Choose The Right Month For a Luxury Visit to Iceland

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A painting designed by nature, an island, the northernmost of Europe and the closest to Greenland. Geysers, glaciers, thermal springs, snowy peaks, active volcanoes and lava deserts. Last but not least, the magnificent northern lights that can be observed here in winter. The capital Reykjavik is the cultural heart, small yes, but with nothing less than other European cities. Making a trip to luxury destinations in Iceland  means doing it in a magical land where its parks and thermal springs attract more visitors.

Land of volcanoes, glaciers, geysers, waterfalls. The ‘ Iceland is a country in constant motion where the forces of nature shape the ground at will. Iceland is now a trend in the travel landscape. Today we would like to advise you what possible tour in a tour proposing an itinerary and suggesting the most suitable time of the visit.

With this post, we will try to help you to shed light on what is the best period and then decide when to go to Iceland.

In general, the Icelandic climate is temperate due to the influence of ocean currents in the southern and western regions that mitigate the icy winds from the north. The weather is also cold (milder along the coast) although not as polar as it might seem given the latitude.

On average, temperatures in Reykjavik in winter range from -2 ° C to +2 ° C, in summer from +8 ° C to +14 ° C. Weather is very variable, rainfall is frequent, and during the winter it is often snowy. In the north, the temperatures are lower but with less rain and with a higher chance to see snowfall, even in the months near the summer.

For convenience we can divide the year into three seasons:


Probably many will wonder how to go to Iceland in August, during the summer holidays. This period in Iceland is synonymous with mass tourism, especially in Reykjavik and the south. It is also the period when the weather conditions are the best. It is essential to book, and prices rise to the stars. The days are longer, and moreover, from June to August it is possible to watch the spectacle of white nights when the sun never falls below the horizon and the light of day invades everything.

As for the organizational aspect, we advise you to wear raincoats and bulky sweaters. Icelandic summer can be compared with Italian autumn.


Probably going to luxury destinations Iceland in May or September is the ideal time for all those who want to find less crowd on the way. The climate is even less stable than summer, windy and rainfall is more frequent with occasional inland.


Weather conditions can be prohibitive, and many of the internal roads are closed to traffic. The days are very short, the nights are endless, but this offers the opportunity to observe the unmissable northern lights. Tourists are dedicated to winter activities such as skiing, snowshoeing and visits to the ice caves.

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