the birds singing. Get on a hot air balloon, let yourself be carried away by the wind and over Canterbury and its broad plains: a new perspective on your world.

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the beautiful natural beauty of volcanoes such as Mount Taranaki, the majestic fjords, the bright, golden, and even black sands of beaches stretching beyond the horizon, the gigantic kauri trees in Northland, and the massive Active geysers of Rotorua ; much of New Zealand has been declared a World Heritage area.

Follow a gastronomic or wine route, or one of art and crafts, or drive along a panoramic route and discover a different landscape together at each corner. Make a stop to take the private tour of a winery or to chat with locals. From the north end to the tip of the South Island, you will discover that the genuine sympathy of New Zealanders is like a big hug.

Listen to your heart


Plan on paragliding over the Northland sky, have your legs shake and feel the adrenaline rush of the bungee jump feeling like a cloud, sitting on top of the world above a helicopter on a tour of White Island. You can explore the wildlife of Marlborough’s native forest, talk to the Maori culture guide, sail to an island for a picnic on a yacht with a captain and walk on the thin ice of the famous Fox Glacier. The chances that your relationship with your love will become even closer with all these spectacular experiences in luxury destinations New Zealandare unlimited.

Romantic Places to Stay in New Zealand


Now, where to rest after all this grand romanticism? Consider a cottage or other type of boutique accommodation, located, of course, between truly breathtaking landscapes and simply splendid amenities and services. They can dine alone or at a table with other guests, and savor the fine cuisine and excellent New Zealand wines in a luxurious and cozy setting. You will feel part of New Zealand culture.

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