5 Must-See Luxury Travel Destinations in Australia

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Traveling to Australia might be an extended journey, but it is one of the most perfect places to take a holiday with the family. The places in Australia are some of the most stunning in the entire world.

If you want a break from you monotonous routine then plan an Australia luxury travel with your family. Australia is land of astounding contrast and stunning exquisiteness. With the coast, holidaymakers can explore energetic multicultural cities, trek through ancient rainforests and safari across vast sand islands, and dive the Great Barrier Reef. In the wilderness, rugged national parks and red-earthed deserts present the in adventure travel. Here are some of the most visited famous and luxury destinations in Australia.

  1. Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the biggest living structures on the earth and it is visible from outer space. In the year 1975 the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park was recognized to guard its fragile ecosystems, which contain more than 600 continental islands; 3,000 coral reefs, including the stunning Whitsunday group; inshore mangrove islands; and 300 coral cays. A nearer encounter with the Great Barrier Reef’s striking coral gardens discloses a lot of amazing marine life attractions which comprise the world’s largest collection of corals.

  1. Sydney


Sydney should be at the top of your list if you are on a luxury travel in Australia. It is one of the top visitor destinations in the country. Apart from the striking and scenic views of Sydney Harbor and the Australian shoreline, there are several tourist attractions in Australia that should not be missed. Some of the major attractions of Sydney include: Sydney Opera House, The Rocks, Darling Harbour, Sydney Harbour, Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney Beaches that includes Bondi and Manly and AMP Tower.


  1. Melbourne


This is a must visit paradise that is similar to Sydney and that is enclosed by crystal clear ocean waters, tons of attractions, eateries, shops and much more. Holidaymakers are spoilt for choice when it comes to spots to see and activities to do in the city. You can visit Melbourne Museum that has eight galleries, including one just for kids. There you can see a blue whale skeleton, a Cultural Arts Centre and an IMAX theatre and a living rainforest. The city also has its own rail network, which is truly the largest network in the world with 1,773 stops. Trams will provide a fun, affordable and convenient way to see the sights. These attractions make it favorites among the luxury destinations in Australia.

  1. Brisbane


Brisbane is a chief tourist hub of Australia. It comes in the third position among the most traveled cities by international passengers after Melbourne and Sydney. The essence of Brisbane’s uniqueness lies in its urban villages that are little different than the rest of Australia. It is an incredible land that has sightseer attractions not just in the city, but also all around it. Travelers can visit Alma Park Zoo and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in the locality of the city. These are best-suited places to those who are in love with natural beauty and animals. The dining and lodging options are countless and fit the budget of all tourists quite well, thereby making your luxury travel in Australia enriching yet cost effective.

  1. Perth

Perth is considered as one of the most secluded capital cities around the globe. It is situated on the banks of the Swan River. The sandy beaches are the attractions of Perth. These beaches have over 300 days of sunshine. Perth has an ideal Mediterranean climate, where winters are mildly cold and wet while summers are dry and hot. If you are in Australia luxury travel the best seasons to visit Perth are autumn and spring.

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