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  1. Chose the wrong time

In Iceland, everything is decided by the weather. It will also depend on how luxurious you will get. The best time to trip to Iceland is mid-June-August.

Until mid-June, the mountain roads are still closed due to snow and deep-water mountain rivers. And I saw the most stunning landscapes in Iceland, having turned from the coast to the interior of the country.

You can also visit luxury destinations Iceland in the first half of September. The weather will be already cooler, but the number of tourists decreases. The worst time: the second half of September – the beginning of December. The Icelanders did not recommend me to go at this time. Constant rains and wet snow combined with a piercing wind can seriously impair the mood of tourists who are not accustomed to the Spartan conditions.

  1. Not prepared to face a severe Icelandic climate

Even in the summer months, the weather in Iceland to put it mildly “not resort”: rains and strong wind can often be your fellow travelers. But we agree with the British, who say that there is no bad weather, and there are wrong clothes.

From how correctly you pick up clothes and shoes will directly depend on how much fun you get from traveling and how many impressive places you can see. Outfitting for Iceland is a separate topic. In short, you will need to have hacking or tracking boots, storm jacket, and pants (preferably membrane ones). A thin cap will not hurt too.

  1. Have not planned or wrongly planned the route.

On the map, Iceland seems like a small island, but you do not know how many places there are from which breathtaking. You can find tours where Iceland travels all week. But this means that you will directly drive around the island on the ring road, without calling on the most beautiful places inland or the islands.

  1. I have not booked a hotel.

Do not think that we are against spontaneous travel. Naturally, Iceland in the summer is not the most suitable country for a comfortable spontaneous trip. In recent years, the annual increase in the number of tourists exceeds 20%. And almost all tourists go in the summer. Therefore, nearly all hotels and guesthouses will be occupied. Not to mention the fact that prices for air tickets will grow at times.

  1. I did not book excursions.

In principle, a luxury destinations in Iceland can be full of vivid impressions at all without booking any excursions. But still, if you never climbed the glacier, did not descend into the vent of the volcano and did not see the whale at a distance of a meter, and if the budget allows you, then it is worth booking some excursions in advance. In most outings, it will be difficult to fit in day to day.

For excursions that need to be booked in advance, oddly enough, the Blue Lagoon also applies. This world-famous open-air geothermal pool is so accessible that you need to book yourself a ticket in advance and for a particular time.

The choice of excursions in Iceland is very diverse: there are excursions on horses, jeeps, ships and boats, helicopters, and airplanes. Everything will depend on your budget and interests.

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