Honeymoon Without Stress – So Succeed in a Wonderful Honeymoon!

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Romantic should be the honeymoon, relaxed and very special. A vacation to which one remembers gladly for a lifetime. So that your holiday dream becomes as you imagine, you should start planning early enough.

Tips for travel planning and preparation

Start early to plan

The earlier you start planning your honeymoon travel destination, the better. The rule of thumb is: If you start planning around half a year before the wedding, you can be sure to have a suitable selection of hotels and flights. Nothing can go wrong with the dream trip.

Where should it go?

Choose a destination that you both like and fits you as a couple. This can be a city break, a sports holiday or indeed the romantic, lonely sea island. The main thing, you agree.

When do you want to travel?

You do not have to start directly after the wedding on vacation. Often it is also nice to travel a few weeks later, when the first excitement has subsided, and perhaps even a few bureaucratic things are regulated. Anyone who likes it quietly is well advised in some destinations, not to start in the high season anyway. During off-season and mid-season, hotels are less crowded, local people are often more relaxed – and moreover, travel is cheaper.

How much budget do you have available?

A wedding itself is often expensive enough. If you have a budget left for your dream trip to far-off places, there are various possibilities:

  • Celebrate on a small scale and use the saved money for your journey.
  • You do without presents and instead, put on a honeymoon piggy bank.

Entry requirements

Once you have found your dream family travel destination, do not forget to check your entry requirements.

  • For how long does your passport is valid?
  • Do you need a visa for your dream destination?
  • Are vaccinations necessary?

Suddenly another surname?

Very important in a honeymoon is the subject name change. If you book the journey with airline tickets, etc. already on the new name, must also be in the passport. So that everything works in time, you can usually apply for your new ID documents before the wedding with the written proof of the application for the marriage.

Honeymoon Bargains

Look for honeymoon specials. For newly married couples there are often discounts in the hotels or even complete honeymoon packages that include flight, accommodation and even extras. This could be a room upgrade, a romantic candlelight dinner, massages or other small touches on site. A nice, practical thing that often saves you money.

Most couples want a dream island for their honeymoon travel. You can enjoy the sun, turquoise lagoons, sandy beaches, and togetherness. Be sure to ask for a honeymoon special!

Adventure-oriented honeymoons are becoming increasingly popular. On a camper trip, you can enjoy freedom and romance to the fullest. Admire the Outback, the fabulous beaches and stop where you want. Of course, you should decide in advance for a route.

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