Honeymoon packages for North America- Your stop at the USA

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The wedding is the most beautiful day in a couple’s life. Nevertheless, these days eating away at the power reserves of the couple and also the stress of wedding preparations is not forgotten. The honeymoon is, therefore, a welcome break, the time together can be enjoyed fueled in energy and. For the honeymoon to be as perfect as the wedding itself, the destination should be well thought out.

Especially if the ideas of perfect honeymoon destinations in North America differ, it is important to find compromises, which are both satisfied. With its versatility, the USA is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations worldwide. From sandy beaches to mountain landscapes, North America offers the right destination for any fresh-baked couple. We, therefore, ask below five most popular honeymoon destinations in the USA – perhaps the perfect destination is the one for you.

Hawaii – the ideal destination for newlyweds


Hawaii is a true honeymoon destinations in North America paradise for newlywed couples. Since 1959 the island chain belongs to the USA and forms the 50th Federal State. The island group consists of a total of 137 islands and atolls, but a majority of them are not populated. From relaxed beach holidays to exciting outdoor adventures to the different citytour, Hawaii offers the right offer for every couple.

Las Vegas – the city that never sleeps


Las Vegas is famous for its colorful neon lights and its interesting shows. After all, wedding guests in Las Vegas will also be fully satisfied. Here you can take a romantic stroll through half the world, marveling at ancient Rome, strolling through Paris and New York and admiring medieval fairy tales.

Florida – the “Sunshine State.”


Florida has a fascinating nature, exciting cities, beautiful beaches, and just everything a newly married couple could want. The name “Sunshine State” has not been unjustly deserved by the state, because Florida shines through a breathtaking weather with a lot of the sunshine, hot temperatures and much more.

California – the Golden state


California is a true land of extremes, a favorite destination for honeymooners, mainly because of its natural beauty and fascinating cities and attractions. The golden state offers wedding travelers a fascinating and breathtaking panorama, hip city scenes, nostalgic road movies, relaxing holidays and adventure travel.

New York – the world metropolis of opposites

New York is a city of contrasts. Here, vast green parks meet on cold gray concrete; small churches are surrounded by high skyscrapers, peace and idyll meet the harsh rush. In this city, which never sleeps and where everything is moving at all times, eight million inhabitants of different ethnic cultures live with a cosmopolitan as well as cultural atmosphere, which immediately captivates every wedding traveler.

Round trip through the USA

For a guaranteed happy honeymoon, however, in the best case, it is not only a fixed place where you want to spend your honeymoon destinations in North Americahoneymoon destinations in North America. For anyone who wants to experience something from the USA, plans a round trip through the whole country. Above all, a lot of men do not want anything more than to be able to cross the Route 66 across America once in their lives.

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