Discover Switzerland With Your Children

How many reasons do you need to travel to Switzerland? Many are the reasons to decide to know this beautiful country, full of fascinating natural places, incredible cities, and a most welcoming atmosphere.

Switzerland is a country rich in beautiful natural landscapes, clean air and healthy food from the many local farms.

There are many activities to do in Switzerland, and this makes it one of the most popular destinations for families with children.

Walks in the woods, cycling, hiking, and skiing are just some of the possible ways to spend your days in this green country.

Here are the most suitable Switzerland holiday destinations for a holiday with children in Switzerland:

Bern, the Swiss capital, offers various itineraries for families that can relax by taking walks in the mountains or along the lake or have fun to play ball and organizing picnics in the middle of a natural setting made of woods, meadows, and waterfalls.

The symbol of the city is the bear, and it will not be difficult to find out why. Visiting the medieval old town, you will notice that bears are present in every dimension and material in all corners of the city and children can have fun discovering them here and there. The arcades of Bern, built in the twelfth century are also the longest in the world, a real record.

The possibility also to get on a panoramic train, offers families to enjoy the views crossing them in long and wide.

Lucerne- For many, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The two main attractions that significantly increase tourism in Switzerland are the Water Tower and the Chapel Bridge.

Basel. It is the essential cultural center in all of Switzerland, with a large number of museums and theaters. Among all the places to see in Basel, the neo-Gothic church Elisabethenkirche, the Tinguely fountain, the cathedral and the Basel history museum, the market square and much more stand out.

In Montreaux, on the so-called Swiss Riviera along Lake Geneva, you can stroll along the flowery avenues to meet sculptures and monuments of artists linked to the city.

Not to be missed is the Place du Marché where the covered market is located in an ancient building of the city. Music lovers cannot miss the Mountain Studios, recording studios used by many international artists.

Every year, in the Christmas period, in Montreaux comes to life a charming Christmas Market where the house of Santa Claus is set up, many exhibitors are mounted and organized the so-called Medieval Phantasmagorias inside the Castle of Chillon in which narrators, musicians, Street artists, and artisans animate the city, transporting children and adults to a fairytale world.

The canton of Grisons is characterized by the presence of imposing mountains including the Pizzo Bernina, a peak that exceeds 4000 meters in height. It is a famous place for tourists who love skiing. This region offers more than 50 ski areas. Children have the opportunity to attend ski courses and have fun in the snow.

Switzerland holiday destinations is the perfect for a holiday of relaxation and well-being in the best family hotels.

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