5 Reasons to Travel to Switzerland

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How many reasons do you need to travel to Switzerland? Many are the reasons to decide to know this beautiful country, full of fascinating natural places, incredible cities and a most welcoming atmosphere.

There are many and varied, but here are five reasons to travel to Switzerland, five places to see and know so that your experience in Switzerland is as complete, pleasant and unforgettable.

Five things to see in Switzerland:

Rhine Falls

Near the city of Schaffhausen, you can find this natural wonder. The Rhine Falls are the largest waterfall in Central Europe and one of the main tourism hubs in Switzerland.

If you decide to travel to Switzerland on August 1, which is the National Day of Switzerland, you can attend a pyrotechnic show at the Rhine Falls.

These waterfalls are 150 meters wide and 23 meters high, with a maximum flow of registered water of 1250 m³ / s.

As a tourist attraction in addition to the Rhine Falls, luxury destinations in Switzerland offer Castle stay, a place perfectly conditioned for tourists with a dining room, a hostel for the little ones and a multitude of shops.


Mount Matterhorn is a part of the Alps and is characterized by its pyramid shape. The famous mountain is 4478 meters in height and is one of the main reasons for travelling to Switzerland.

You can find Mount Matterhorn on the border of Switzerland with Italy, being the most photographed mountain in all of Europe. At the foot of this is the village of Zermatt, a ski resort from where most of the excursions and trekking depart for Matterhorn.

Castle of Chillon

The Chillon castle is located on the shores of Lake Leman and has a set of 25 buildings and three courtyards. It is a source of tourism for Switzerland since every year thousands of visitors travel alone to see this wonder, which has been preserved almost intact over the years since the Bronze Age. It has many rooms to visit inside, from rooms, dining rooms, weapons rooms and the most attractive of all is that it retains the original layout.

National Park of Switzerland

It is the oldest of the Alps, created in 1914 and with an area of 170 square kilometers. It is located in eastern Switzerland, on the border with Italy. Switzerland holiday destinations offer you to get in touch with nature in a unique way, thanks, to the trails created so that travellers can discover the charm of this place. The National Park of Switzerland is considered a reserve of the biosphere by UNESCO, and it contains two essential peaks: the Piz da l’Acqua and the Piz Chaschauna.

Cities: Basel, Zurich and Lucerne

If you are passionate about cities, shopping, party and good atmosphere, go for honeymoon destinations in Switzerland:

– Basel: The huge culture center is a flock of several museums and theatres. Among all the places to see in Basel, the neo-Gothic church Elisabethenkirche, the Tinguely fountain, the cathedral and the Basel history museum, the market square and much more stand out.

– Zurich: Its incredible buildings with detailed architecture make this city the best choice during Switzerland Holiday destination tour. Walk through the old side of the town, Altstadt, the Twin Towers of Charlemagne, cross the Limmat lake by boat and much more.

– Lucerne: The two main attractions that significantly increase tourism in Switzerland are the Water Tower and the Chapel Bridge.

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