5 Reasons to Go to Italy

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Italy is like a magnet every year attracts tourists from all over the world. And the phenomenon of this for several decades. What is it that draws this country to pasta and pasta? One likes to lie on an Egyptian beach, others – to admire the architecture and historical monuments of France, while others want “all at once,” this is precisely what Italy is doing. Only in Italy, you can find everything: from the great Roman sights to the sea and beaches. And some people, thinking about Italy, remember its beautiful ski slopes.

Italy is good everywhere – from majestic old towns to luxury destinations Italy. Also among our compatriots in demand shopping tours to Italy, but we are not on this. After all, in the first place, Italy is visited, with the aim of enjoying its beauty, and discover its secrets. But Italy, as enigmatic, fascinating, beautiful and mysterious girl, the secrets of which do not open immediately. And so we go there again and again in the hope of conquering her heart, every year more and more falling in love with this extraordinary country.

What is this strange power that attracts millions of other travelers and us every year to it, forcing us to abandon other tourist destinations and give ourselves entirely to Italy alone? Let’s try from a million of the reasons that we find for this purpose only five main reasons for rest in Italy:

A large number of historical sights– The country has a lot of historic places and great architectural monuments, and the variety of sightseeing tours allows you to choose and qualitatively evaluate any of them. The great Roman Empire left behind a tremendous cultural and architectural heritage, which in Italy can be found in large numbers in many cities.

Beach vacation- It is promoted both by a mild climate and by a luxurious nature. Honeymoon destinations in Italy amaze with its cleanliness and service. A lot of beaches in Italy have a badge of the Blue Flag, received for environmental sanitation. These beaches will be more than a worthy replacement for the shores of Spain and Montenegro.

Beach lovers like the territorial azure sea and golden sand. Infrastructure and quality service leave satisfied with the millions of tourists who like to luxuriate on local beaches.

Inexpensive and high-quality shopping. Italy is one of the recognized leaders among the world fashion, so it’s no surprise that many people come here to buy a quality fashionable thing from famous brands. Here are some prices for things that are in demand. So a fur coat from a mink costs 500 euros, and high-quality leather shoes – only 40. This is inexpensive.

Italian Cuisine- You were not in Italy if you have not tried traditional Italian dishes. What are these dishes? The most famous are pizza, pasta, and risotto. But apart from these, there are hundreds of meals that local chefs-virtuosos can cook for you, using combinations of the most original products and ingredients. And remember, Italian cuisine is considered the best in the world.

If you do not have enough of these arguments – ask advice from friends who have visited Italy or trust your intuition and visit Italy, your hopes will be justified.

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