A Family Trip to France

On a journey in eclectic France, you will find something of everything: mountains, sea, nature, small villages, and big cities. The nearby location makes France particularly attractive for Germans for a family holiday. In the north, you have pleasant temperatures in the summer around the 23 C ° while you can have it warm in the south at temperatures above 30 C °.

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1. Versatile landscape on a family holiday in France

France is one of the most diversified of the European travel destinations. During your family holiday in France, you will encounter high, sometimes steep mountain ranges (the Mont Blanc is one of the most prominent mountains in Europe at 4810 m), lush green low mountain ranges, steep or flat coastal landscapes. You can also find river valleys with extensive vegetation, vines and cereal fields, dense forest areas and modern cities and original villages. In France, you will be able to visit the most beautiful landscape on your family holiday.
2. The French travel season
Outside of the French central tourist season, prices are lower for apartments and attractions in many places. The French tourist season takes place during the block holidays of the French schools, traditional in July and August. So to spend your vacations with children in France at Easter or in the autumn free has the chance to a cheaper holiday.
3. Markets and flea markets in France holidays with children
Weekly markets are still an integral part of the French eating and living culture. You should not miss out on a market visit on your family holiday in France: it is a feast for all the senses. Here you can buy crisp fresh and high-quality food from the region. Round off your market visit with the bite of a freshly harvested nectarine or with a crêpe or ice cream on the hand. That will also taste your children!
It is one of the best flea markets in Europe, on which both professional and hobby dealers offer lovely fancy pieces. Perhaps you will find here the best souvenir of your family holiday in France.
4. Experience something different Easter on vacation with children in France
Over Easter, an extraordinary silence spreads throughout France. From Maundy Thursday to Easter Eve, the church bells are not rung, and the air is filled with the joyful anticipation of the children. The French children are told that on Holy Thursday the church bells fly to the Pope in Rome to be blessed. The sounds are loaded with sweets on the return flight. On their return journey, they lose their cargo throughout France. So it happens that desserts are also sought for Easter, but are not hidden by the Easter Bunny.
5. A variety of family vacations in France
If your family is an adventurer, the mountains offer you many options for a family holiday in France. You can go climbing with your children, donkey hiking, white water rafting and much more.
The long coast of France offers just as much variety. Here you can do both water sports and visit small secluded coves.
Inland, you can explore old villages, new forests or big cities on foot or by bike on holiday with children in France.

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Eight Things To Do During Your Tour in Japan

The Japan with its dichotomy tradition – modernity fascinates Westerners, but often on a trip, you cannot learn the true essence of Japan. It would take years of travel and study to understand what the culture of the Japanese people is full. In this article, we will help you in choosing the things not to miss on a trip to Japan, to live as fully as possible your experience in Japan holiday destinations.

Here are ten things to do absolutely in Japan holiday destinations, not necessarily in this order:



Numerous Matsuri, or Japanese festivals (usually Shinto) can be found in all cities of Japan and are very frequent in that mark the different changes in climate, or pay homage to a historical event, cultural or may indicate a rite of passage ( such as age) or even may be a popular belief or Shinto.



The Ryokan is traditional Japanese hotels, where rooms with tatami floor have at their center a small table to eat sitting on a pillow in the closet and where you put the futon, the platform bed that night is placed on the tatami (the waitress ).


The Mount Fuji is a mountain any, is Japan’s highest peak (3776 m) that the Japanese consider sacred. The climb is divided into ten stations or stops, and until the fifth station you can get to the bus, then who wants to can walk to the summit.


The Sumo is Japan’s national sport, and I’m sure you attend in person at a meeting of this particular infighting, dating from the sixth century, it will be an adventure to tell.



Onsen means “hot spring” and Japan has a population of more than 3,000 across the country. The Japanese tradition of bathing has ancient origins and has an almost sacred significance. After a day of work, ideal for the Japanese it soaks in a hot tub for relaxing, better if it is a thermal spring, which has effects, even more, benefits on body and mind.



The geisha (or geiko in Kyoto dialect) is one of many images that make us think of luxury destinations in Japan, as it is the embodiment of beauty and Japanese art, with precious kimono, elegant, precise gestures, musicality the ceremonies and dances.


One of the arts that has to learn a maiko and a geisha is the tea ceremony, called cha-no-yu (an ancient ritual that is one of the highest Zen aesthetic expressions. This tradition is based on four principles defined by the Zen Buddhist Monaco who codified the chanoyu, Sen no Rikiū, namely: harmony (wa), respect (kei), purity (six), quiet (jake).


In Japan confidentiality is common knowledge, but, contrary to popular belief, the luxury destinations in Japan are not cold in spite of the public is not polite to show effusions. In fact, in private, the Japanese are passionate As Westerners, who prefer just to prove it away from prying eyes.

