A Family Trip to France

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On a journey in eclectic France, you will find something of everything: mountains, sea, nature, small villages, and big cities. The nearby location makes France particularly attractive for Germans for a family holiday. In the north, you have pleasant temperatures in the summer around the 23 C ° while you can have it warm in the south at temperatures above 30 C °.

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1. Versatile landscape on a family holiday in France

France is one of the most diversified of the European travel destinations. During your family holiday in France, you will encounter high, sometimes steep mountain ranges (the Mont Blanc is one of the most prominent mountains in Europe at 4810 m), lush green low mountain ranges, steep or flat coastal landscapes. You can also find river valleys with extensive vegetation, vines and cereal fields, dense forest areas and modern cities and original villages. In France, you will be able to visit the most beautiful landscape on your family holiday.
2. The French travel season
Outside of the French central tourist season, prices are lower for apartments and attractions in many places. The French tourist season takes place during the block holidays of the French schools, traditional in July and August. So to spend your vacations with children in France at Easter or in the autumn free has the chance to a cheaper holiday.
3. Markets and flea markets in France holidays with children
Weekly markets are still an integral part of the French eating and living culture. You should not miss out on a market visit on your family holiday in France: it is a feast for all the senses. Here you can buy crisp fresh and high-quality food from the region. Round off your market visit with the bite of a freshly harvested nectarine or with a crêpe or ice cream on the hand. That will also taste your children!
It is one of the best flea markets in Europe, on which both professional and hobby dealers offer lovely fancy pieces. Perhaps you will find here the best souvenir of your family holiday in France.
4. Experience something different Easter on vacation with children in France
Over Easter, an extraordinary silence spreads throughout France. From Maundy Thursday to Easter Eve, the church bells are not rung, and the air is filled with the joyful anticipation of the children. The French children are told that on Holy Thursday the church bells fly to the Pope in Rome to be blessed. The sounds are loaded with sweets on the return flight. On their return journey, they lose their cargo throughout France. So it happens that desserts are also sought for Easter, but are not hidden by the Easter Bunny.
5. A variety of family vacations in France
If your family is an adventurer, the mountains offer you many options for a family holiday in France. You can go climbing with your children, donkey hiking, white water rafting and much more.
The long coast of France offers just as much variety. Here you can do both water sports and visit small secluded coves.
Inland, you can explore old villages, new forests or big cities on foot or by bike on holiday with children in France.

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