Holidays in Italy Are Becoming More Popular Among Newlyweds

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Luxury travel in Italy

Italy is one of the apical tourist spots in the world. Tourism is certainly one of the corner stones of Italian economy. It is a center of attraction to civilization and romance. Luxury travel in Italy offer the vacations full of excitement and amusement. Italy is just the apt place to be at, especially if you are a newly wedded couple. The history, culture, places, food, people, climate, etc… all together are the best far better than traveler can ever think of. Luxury travel in Italy offers you a tour from snow-capped mountains to white sand beaches, alpine mountains, sea cliffs, open plains and rolling hills. Here are some of the famous destinations of Italy that worth witnessing for sure.

1. Tuscany

Tuscany is greatly appreciated by the tourists. The natural beauty of this exotic place makes it destination to escape the calamity of the world and simply unwind. It is a perfect honeymoon spot for newlyweds. The way of life here is simple which makes it perfect family holiday destination. The roads are made from the material cobblestone and the architecture will leave you awestruck. There are also numerous vineyards that are ideal for newlyweds to enjoy wine tours from few of the best wineries in Europe.

Tuscany, Italy

2. Rome

Rome wasn’t built in a day, much like your love. It is believed that once you visit this beautiful city, you’ll just get mesmerized by its fragrance of passion which is there in every bit of it. Rome is popular for the Roman Coliseum, the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, and so much more. Those travelers who have visited Rome can tell you there is something very special about the city that makes you fall in love with Italian culture. This makes it one of the must see honeymoon destinations in Italy. Create the memories of your married life and make the beginning of a beautiful life together.

Rome, Italy

3. Lake Como

Lake Como is home to many European and Hollywood stars. This lake offers hypnotic views of quaint villas and acres of small towns that are straggled along the beautiful water. A quiet walk along the Lake Como can bring you much closer to the glory of the nature. As holidaymakers cut out the rest of the world for their honeymoon with their new partner for life, there are many better ways to relish the peace and serenity of this bewitching destination.

Lake Como has a peculiar effect on tourists, best summed up in words like calming, relaxing, rejuvenating and even inspiring. Travelers could describe the process as stress busting, holistic therapy and wellness creation. The weather in Lake Como is quite admirable all year round. As compared to other regions in Central Europe, Lake Como is celebrated for its beautiful med climate and has tropical and sub-tropical vegetation all year round.


lake como, italy

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