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Luxurious Trip to Italy- Wine, Gourmet, and Art


A trip to Italy is a unique and unforgettable experience. You cannot love traveling when you have not been to Italy! Here, you will experience exclusive luxury destinations in italy, stylish travel, a holiday like a star!

Italy offers a variety of travel ideas for all tastes: art and culture trips, luxury travels, nature vacations, beach holidays, mountain holidays, city holidays, country holiday, lake holidays, spa holidays, sports vacations, relaxing holidays, wine tours and shopping for all kinds of tastes and people.


Therefore, luxury tourism was not only stopped by the crisis Continue reading

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Honeymoon packages for North America- Your stop at the USA


The wedding is the most beautiful day in a couple’s life. Nevertheless, these days eating away at the power reserves of the couple and also the stress of wedding preparations is not forgotten. The honeymoon is, therefore, a welcome break, the time together can be enjoyed fueled in energy and. For the honeymoon to be as perfect as the wedding itself, the destination should be well thought out.

Especially if the ideas of perfect honeymoon destinations in North America differ, it is important to find compromises, which are both satisfied. With its versatility, the USA is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations worldwide. From sandy beaches to mountain landscapes, North America offers the right destination for any fresh-baked couple. We, therefore, ask below five most popular honeymoon destinations in the USA – perhaps the perfect destination is the one for you.

Hawaii – the ideal destination for newlyweds


Hawaii is a true honeymoon destinations in North America paradise for newlywed couples. Since 1959 the island chain belongs to the USA and forms the 50th Federal State. The island group consists of a total of 137 islands and atolls, but a majority of them are not populated. From relaxed beach holidays to exciting outdoor adventures to the different city Continue reading

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Honeymoon to Fiji


The islands of Fiji are a great fiji holiday destinations. Fiji was an old British colony that now has excellent tourist infrastructure taking advantage of its beautiful environment consisting of paradisiac islands with a temperate and tropical climate all year round, exotic culture, water sports as well as adventure tourism and the trip you can combine it with New Zealand and even Australia.

Fiji, officially the Republic of Fiji, is an island country in Oceania located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is composed by an archipelago of more than 300 islands that stand out for the beauty of its landscapes, both under water and on the mainland.

It is one of the most exotic honeymoon destinations in fiji, where you can enjoy a group of paradisiac islands with a tropical climate and temperate that lasts all year. In Fiji, the trip for newlyweds becomes a luxury and pleasure thanks to the comfort and tranquility of its wonderful resorts.


If you are still not convinced, expect to see everything that this incredible honeymoon destinations in fiji offers you. There are options for all tastes, discover them with us:

  • Viti Levu Island is one of the most visited islands since it is the largest of the entire archipelago. In it, you can see a dreamy mountainous landscape crowned by Mount Tomanivi.
  • Suva: it is the capital, and in it, you will be able to know the wealth of its culture through the museum of Fiji, located in the Gardens Thurston. In addition to the great architectural heritage that it possesses, the city is home to many green areas including the Clock Tower Botanical Gardens.
  • Vanua Levu is the perfect volcanic island for diving enthusiasts. Thanks to its marine richness, you can enjoy the reefs of color, as well as the beauty of its fauna and flora.
  • Tave uni Island: it is one of the least visited corners of the country. In it is a small village called Lavena in which men wear skirts and wear hibiscus flowers attached to their ears. It is a truly captivating place since people live their life with nature and without worries. A brutal contrast to our reality that is sure to catch your eye.

Other islands that you cannot miss are Dolphin Island, Vatulele, and Yasawa.


The traditional gastronomy is very influenced by the Hindu. Do not miss the Kokoda; a fish prepared with coconut and lemon that is delicious. And if you are looking for a good souvenir, the great traditional crafts are an excellent option.

In Fiji, it is enough to contemplate and enjoy those beautiful landscapes that it offers to savor the small pleasures that life has in store for us. Fijian culture has remained intact. Its people have the prestige of being the warmest of all the Pacific. Visitors cannot count the number of times they receive a smile and the “BULA” greeting (HELLO) during their stay, but they are the sun, the beaches and the great variety of activities that catch the visitor, as well as the attractive purchases since Fiji is a duty-free port.

Because the islands of Fiji are located between the equator and the tropic of Capricorn, in the Southern Hemisphere of our planet, the climate is tropical, enjoyable all year round.

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Honeymoon in Africa- Yes I Do!


Africa is synonymous with exoticism and romance. It is the ideal continent to get away from the beaten path and escape: celebrate your love surrounded by picturesque scenery for your honeymoon.

There is probably no more romantic place to mark the beginning of this new life with your half than the African continent. An infinity of fantastic destinations is offered to you. Reserves and national parks are home to establishments at the height of luxury that is more than perfect for couples wanting to celebrate their honeymoon in a most magical place. The idyllic beaches of South Africa, the countries of East Africa and the islands of the Indian Ocean guarantee you a dream holiday in a paradisiacal setting.

We recommend young couples who wish to make the first trip of honeymoon destinations in South Africa to combine an exceptional safari in the heart of the savannah of a national park or a private reserve with a stay in one of the sublime islands of The Indian Ocean, and finish in beauty by spending a few days in the incredible cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, without hesitation the most beautiful town in Southern Africa, and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This is the opportunity to experience what African soil has to offer.


You can also spend your honeymoon destinations in South Africa. The country Continue reading

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Honeymoon To The Maldives


Many newlyweds go on their honeymoon honeymoon destinations in Maldives immediately after the wedding ceremony at home. Here, surrounded by unspoiled nature, they hold their very first days of living together in a romantic setting. The possibility of such secluded relaxation on a truly paradisiacal island is not given so often in life, so you should spend time as interesting as possible.

Romantic walks- Beaches of the Maldives


Long romantic walks along the velvety beaches of the Maldives holiday destinationsmay initially seem trite cliché. However, it does not tend to a wedding trip to the Maldives. Incredibly clean beaches of white sand formed here for thousands of years. They beckon her bare feet to walk on them and enjoy the rustling of the surf. Here you are sure to feel comfortable and relaxed so that your honeymoon you will remember for a long time.

Located hundreds of miles from the nearest major cities, the Maldives is the Continue reading

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In New Zealand, It is Effortless to Find Beautiful Places to be Alone.


Your heart beats fast, but is it your loved one at your side, or the exciting motorcycle trip that makes you beat that way? So many wonderful experiences, so many beautiful places, you do not have to wear rose lenses to see all that New Zealand holiday destinations can offer you.

Catch Romanticism

Spend a romantic vacation in New Zealand with the person you love, doing different things and knowing unique places. Surf together by kayaking through the pristine waters of Abel Tasman National Park. Discover a secret cove of sand in Northland. Dance barefoot under the stars of Auckland. New Zealand will re-ignite and spark the flame with exciting romantic activities.

The country offers so many unique and extraordinary adventures to the heart which make it a dreamed New Zealand holiday destinations. Of course, there are also luxurious ultra-comfortable hotels and spas that will pamper you with flower petals on your pillow. And shopping centers, lively nightlife, and cultures appreciate art and theater of large cities. But also consider gifts for the more adventurous, the new romantics.

Do the unexpected


Do unexpected things, which you have never done together. In Northland, ride a lonely beach at dawn. Walk along a wooded path until you reach a pool of hot springs in the middle of the forest and take a bath, just the two of you and the birds singing. Get on a hot air balloon, let yourself be carried away by the wind and over Canterbury and its Continue reading

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Why Should Australia Be on Your Bucket list of Travels?


Australia is one of the most exotic and distant countries in the world. This is one of the most popular places to visit, especially for backpackers. Due to the remoteness of Canada and France, it is an arduous journey to make. Tickets are costly, and the trip is long, so you need several days of vacation to not lose them on traveling trip.

Here are some reasons why you cannot miss luxury destinations Australia across the Pacific:

The Great Barrier Reef

This underwater barrier is one of the most famous reef systems in the world where there Continue reading

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A Complete Itinerary For Holidays in Argentina


If its diversified landscape remains a key attraction for tourists, the followers of cultural escapades are not likely to be disappointed by the Latin dance. Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, contains, for its part, a true architectural richness. Here, the colonial buildings rub shoulders with the houses in the Art Deco style and the contemporary buildingsa complete itinerary for luxury destinations Argentina.

If its diversified landscape remains a key attraction for tourists, the followers of cultural escapades are not likely to be disappointed by the Latin dance. Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, contains, for its part, a real architectural richness. Here, the colonial buildings rub shoulders with the houses in the Art Deco style and the contemporary buildings.

Safety: Is it dangerous to travel to Argentina?

Despite the fact that crime has increased in recent years, Argentina remains one of the safest countries in South America.

Argentine Food and Restaurants


Fantastic scenery, very welcoming people and spectacular food! Three great reasons to visit Argentina. The food is varied: there are many Italian influences – pasta and pizza albeit in style -; Influences from other countries and inventions such as empanadas – we do not know if the origin is Argentine or Chilean – or the Milanese – oh, those Milanese Neapolitan! But what is certain is that they do not eat much fish. What they eat a lot is meat. How good the Argentine beef is! There are many restaurants of Continue reading

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